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Back peddling to Wednesday

A day full of excitement.

First of all a quiet lunchtime tipple became the event of the day when  we heard the ‘Whoo-whoo!” of the bombeiros (firetruck) and the bright red machine appeared around the bend in our street. We all searched in vain for the telltale smoke that normally heralds the need for firemen. Nothing to be seen.

Eventually the stopped at an empty lot about 100 metres away. Still no smoke. We surmised that maybe a hoard of bees or wasps was the cause.

But after an inspection, they got a lasso on a pole from the truck and a big green net.

Capybara - world's biggest rodent

Capybara – world’s biggest rodent

I wandered down to see the action. Other bystanders said it was a capybara (biggest guinea pig you’ll ever see) hidden in the tall weeds. Okay, a capybara, I was non-plussed as I had seen plenty of them in the Pantanal. But in a residential section, they were a rarity. They like swampy ground, and we surmised that it had got into our area by the creek that runs beside the bar.

It gave the firemen the slip and ran off up the street, with several people in hot pursuit. Apparently in another lot it gave them the slip again before being finally caught a half hour later in the street.

The fugitive was then paraded in front of the bar in a cage on a fire-pick up. It was an adult about the size of a large dog like a rottweiller.

Show over, folks, back to the serious business of beer and a post mortem of the events.

It was a rainy day. Lunch was a paella and a bottle of wine.

A late afternoon BBQ was mooted. And, another bottle of wine. It was that second bottle of wine which was the real reason I didnt get to post on Wednesday.

I went home to bed.



The PC died and the fan came to a standstill, waking me instantly.

Another BANG! and a shower of big green sparks outside my gate.

Dressed and outside in the darkness. The botequim was in darkness, my candle made two.

After a half hour, the lights flickered on briefly.

Then on the street at the side of the praça, BANG! A huge red lash, and the high tension lines weher swaying crazily, tehn BANG! again in front of my house and another shower of bright green sparks as the swaying HT lines swung together and hit.

The lights went out again.

At midnight a power utility vehicle showed up.

The weight of the rain had made branches on one of the trees fall over the HT lines. The bar closed and I went home again. The power was eventually restored at 1am.

No net…

In the morning still no net. I rang the ISP. The power surge had melted some of their equipment.

So I spent the day twiddling my thumbs. I have come to the conclusion that a PC without net, is useless.

Finally at work last night I managed yesterday’s little post. Couldn’t do much else, I was teaching at the time.

Cool day today, day off…

Wonder what the day will bring?


BANG! And that was it!

Just to let you know that we got our storm last night.

And a resulting power surge and cut.

Which melted equipment at my ISP and I am off the air.

Until they get replacement equipment, I have no net.

I have managed to log-in at work, just to let you know that nothing dastardly has happened.

Later, back to teaching…

Caught with my Pants Down

I woke this morning at 5:30 to find that there’s been a power cut and my PC was struggling, gasping to restart, but something was amiss. Something was missing, a .dll file from the ROOT.

It was rooted!

pirate-copy-18707168I struggled with the beast until I was ready to wring its bloody neck. I had to reload this file, and this file didn’t want to be reloaded. I couldn’t get a peep out of my XP installation disk. I have had this problem before, and decided I needed a new disk. Leaving the house at 8am, I discovered that the sellers of such things as pirate disks at the bus station aren’t as eager to sell them as I was in buying one. I was too early.

Nothing was going to be open until nine. I went and got my haircut; No’ 1 comb all over. I’ll get ribbed about that later. I get my hair and beard cut about four times a year. I tell the guys at the botequim, ‘meu tosa e banho anual’ (my yearly trim and shampoo at the pet clinic).

8:44 and counting… I made, hobbling, it to the Info Shopping (type of mall with many little PC shops) in time for the doors to open. One of the fregües (regulars) from the botequim works there.

XPI left 15 minuts later with a pretty pink disk labeled ‘Com amour e carinho XP’ (with love and a hug XP).

To end a long and complicated tale, I finally got my PC up and running and was back on the air at 10:30.

So, a little blogging and it was time for a nap.

I made springish rolls for lunch, springish because spring rolls are a vege thing, and I added some mincemeat. Watched the news and it was time to renap. The first nap was in lieu of my early rising, the renap was my normal after lunch snooze.

Too much garlic sauce in the springish rolls, woke as thirsty as.

It’s been one of those days, caught with my pants down.

It has been cool and sunny most of the day, but there are dark clouds looming on the horizon. To complete my day it only needs to rain when I walk to work at 5pm.

iPad-KeynoteMicrosoft-Office-ExportMicrosoft-in-the-head has finally released Office for iPad, but there’s a catch, you can read, but unless you buy a licence, you can’t use.

