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OMG! It’s 6pm!

I’ve done it before, and apparently, I’ve done it again.

Today started off okay twelve hours ago, that was when evrything went wrong.

Coffee was okay, even the second, then I discovered that I’d forgotten to leave the keys for work at work last night.

Never before was this so applicable

Never before was this so applicable

I began to fret, and after some work here (real work, not blogging) I had to take the keys back before someone (the bossette) discovered that I really was an idiot.

Now, I am ready to resume my responsibility and blog along. There is an internet connection problem and it’s as slow as a wet week  and comes and goes. At the moment, it’s gone again, making my endeavours very painful indeed.

Well, it’s now after 9:00 pm. It’s taken me three hours to get this far. It appears that the connection has settled down.

Okay, on with today’s woes.

Having taken the keys back to work, I was half way to the supermarket, so I walked the rest of the way.

Good move? No bad move. I had forgotten that today was Wednesday. Supermarkets have their meat specials on Wednesdays; oh poo! The place was packed with dedicated shoppers. Navigating was nigh on impossible, but I managed and eventually got to the checkout. All the checkouts had long lines. I got into one. Two laden trolleys in front; then when the next woman began putting her shopping on the checkout, she pulled two more laden trolleys that were on the side into line; she had three trolleys and she seemed to take a sadistic delight in being as slow as possible.

The next guy was mercifully quick, then my turn.

Finally I got home; three hours later.

End of the story… oh no.

They has just fired up the BBQ at the botequim.

When one is invited to participate, it’s rather churlish to refuse. I hurriedly put away my shopping, grabbed some smoked sausage and Coalho cheese kebabs to add to the offerings and went next door.

That’s where I spent the next three hours and three beers.

End of the story… oh no.

Had to have a nap, and that’s where I spent the next three hours.

A coffee, and that’s where I came in at the top of the post. I have been M.I.A. Not a blog post done for the day.

Talk about a day wasted. Mind you, I could have wasted it watching football, but there were no games today. Nor tomorrow, I wonder how I can waste the day tomorrow?

So it is with heavy heart that I will blog along.




nopostsTomorrow and Thursday are doomed to be postless.

In financial desperation I accepted a new student a long way from home; Copacabana. Which means I leave home at 8am and get back around 2:30pm, all for a 1½ hour class. I would normally have refused because of the time spent travelling, but they doubled my pay rate for this job, which almost makes it worth it, and I am desperate. Januaries are normally a bad month for English teachers, but I have never had such a dearth of students in January before. Desperate measures makes desperate English teachers.

I don’t really want to do this, I’d much rather be sitting in the comfort of my own underpants with plenty of coffee to ease the pain.

I saw this wonderful tweet yesterday, can’t remember the tweeter, “Don’t go outside, there are people out there!”

grouchymanSometimes, I think that is true. While I am not entirely a hermit, I do spend a lot of time at the keyboard and sometimes don’t venture past the gate. Hell, sometimes I don’t even venture past the front door.

5pm is usually my first outdoor experience of the day, and that is to go to class on class days, or the botequim on classless days.

The mayor of Sochi (Winter Olympics venue) is an idiot! I hardly need to say that because all politicians are. He is quoted as saying, “There are no homosexuals in Sochi!” Talk about having your head in the sand. The city even has two gay nightclubs.

I am a genius! I read a post about the traits of geniuses, it listed 23, I qualify for 18. Okay, so I am not a complete genius, there are some parts missing.

A big kerfuffle in Malaysia at the moment a judge has ruled that Christians can’t use the word Allah when referring to God. In some of the local languages, the word is the same, and the saying that “Jesus is the son of Allah” has appeared. Now how is that possible, Jesus lived some 700 years before Allah was invented. Personally it doesn’t bother me, it’s all invented.

See you all Wednesday.

*Now what happened to lunch?*

Blogger Extraordinaire

foodbloggerThat’s me, Blogger Extraordinaire! I am.

I just saw that on someone’s About me page, how presumptuous to proclaim oneself ‘Extraordinaire’!

