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And on Sunday…

Ye shall rest, saith the Lord.

restareathumbSo I did.

Which is why I only have two posts done today You see I wasn’t the only one resting from my labours, the internet was as well. It was God awful slow.

So after washing the dishes and cleaning house, I tried to blog, but the ways of the net were not to be entertained, if fact, it wasn’t remotely entertaining, so I had a nap. It seemed the only sensible thing to do. Cloro helped me nap, he’s such a good boy.

When I woke it was lunchtime, so the next sensible thing to do was make lunch. It was faster than the internet.

I had a little pig.


Clean diced pork & parsley

Now God said that we can eat of the animals and fowl, but not pigs and a few others; they were unclean. But, as I’m not Jewish, I couldn’t see the problem.

I had golden cubes of pork in a parsley cream sauce, boiled potatoes and pumpkin with roast pumpkin seeds. Lunch was so yummy, nom, noms.

There was only formula One on TV, and a load of crap on the other channels, so after lunch I switched it off and read the news. Nothing good there either.

So the only sensible thing to do was return to resting.

I had another nap.

Helped by Cloro, of course. In fact, he’s still helping. He lifted his head briefly as I got up, and flopped back down, the effort exhausted him.

Now before I go off on my tangent, which is rather like a bicycle without a seat; one has to keep on ones toes, or it can be a little uncomfortable. I’ll share with you my secret for spicy roast pumpkin seeds.

spicy roasted pumpkin seedsYou need pumpkin seeds, wash them and let dry.

Make a marinade of olive oil, Tabasco sauce, garlic sauce (or chopped garlic), salt and, today, I had some chopped parsley left over, so in it went. Line a small oven dish with foil, spread the marinated pumpkin seeds in a single layer, and pop into a low pre-heated oven until golden.

Careful, the window between golden and burnt to a crisp is milliseconds. Serve. Can be used with food, or beer.

So, it is now beer o’clock. Time to take some pumpkin seeds to the botequim and watch football with beer. This is also called resting.

I may/may not return to blogging; the net is still resting.



Banana Smoothie & Stuff

Missed again...

Missed again…

Damn, missed again!

Oh I hate these split days.

Yesterday, I had to pay the rent and I had to go to the supermarket.


Tribe of Gremlins

The contents of my fridge had been reduced to a bottle of sparkling mineral water, lard, ketchup, capers and the remains of last weeks cheese, which had begun to grow a rather nauseous green furry habitat capable of supporting a small tribe of possibly hostile gremlins.

Even a chef would have found it difficult to produce something edible from that lot.


A whole litre of this

By the time I had done all that, there was no time for lunch, so I had to choose something quick ‘n easy. Two bread rolls with cheese (ah, fresh stuff) and a banana smoothie, a whole litre of it.

Today, is a full plate again, although I managed to get rid of the mid-afternoon class, I discovered it was with a student that I have taught and already refused to teach again in the past; a most disagreeable person.

So with the extra time lunch was a tad more nutritious, pork schnitzel, mashed potato (that new potato masher is getting a good workout) and savoury cabbage and mushrooms.

Not this messy!

Not this messy!

Despite having done the dishes during the lunch preparations, the kitchen looks as though it hasn’t been touched for days. It seems that I am doomed to have an unkempt kitchen.

That’s why chefs have staff.

There’s a pot of pork bones on the stove to make stock for tomorrow’s lunch, which will be diced pork something, refried leftover mashed potatoes and something else. Doesn’t that sound exciting? <——– Rhetorical question.

So far today, I haven’t blogged. I have been to class, napped and lunched.

So blogging right along…


A Reluctant Start

Wish I could train Lixo to do this... I would make Labor Day perfect

Wish I could train Lixo to do this… I would make Labor Day perfect

Yesterday my excuse was procrastination, today reluctance.

Today is 1st May, Dia do Trablaho (Labor Day). I have coffee and am fully prepared to do nothing all day. May is a weird month to have Labor Day, I grew up with Labour Day in October, oh I get so confused.

I have just taken the meat out of the freezer, going to have BBQ all day. Big juicy hunks of pork and beef. Well, they’re not juicy at the moment, sort of hard and crusty, but give them a couple of hours. Good thing this is not my beefless week.

firefoxaddonI am wary of all this modern technology. I don’t have ad ons and apps. I don’t like them, I don’t trust them.

But I discovered that Firefox has a useful one, so cute and fluffy.

I am talking about the ad blocker. I got frustrated one day, and it happened to be the day that I read a post on a techy-type blog about FF ad-on that blocks annoying advertising, so I installed it and am mildly pleased with the results. It doesn’t block all ads, but my frustration level has been reduced by half; the rest I reduce by adding more coffee.

The padeiro (breadman) has just been, a BBQ isn’t complete without garlic bread sizzling on the grate. The way people cook garlic bread has always amused me. It has been my observation that people always toast the butter side first. This is just plain stupid, and indeed belongs in the annuls of stupidity. If you grill the butter side first the butter and garlic all drips off on to the coals; sure smells wonderful, but what a waste. Grill the off-side first and the butter permeates through the bread and stays there when you flip it over.

*Need more coffee*

caixa_leite02Here’s a random thought.

When you open a box of milk, it has instructions ‘abra aqui’ (open here), you can see it there on the box.

What happens if you don’t obey the law and open the other side?

Does the milk come out backwards?

You see, although I am fast approaching my dotage, I still have an alert and inquiring mind.

There is so much in the world that needs to be examined.

With that, I will blog along. This has been a three-coffee post, no cats were injured writing, but that could change if I find cat hair on the clean black shirt that I left on the sofa.


Good Friday = Two Naps

bartjesusYes, for me a good Friday is one when I can justify and squeeze in not one, but two naps.

At 10am I was showered and smelled good. I had decided to go out.

I got to the other side of the park and had a quick chat with a neighbour and it began to rain.

Trip cancelled, home to bed for a nap.

I had planned to go to the plant shop, then the supermarket and the fish market, by the time all that was done there would have been a strong possibility I would have caved into the whim and gone to Brazeiro (BBQ restaurant for lunch).

Now that would have made it a great Friday.

But instead, I had to settle for a good Friday and the last two bread rolls with garlic butter (last Sunday’s leftovers) for breakfast.

Woke, read the news, none of it any good. Posted, read my emails, visited some blogs, then it began to rain… second nap while frozen lump of pork was boiling for lunch.

5pm, pork has boiled, I still haven’t had lunch… However, I am giving the idea a lot of thought. So is my belly.


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