I just read this; “With the much-hyped Windows 8 having experienced lacklustre adoption, we believe investors will be looking for hints or previews around Windows 9 and subsequent updates to Windows 8.1…”

Lacklustre??? means Windows 8 is a flop, as I predicted. I don’t care if pigs manage to fly, unless Microsoft-in-the-head goes back to XP, they’ll starve. XP was the last and best version. Nothing has succeeded since.

The world really needs an organised Linux.



It’s 3bloodyam!

creativemugs22…and I am drinking coffee.

It’s a celebratory type coffee after having just won another two hour PC battle.

I could be drinking whisky, or something else, but I don’t do that a lot on my own.

I woke just before 1am, there had been a power cut, and I had tried to reboot PC. PC had other ideas. PC had decided it didn’t want to be a PC at 1am, nor at 2am.

It had lost a sys.exe.thingy, couldn’t be found.

xp3I finally managed to boot up the XP disk and tried to load it, eventually by trial and error it reloaded XP… right until the end; then it told me that Line 0 was corrupt and couldn’t proceed. I was about like “AAARRRGGGHHH!” to the max. I hit ‘close’. I didn’t hit it, so much as punched it.

Desperation, despondency, deprivation!

The low and behold… PC started to reboot all by itself. Everything was as it should be, even the wi-fi was flickering hopefully.

Windows XP sprang into life, the desktop appeared just as I had left it. Obviously the sys.exe.thingy had been recovered in the XP reload attempt.

So I am now drinking coffee at 3am, and again at 3:30am.

I am going back to bed and reboot sleep mode.

I’ll probably post again later. This was just a ‘get-it-off-my-chest’ post.

I feel better.


I did get here

powercutI really did, but before I could type a title for the post, the power went down; and stayed down until it was time to leave for work.

Not only was it our neighbourhood, but all the south and west of Brazil, three million people were without power for over an hour, for the rest it was restored quickly.

When I got home, turned on PC, and it looks as though my backup HD has burnt out – AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!

I spent about two hours trying to coax some life into the beast. I will try again later, because there are one or two tricks left to try.

Yesterday’s intended post was an important one, because yesterday was marking one year since my Mother’s passing. But all hopes of that went out the window.

So, it is today that I reprint my eulogy for my Mother’s funeral. It’s still as pertinent today as it was a year ago. Please bear with me.

It’s a hard thing to say good bye to a mother, it’s also a hard thing to say good bye to your best friend. So imagine how hard it is for me to say good bye to both at the same time. For no doubt Mum was not only my mother, she was also my best friend.

I am present today, although geographically removed. Mum and I had agreed sometime ago that if I was to come back or visit New Zealand, that I should do it before anything untoward happened, not after. So my physical absence is not disrespect; My brother and sister understand that.
Mum was always there when we needed her, she supported us all through thick and thin. I find it incredibly hard to imagine that now she is not and what the future will hold.

I spoke with her on our usual Saturday telephone rendezvous, last week and she was on top of the world, I told her so and she agreed. Our telephone calls were often about trivial matters, my new fridge, the adventures of Lixo (my cat) and my brother’s or sister’s cats, her perambulations around the countryside with her friends and her impending journey with brother and family to Kerikeri, she was quite excited and bubbly about that and I shared my enthusiasm because I knew it was good for her to get out and about.

Although Mum’s health had had it’s problems, she was luckier than most, she had her independence, she could still drive, and this gave her a vitality that many would envy. Okay, she had wobbly knees, but she didn’t let that stop her, she had a zest for life and I think that is what I will most remember.

I am sure Mum dropped by Brazil to say good bye. On Saturday night for me (because of the time zones) the lights in my house flickered three times, the last strong flicker burning out a light bulb and reset my PC. Now here that’s not unusual, but when I went to the shop they hadn’t had a power problem, the bar next door didn’t either, nor my other neighbour. It was just my house.

It was a half hour later that my brother rang. I had had a similar experience when Aunt, my Godmother, went. Coincidence? Or had Mum dropped by on her way? I would like to think so.

Good bye Mum, rest in peace. I am sure that somewhere, somewhen our paths will cross again.

Yes, that’s still how I feel today.

45thermometerThe heat yesterday was preposterous. Here in the west of the city we got 45ºC (that’s lotsºF – about 112).

The humidity was extremely low, so a lot of drinking of water was done.

The forecast has just informed us that the west of the city has 41ºC at the moment.

The bad news it that this current hot spell is due to stay until the 15th with no sign of rain. So we have another ten days. Whoopi!

The Winter Olympics begin in Sochi in two days. I pay little attention to them. I watch the Olympics a little but have no interest in the Winter ones.

It’s time for a nap to avoid the heat.


I’m trying, really trying

I really am.

