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I’m going to use that when I can’t think of a title.

I have seen the enemy, and the enemy is carbeerhydrates.

Yes, they are the enemy, those and carbreadhydrates.

I eat and drink and eat a lot of these horrible hydrates.

But they are my comfort food.

Tomorrow is the kick off for the FIFA World Cup. Half of Brazil is excited, the other half… I explained yesterday.

Dilma Rousseff was on TV last night with a damage control presidential message.

All the hype of the past years, and now it’s tomorrow.

No classes, as it has been declared a public holiday.

The rain has stopped momentarily, I was lucky last night, no rain going to work, it only started once I was safely indoors.

Water cannon on the streets of Britain – image BBC News

Political bullshit. London have approved the purchase of three water cannon to use against protesters, a move supported by the prime minister.

If the government need water cannon, it’s not because of the protesters, it’s because the government are failing miserably in their job.

If the government were doing their job as it should be done, then there wouldn’t be any protesters!

The FIFA corruption row is deepening. Seth Blathermouth has been told in no uncertain terms not to run for another term, because he’s become an embarrassment for his myopic views. More damage control.

Two failures this week. Hilary Clinton’s book only received one star votes on Amazon, she’s mortified and reconsidering her run for president. The other I can’t find now, a famous somebodyette in a hyped up movie failed at the box office, grossing just $300,00 in its first weekend in 100+ locations.

I’m going to eat a banana while contemplating the benefits of a nap.






No, not an ankylosaurus!

I have been attacked by an ankle-osuarus while peeing, while making coffee, while opening the front door, while sitting here at the computer and while walking anywhere in the house.

Clorinha is in a particularly frisky mood this morning.

Must have been the influence of the Battle of the Mouse in the early hours. Then I woke to find her perched up on top of the old TV. No idea how she got there, but signs that she is growing up. Next step will be out the bedroom window to explore the heights of the garage.

I didn’t get round to posting yesterday. Clorinha and I were ‘Belly Up’ (was to be the title of this post, until the ankle-bitter bit) most of the day.

Belly Up!

Belly Up!

No, you don’t get to see my photo, belly up!

At the moment Clorinha is playing fly-Catcher in the Rye Kitchen. She’s not being very successful; pesky flies.

After heavy rain Monday and Tuesday, we were promised lots of rain on Wednesday; we got lots of cloud. We were promised rain again yesterday; we got partial cloud. We were promised rain again today; we have a lovely sunny morning. Honestly, I don’t know who tells bigger lies, weather forecasters or politicians…

It’s Good Friday!

Why is it called ‘good’?

Wasn’t such a hot day for Jesus.

I don’t believe in the resurrection. There’s no proof that it really happened. It was not written about until 200+ years afterward from anecdotes; and that reminds me of the game Chinese Whispers; how stories change in the retelling. But, but… the Turin Shroud… the fabric has been dated about 16th century, although Christians won’t adhere to that.

easter-fertilityEaster is all about MONEY!

Nothing more, nothing less.

For me it is less, because I lose so many classes.

But I am not so churlish.

Happy Easter!

For those believers.

And, remember, your kids are eating pagan fertility symbols.




My Bum’s Wet

One lonely little goiaba

One lonely little goiaba

No, no photos…

I was out watering my plants and the split in the hose sent water right up my shorts leg. One day I’ll fix it.

My little goiaba branca (white guava) that I didn’t expect to fruit until next year, has done it. One lonely little goiaba.

I have just picked two off the other tree, so lunch will involve suco de goiaba (guava juice). There, that’s part of the menu fixed. I have just peered into the cavernous depths of my fridge; looks like spring rolls again. Yesterday rolls were actually curried rolls with feijão (black bean) leftovers. I believe in utilising all I have. Today, I’ll fry up a bit of cabbage, grated carrots cooked in garlic and parsley.

140404-mcdonalds-RussianThe Russian take over of Crimea has caused a crisis in more ways than political.

McDonald’s has closed its three Crimean outlets.

The Crimeans will have to resort to real food.

Not closed for good, unfortunately, rather suspended operations because of instability.

Putin’ it bluntly, Russia is creating a bit of mess.

Twitter-turkeyTurkish High Court has ruled that the prime minister’s Twitter shut down is against the constitution. He is fuming, having avowed to shut social media down, his efforts have been thwarted and he has all the little Twitter birds shitting all over him.

