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A Cold Wintery Day

Lixo, a cat with the right attitude

Lixo, a cat with the right attitude

Cold front came over last night, result, a cold wintery day.

I am going to take a leaf out of Lixo P. Cat’s book and have an 11am nap, I’ll finish this post when I wake…


Nap over.

One doesn’t really expect Rio de Janeiro to have wintery days, Rio’s reputation is hot & sunny, along with summer rains that cause flooding, but those days aren’t cold like today.

It’s lunch time. Noon has rolled around. The Lunch menu: Oven Fried fish ‘n chips, doesn’t that sound healthy?

Actually, it’s left overs from yesterday reheated in the oven. I’ll eat it while sprawled on the sofa watching the news and quaffing a chilled bottle of Chateau Guandú.


These houses on the bank of the river would discharge their sewerage untreated directly into the river

The Rio Guandú is Rio de Janeiro’s notoriously polluted river that flows into Guanabara Bay, equally notoriously polluted.

The river is also the source of Rio’s water supply after passing through the CEDAE (water company) treatment plant.

Most people won’t drink tap water here, but I along with those who can’t afford an alternative do. Chateau Guandú therefore is a euphemism for my tap water after passing through my fridge.

You see, not all the world has sparkling clean rivers like my own city in New Zealand where you can scoop water from the river and drink it from your hand.

Lunch beckons.


My version of Chateau Guandú

12 Hours to Go

champagne_corkYes, the last 12 hours here in Brazil.

Many parts of the world have already partied, Auld Lang Syned and filled our precious atmosphere with all sorts of carbon, pollution and flying champagne corks.

Do you realise that these champagne corks could spell doom for mankind. Just think, how many light bulbs have been broken and need replacing, how many loved ones have become the targets of errant corks. It is a relatively unknown fact that these flying missiles are dangerous and you’ll never see this reported in the mainstream media because such danger is suppressed by governments and media moguls worldwide. Forbid that people might begin to stop buying bubbly to celebrate New Year.

I’ve had my Monday Moaning on Eco-Crap, been the thorough killjoy; and I have posted on the first of the New Year celebrations on Tomus Arcanum, there’s a link there to some magnificent photos of New Year around the world.

The world outside my window is already abuzz, the botequim is quite lively, the sun is shining, a hot day is promised. Last night while I was writing my post we had thunder and lightning and rain, which is badly needed after our three week dry spell. It was also refreshing to have a cold shower that was actually cold and allowed for a good night’s sleep.

I had plans to spend New Year with my neighbours, but at the last minute they decided to go to another part of the city for a family party. I have been invited, but they will not return until the next day. I am too old for that kind of caper, I like the comfort of my own bed and the freedom to go there when I am ready; I am not comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings when they are enforced beyond my comfort zone and I am dependent on others.  A clear demonstration of my advancing age, I like things to be as they have always been, I don’t like change.

It is possible that the botequim will be open until midnight, I’ll take my bottle of Italian bubbly and share it with the regulars present.

If not, then I will have an early night and do the popping on New Years Day.

I don’t make New Years resolutions, I can’t. I made one many years ago and have stuck to it since. “I will not make any more New Years resolutions!”

The only thing that can be guaranteed is the New Year will bring another 365 days; can we survive them?

I believe the next year will be grim. The US is in the shit up to its eyeballs, the Republican Party have signed their own death warrant by their obstinacy; they are not interested at all in the people, only gaining ‘Brownie points’ with the rich to fund their next campaign. If the American politicians were half serious, they’d cut their military budget by half, halve politicians salaries and stop funding Israel, but Israel have the US by the balls, one squeeze and… you guys know what I mean.

I refuse to write another post until next year.

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