This is a little beer, I had big boys' beers

This is a little beer, I had big boys’ beers

These things happen on Mondays, not Saturdays.

First the power went out, so I did the only sensible thing; I went to the botequim for a beer.

After the first beer the power was still out, so the only sensible thing to do was have another beer.

At the end of that beer, the power was still out and I needed relief, so off to the toilet; I had forgotten the power was out and it was really dark in there. But no problem, I remembered where I put it and I remembered where the urinal was, so the mission was completed.

The power was still out, so the only sensible thing to do… was have another beer.

The power came on, fortunately about the same time as I finished the third beer.

Home, turned on PC, started no problems. Logged in to net, no problems. Had a nap, no problems. Woke up, and I had been disconnected.

Tried connecting, tried again, and again the little vela (candle = activity light in PC) flickered, then unflickered, then flickered again, and… this was getting boring. Looked out the window. Sky across the park looked sort of like this:


Which explained the ominous rumbling that was getting closer. Thunder, so I started writing this post between flickrs and unflickers, now it seems to be flickering okay.

When I left the botequim, the day was scorching hot, so hot it made me sweat just lifting the glass; and now an hour + later, thunder.

Me thinks we are in for rain.

Last night was a bit limp. Yes, we had free beer, but the food amounted to snacks. I had saved myself all day for dinner, and they served snacks. Not amused. Didn’t win the tablet, but I got a T-shirt as a booby prize. A T-shirt with the company logo, no less.

So as the first wave of leavers got up to leave, I did too, smiling politely; and went off to the sushi restaurant for a real dinner.

Murky green, caldo looks a bit grotty, but tastes great

Murky green, caldo looks a bit grotty, but tastes great

Got the bus home okay, got off at the wrong stop; three stops too early. Dying of thirst, wasabi does that, found a cafe open with fresh caldo de cana (sugar cane juice).

One of my ex-students was there with wife and daughters, the younger of whom pointed out that I had dribbled soya sauce all down my front…

How embarrassing! I had walked through the posh mall, caught the bus, walked through the bus station, totally unaware.

After that encounter I walked home totally conscious of the brown stain down my front.

Slept terribly, up on an hourly basis with thirst.

Which basically brings me here, all blogs posted, and I have successfully told my tale of woe. Even if I did manage to post one post on the wrong blog.


Aarrggh! Monday was a day late!

Here I was crowing about yesterday and how nothing had gone wrong.

All the crap happened today!

First, I almost slept through the alarm.

Then, I got my teeth out of the glass that I had been keeping my cracked black peppercorn in. Boy did that make the first coffee taste weird…

Then, after four posts, the net went down. When it came back on, it was time to leave for work and I was still sitting in my underwear and socks. Panic! Jeans, shoes and it was only then I had discovered that I had put my underpants on backwards; too late to change now.

Flew out of the house, locked the gate. Unlocked the gate and flew back into the house, grabbed the envelope I was to deliver and flew back out of the house again.

A fast hobble to where my student normally picks me up for my lift to work. Gaze around hopefully, up the street, down the street. No student. Wait patiently. By this time it was too late. Ring student; no answer. Shrug shoulders and return home at a more leisurely pace. Discover that the ‘post-it’ note on the envelope had come off in the wind. It was an important message of sincere thanks, so back down the street, found it, stuck it back on under the flap.

At home and the safety of coffee, turned my underpants around. Have you any idea what it’s like walking down the street with your underpants on backwards? Let’s just use the adverb-adjective combination, really weird.

Comfortably reading the BBC news; and all goes dark. Power cut! Waited patiently for a few moments hoping it would come back on. Nope! Out onto the street. Reimundo the owner of the botequim was there. Only to be informed that the power would be out until 5pm… Aargghh! There was apparently supposed to be a note left in my letter box about this. Not, neither my other neighbour. They were doing a major maintenance and connecting the power to a new condominio (huge block of apartments) down the road.

So I faced the prospect of a day without power. No net, no PC, no TV, no light (it was dim and overcast and dark in the house). I began to have withdrawal symptoms; I tried more coffee, didn’t work. I began to shake and tremble, babando (dribbling); what could I do?

I changed the room around a little, to accommodate the printer that I had planned to set up today, I potted some plants, I did the dishes, I made more coffee and had bacon and eggs for breakfast… at lunch time.

I had a nap, woke up tired and listless, I went to the botequim, chatted with some of the locals and drank more coffee. I forgot to buy cigarettes. The power came on, first thing on was the PC. Went to the botequim to get my smokes while the beast powered up.

Reimundo gave me the wrong smokes, the ones that caused impotence, I asked for ones that gave me ordinary cancer.

Back home, emails, comments, and finally this post.

The world was back to normal.


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