I find it all rather amusing really. As much as I dislike social media generally, the rabid politicians are fighting it in time-honoured methods of suppression. They have got no idea how to use the social media. They ban it, and they simply make a bigger noise that backfires. Today’s politicians are techno-dinosaurs, which is not surprising as their methods are prehistoric.

There is the old adage that bad news travels fast, well today, it travels even faster. When politicians do, as they have always done, run a corrupt system, the shit gets flung further, wider and faster than ever before. And the funny thing is, you can’t stop it.

The transparency that social media brings to politics is good.

xbox-360-limited-edition-halo-reach-bundle-controllerChild’s play: A five-year-old in San Diego has found a flaw in X-Box. He was able to log into his father’s account without the password.

His father sent the details to Microsoft and the flaw has now been fixed.

They paid the kid off with $50 (£30), four free games.

Bloody cheapskates. That flaw could have cost them hundreds of thousands in litigation and more in lost product.

Ebola is on the go. Cases reported initially on Guinea, have now popped up in Mali, Liberia and Sierra Leone. This is a very serious situation, how long before the virus appears in Europe or the Americas?

The Americans are now finding out what a horrible little man GWB really was. The Senate has been shocked by the report of torture carried out by the CIA under Bush, and many are crossing the floor to have the report released to the public.

I’ve done it again, missed the news…

Time for lunch.



Horrid Stuff

baden_baden_stout_dark_ale_I mentioned yesterday that I had bought two bottles of stout in the supermarket.

It featured in my post What beer be this? today.

It’s bloody horrid. Not all stout-like. It has a brown head instead of the lovely near white of Guinness.

I had it with lunch. Now I can drink most things but the last inch went down the sink along with the rest of the bottle.

Life is full of disappointments.

The other bottle has left the fridge and will remain on the shelf until I can give it away.

All this unrest in the world. If the governments were doing their jobs, there wouldn’t be unrest. The unrest is simply the people saying “we’re not freakin’ happy.” Yesterday Rio returned to violence after the rise in bus fares which caused the original unrest in October. Now there is unrest in Bosnia along with the continued problem in Ukraine.

Why are the police attacking the protesters?

Why aren’t the police attacking the government for bad policies?

The paradigm is all up the shit. The problem is not the people, the problems lie squarely at the feet of the governments.

It is my opinion that anyone who wants to be a politician should be taken out the back and shot because they are inherently evil. Politicians should be elected from those nominated by the people, not chosen by political parties. The party system is crap, and gives us shitty politicians as a result.

I went out for sushi last night after work. I love my sushi, also it’s healthy. But I had too much wasabi and spent the night trotting off to the kitchen for iced water; so a very disturbed night.

The heat continues. Although this afternoon there has been some cloud, but it hasn’t reduced the heat. Hopefully the sun will be behind a cloud when I have to walk to work.

I posted this on another blog yesterday.


Are there really people that bloody stupid?

For pities sake, Jesus wrote the Bible, and he did it in English…

Honestly, there are some people who need a brain transplant.

Must get ready to look like a teacher.

Oh, tomorrow is Saturday, so…






Every House Should Have One

anupsidedownpotplantYes, an essential item that we were lacking in our (Cloro & Me) house was an pot plant upside down in the bedroom doorway.

We now have one.

Cloro brought it in from outside, batted it around the kitchen, and it ended up in the middle of the bedroom doorway, where it remains.

I, like a fool, have stepped over it numerous times instead of picking it up and returning it to the outside where it belongs. But, I feel that would be demeaning the feline effort.

Cool, windy and rainy, that’s our weather. Nothing more to do apart from stay inside and blog.

I have an urge.

I painted some years ago and sold

I painted some years ago and sold

It has been niggling at me for more than a week. I want to paint again. But, I don’t have any paints, brushes or other paraphernalia; I’ll have to buy some in the coming week.

I haven’t painted for some years, but I feel I must.

It is said that if one has an itch, it should be scratched.

I read on BBC News that the US standing could be affected by the shutdown. I was under the impression that the US standing had already been affected by numerous actions in the past, so a little more damage won’t hurt.

Sour cream & onion

Sour cream & onion

I have never eaten Pringles before.

I always considered them to be an extravagance, totally unnecessary and expensive.

However, I noted that the average crisps weighed about 40gms, then I noted that Pringles had 139gms, which made them no more expensive that ordinary crisps, 4XR$2 was roughly 1xR$7 – 160gms @R$8 compared with 140gms@R$7.

When I noticed that they were on sale at the supermarket, I decided to try them. Nom noms. A little cream cheese plastered on the side made them all the more delicious. The packaging can also be repurposed with my coming return to painting. Lids for mixing paint, tubes for brushes and palette knives. Win, win!