I would never presume to do so, regardless of the fact that I am, and I am, a presumptuous bastard as well; extraordinarily presumptuous.

Maybe it is that I don’t presume to blow my own trumpet that I can’t write a post like I saw on another blog ‘4,000 Followers’. Besides, I can’t reach my own trumpet, well I couldn’t the last time I tried to in the bath; and that was when I was about fifteen.


Why does a dog lick his bollocks? Simply, because he can!

Oh, come on, don’t pretend to be shocked!

What healthy teenager hasn’t tried?

Which is why I am incredibly envious of dogs and their bollocks licking capabilities, even Lixo can do it.

Maybe this post should carry a government health warning…

‘This post could be injurious to your health and mental well-being, it contains 5,000+ substances that can cause your hair to curl, your nose to implode and your knees to fall off!’

I have managed to post on all my blogs today. But then Satireday posts don’t take much doing. It’s when you have to sit here for hours waiting for inspiration to strike and actually write something that blogging takes a lot of time.

51nAToiJsoL._SY300_<beer o’clock>

</beer o’clock>

Leftover oven fried dogfish from yesterday, some beer and a good conversation on the ills of the world.

What better way to spend a Saturday evening?

The local news will be on shortly, followed by the national news and then my nightly soap, by that time it will be bed time.

That is unless I can find a distraction here and the chances of that are highly probable.

It doesn’t take much for me to go off on my tangent and explore the world. But then you are bloggers, you understand the perils of the net.


Playing with myself…

No image of that…

Yes, I have been so bored today that I have been playing Spider to while away the time. Can’t do much else, it’s been raining cats and dogs all day. Not that I am complaining, we badly needed rain, but the amount of rain that has fallen since last night has been more than a lot.

Everything was swept before the waters

In Xerem, a small quiet township between Queimados (where I used to live) and Petroplis has been badly affected. The river through Xerem broke its banks and flooded the township leaving in its wake a wave of destruction. Homes have been flooded, some even swept away, it was hard to tell the river from the main street. So far only one death has been reported, but hundreds of families are without homes.

Years ago I had friends who lived there and used to visit the area frequently.

Classes are cancelled, too wet to leave the house.

I am more than miffed again. My blog Things that Fizz and Stuff refuses to let me post. What’s worse, is that when I try, it loses everything and presents me with a blank posting page. I can’t Save, I can’t Preview and so far it only effects one blog. So I am a little demotivated.

So all is not well with the world. I am not so impressed with the first three days of the New Year.


A Vicious Circle

A vicious circle

Life is a vicious circle. It revolves, it repeats, and then just keeps revolving.

Take household chores.

Today, I decided to do the dishes that had accumulated since yesterday.


Done. *Pat on the back*

Then it was time for lunch. A simple affair, nothing fancy.

After lunch, the kitchen looked as though I had never touched it.

It always looks as though I had never touched it. The dishes seem to be in perpetual motion and gravitate under their own steam towards the kitchen sink.

It’s the same with the rest of the house. I sweep out. Then Lixo brings in a toy, a grasshopper or some such. By the time he’s finished, it looks as though a mini-tornado has struck.

I wonder, why do I bother?

Inspiration… always the next exit

So I go back to the PC, another vicious circle. Like today, I have posted on all blogs, this is the last one. I’ll wake up tomorrow morning… and I need to post again. I stare at the blank screen with my first coffee in my trembling hands waiting for inspiration to strike.

Usually I have no idea what the day’s blogging will bring. Some days are planned, like Maxine on Monday, Foul Bachelor Frog, Philosoraptor Phriday, Caturday, etc. But the other days are all play-it-by-ear.

Some posts are created by rolling through my stock of images saved as I troll through the net. Other posts are written from reading the news. Change the World Wednesday is dependent on what the challenge is as set on Reduce Footprints. Sometimes I get a bee in my bonnet about some issue and burst into print. Sometimes my post is about something I have dreamt. Sometimes something happens during the writing of a post that piques me and it becomes words.

So each morning it is a vicious circle, I start with coffee, a blank slate, it’s a new day.

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