China has 2,000,000 employees monitoring the web. That’s ridiculous. Just goes to show how paranoid they are that their communist regime is close to falling.

In Rio we have had a rising rate of protests. The latest group are teachers who have been on strike since August. The city council has just passed a law giving 6% of the teachers wonderful benefits. 6% is the number of 40 hour/week teachers, the rest are part time. The council have pushed ahead this legislation despite the teachers protesting. Obviously if the teachers are protesting then there is something wrong with the new law that ignores benefits for 94% of teachers. Politicians are so damned blind. If you’re doing something right, then there are no protests, obviously they are doing something wrong.

The world would be so much better of without politicians.

I had resurrected pizza for brunch, I am contemplating lunch by which time it should be beer o’clock.

The pot plant is still in the doorway…


Lunch before Posting

This is a good back burner

This is a good back burner

I have been telling myself that for 2½ hours, but it has yet to sink in.

Bloggers often lose sight of priorities, superfluous things like eating tend to get put on the back burner.

No, I haven’t started drinking yet, I have lessons to perform.

I use the verb perform here because to be a good teacher you need to be an actor; actors perform.

If you do not act well in class, the students get bored, whereas if you perform well, they stay alert thinking, “What’s the fool going to do next?”

clownsrednoseThey always think ‘fool’, because sometimes the actor must be a bit of a clown as well; not too much, just enough to spice up the atmosphere a bit.

*looks for red nose*

With these images in mind, you have the ideal teacher.

Now, where was I? Ah, yes, lunch, it’s a beefless week, so the option is pork because the chicken is frozen. Must remember to unfreeze the chicken for tomorrow.

Now that I have narrowed down the option to pork, the thing is what to do with it. At the moment it is pretending to be a great thick leg chop, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to stay a great thick leg chop. While I am a chef, I have a tendency to wield a cruel knife… I will bone it, and make thin pork strips in a gravy-type sauce. Yes, that sounds good.

Did you know that King Richard III had roundworm? I didn’t until it became HEADLINES in the British press. Quite frankly, that’s hardly headline news. The world will not end because we didn’t know, whereas it might end if we have WW III, now that is headline news. Poor old dead Dicky’s roundworms are a page filler.

McCain was caught playing a game on his phone by a Washington Post photographer – BBC News

Politicians have got a new disease, it’s called ADHD. The British peruse lunch wine lists on their SmartPhones, McCain plays poker, and there are more reports. All this is going on while they are supposed to be politicking, saving the planet, stopping starting wars, putting rogue bankers in prison (like that’ll ever happen?). There they sit earning getting their millions by screwing us stupid, and they are more interested in the lunch wine, or can pull this bluff off?

IMHO, any politician caught playing games rather than running destroying the country should be introduced personally to the pillory, and left there for a week on the first offense and introduced to Madam Guillotine on the second. No ifs, ands or buts, your butt is on the line… not online.


The pillory should be brought back for errant politicians



Plato, we wasn’t silly

I read a post about Plato’s Cave this morning. Honestly, I had never heard of Plato’s Cave. I didn’t even know he had one. Of course, this sent me running to Wikipedia. I now understand a little of the theory, and know that I have been freed from my chains.

How to get rid of divorce. Good idea, it’s a simple solution. Make marriage licenses valid for one year, with an annual renewal. The government charges for the renewal just like your dog license, fishing license, etc. That’s how stupid governments are, they can’t even steal raise money on the obvious. Maybe the world economy could be in a better state, and courts freed up from granting divorces where the only people that win are the attorneys.

Well, that’s my lot for the day, now it’s lunch time.


I interrupt this programme…

apizzaTo announce…


Yes, I have just put a pizza in the oven. Not sure what flavour you’d call it. It has a bit of most things from the fridge apart from the mandatory cheese and oregano. I found bacon, olives, mushrooms, salami, shredded bologne and tomato.

I see Cannes is fraught with problems, jewelry theft, shooting. I have as much interest in Cannes as I have exploring under my sofa; in fact the latter might well be more exciting. Honestly, I can’t see the necessity for a few films and film stars who think their shit doesn’t stink. Cannes, I lump with the Oscars, BAFTA, all unnecessary bullshit. People would be better putting their energies into ousting the current run of politicians on both sides of the Atlantic, they’re all as useless as tits on a bull.


Scene from Ken Loach’s The Angel’s Share

In fact speaking of Cannes and yesterdays subject of choice. Ken Loach shows that the Scots really know how to put on a sneaky nuts display.

Well, the pizza was a success. That is, if you measure success by the fact that it was edible.

I was watching TV while eating, a Saturday variety programme called Calderão (Melting Pot). This week they are promoting ‘dancing’ not normal dancing but the roll-on-the-floor and squirm type dancing. Like this…


I chose a short example to be mercifully quick.

I see absolutely nothing of merit here. To call this dancing is to besmirch an eloquent art, samba is dancing, tango is dancing, salsa is dancing… the above is crap, even the music is crap, it is a cacophony of sound without merit.

The TV is still on, I can hear the fans roaring with approval, which to me only demonstrates that the educational levels in Brazil are plummeting below primitive.

My torre has been assembled. Top shelf, bottles of wine, second shelf, bottles of spirits and liqueurs, third shelf, glassware, bottom shelf, books.

It doesn’t look that tall in the photo, but it is my height 5’9″ (175cm).

I am a happy camper.

Cold front arrived yesterday. Temps plummeted 11°C from previous days. Rained, rained some more and is still drizzling.

Been a good day for blogging, this is my last post of the day. Most of the posts were ‘Satireday’ posts, easy, but finding interesting material can take time.

That’s all for today.


Some days…

…it just isn’t worth getting out of bed.

failed_stampDuring the weekend, I had a shit connection which lasted until Monday night. Yesterday, what I saw of it over the keyboard, the connection was okay. Yesterday was my pay and shopping day. I lost $100! Two R$50 notes in my top pocket disappeared, grrrrrrrr!

Today, I just tried posting a video clip on my Things that Fizz & Stuff blog, but the WordPress blog options didn’t give that blog as an option…. Oh cool, so I posted a bogus post here and thought Okay, copy paste into the correct blog. Wrong! So I had to make a link here and leave the bogus post.

That explains the XXX post.

Cool today, a little sun, but mainly cloud cover.

Connection is good.

The coffee is good.

Coffee is always good, but it’s getting expensive. In the last six years the price has more than doubled; and the politicians still insist that we don’t have inflation.

I don’t have classes today, which is a good reason to consider it beer o’clock.


12 Hours to Go

champagne_corkYes, the last 12 hours here in Brazil.

Many parts of the world have already partied, Auld Lang Syned and filled our precious atmosphere with all sorts of carbon, pollution and flying champagne corks.

Do you realise that these champagne corks could spell doom for mankind. Just think, how many light bulbs have been broken and need replacing, how many loved ones have become the targets of errant corks. It is a relatively unknown fact that these flying missiles are dangerous and you’ll never see this reported in the mainstream media because such danger is suppressed by governments and media moguls worldwide. Forbid that people might begin to stop buying bubbly to celebrate New Year.

I’ve had my Monday Moaning on Eco-Crap, been the thorough killjoy; and I have posted on the first of the New Year celebrations on Tomus Arcanum, there’s a link there to some magnificent photos of New Year around the world.

The world outside my window is already abuzz, the botequim is quite lively, the sun is shining, a hot day is promised. Last night while I was writing my post we had thunder and lightning and rain, which is badly needed after our three week dry spell. It was also refreshing to have a cold shower that was actually cold and allowed for a good night’s sleep.

I had plans to spend New Year with my neighbours, but at the last minute they decided to go to another part of the city for a family party. I have been invited, but they will not return until the next day. I am too old for that kind of caper, I like the comfort of my own bed and the freedom to go there when I am ready; I am not comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings when they are enforced beyond my comfort zone and I am dependent on others.  A clear demonstration of my advancing age, I like things to be as they have always been, I don’t like change.

It is possible that the botequim will be open until midnight, I’ll take my bottle of Italian bubbly and share it with the regulars present.

If not, then I will have an early night and do the popping on New Years Day.

I don’t make New Years resolutions, I can’t. I made one many years ago and have stuck to it since. “I will not make any more New Years resolutions!”

The only thing that can be guaranteed is the New Year will bring another 365 days; can we survive them?

I believe the next year will be grim. The US is in the shit up to its eyeballs, the Republican Party have signed their own death warrant by their obstinacy; they are not interested at all in the people, only gaining ‘Brownie points’ with the rich to fund their next campaign. If the American politicians were half serious, they’d cut their military budget by half, halve politicians salaries and stop funding Israel, but Israel have the US by the balls, one squeeze and… you guys know what I mean.

I refuse to write another post until next year.

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