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Salmon makimono

Salmon makimono

Yes, I have been sushified.

I have resolved that I will undertake a new project. I am going to learn the art of making sushi and makimono and stuff.

I love sushi.

I can’t afford sushi.

So, I will make it!

What’s more, I have discovered there is a shop near a supermarket that I sometimes go to that sells the seaweed and other makings.

I’m not going to rush into this, besides, I have to wait for pay day… which is more than a fortnight away. So I am about the spend the next two weeks salivating in anticipation.

I have to find out where to get fresh fish now. The supermarkets I normally go to only have frozen stuff, and the one that has fresh stuff, I wouldn’t buy from because the place is filthy. I only buy commercial packed stuff there, nothing fresh or prepared by them. A few months ago the Health Dept closed them for a week to get their shit together.


São Bras Market in town

There is a market in town, São Bras, that has many fish stalls, but I don’t recall seeing salmon or tuna there.

I’ll have to investigate. Maybe they can get some for me when they do their buying over in Niteroi where the best fish markets are.

In the praça in front there is a lovely tree. Well, I think it’s lovely

So far it hasn’t been destroyed by kids like some of the other trees because it’s harder to climb.

I was sitting there last week and I noticed it was in flower. Unusual yellow flowers.

treepraçaI have no idea what sort of tree it is. It’s just nice.

The unusual flowers

The unusual flowers

So many people today are in such a rush, their lives are stressful, they don’t have a moment to stop and enjoy what is around them. I find it so peaceful to just sit and observe.

Delicious onion rings

Delicious onion rings

After work, I stopped off at the botequim after my Nap-fu practice. I had fried up some onion rings and battered pieces of hotdog. Great to have a snack to share while enjoying the company and a beer, or two.

Yesterday the weather took an expected turn.

Hot and sunny in the morning and clouded over in the afternoon, eventually turning quite cool and refreshing with heavy rain in the evening. The cool and rain continue today.

Most of my blogging has been done for the day; just Tomus Arcanum to go. I haven’t found anything suitable yet, but that could change before the witching hour.

Before I succumb to the need of a further Nap-fu session, I’ll point you to a reblog post on Shit Happens. The Queen’s message after the referendum defeat on Scot’s independence. There’s a surpise ending; and yes, it’s satire.

New Zealand got what it deserved. The return of the incumbent government for a third term. After the revelations about mass government spying and dirty tricks in the last weeks sullying the PMs reputation, I fail to see how so many Kiwis are so stupid. Just makes me glad I’m an ex-pat.

So the Scots failed to change anything, The Kiwis failed in the same endeavour. I wonder if the Brazilians will follow suit and reelect the blonde bimbo. At least in four years they will have to vote for somebody else, because Brazilian law limits the presidency to two terms.

I here the sounds of slumber summoning me….


3am & Coffee

starterfluidIt usually works. The combination does strange things to one’s mind.

But I just sat there reading the news, checking comments and reading new posts waiting for inspiration to kick in.

Now it’s nearly 6am and nary a nueron has moved.

Thunder in the background and the patter of rain.

The lull before the storm. No not the weather, today is a nothing day, tomorrow I have a shitload to do to prepare for BBQ (the storm). Mainly trip to supermarket to buy dead cow. I have all the pork I need, I am lacking rump steak, liver, chicken hearts, bread rolls for the garlic bread. I might get a slab salmon to grill with capers, if I can find some at a good price.

Yesterday I harvested my chilies off two bushes. I have to pick them over and bottle them in olive oil today.


Lots of chilies

Last night I was determined to go to bed with no dishes waiting to stare me down in the morning. FAIL! I decided to make a bread ‘n butter pudding for comfort food to watch the football. Needed comforting, Flamengo were down 2-0 near the end of the game, so I flicked off the TV and went to bed.

*Gazes around room wondering what’s next?*

A comment on another of my blogs yeaterday asked what a praça was.

This is our praça, doesn’t look much, but it’s our green space. My house is just behind me.

So, I went back to bed…

…and got up again.


Hello Kitty

I had to make coffee. My world has been destroyed!

Hello Kitty is NOT a cat!

It’s true, it’s headline news.

“She is a little girl. She is a friend. But she is not a cat.

“She’s never depicted on all fours. She walks and sits like a two-legged creature.

“She does have a pet cat of her own, however, and it’s called Charmmy Kitty.”BBCNews

This is shocking!

I had a cat named Hello Kitty. She was given to us by close neighbours. As soon as Ellen Suelen, my six-year-old stepdaughter, saw the kitten she exclaimed, “Ooh, Hello Kitty!” and that was that, despite the fact that the cat was not pink.

Hello Kitty at the laundry bar

Hello Kitty at the laundry bar

HK was with us for four years and had two lots of kittens. So, yes, for us Hello Kitty was a cat.

I did do some posting in the wee small hours, but I still have five blogs to go, so I must blog along.



Behind the White Gate

I have often mentioned that I live on a praça (small neighbourhood park), similarly I often bring the botequim (small neighbourhood bar) into the conversation, ad nauseum. Today I thought that I would give you some perspective.

The Praça

It’s a terrible photo, way too much blue, but it is persisting down at the moment and I am not going to go out and take another… even for you.

I live behind the white gate, just beside the orange house, the aforementioned botequim is slightly to the left. As you can see it is within easy driving distance, but not having a car, I prefer to walk. It is my daily exercise in the late afternoon, or indeed whenever I determine that it is in fact beer o’clock; which can be anytime after the sun is past the yardarm, or before depending on my needs.

One can never be sure.

Better shot of the Botequim

The botequim is a work in progress. It is not a pé sujo (literally a dirty foot, meaning a hovel). It has tiled walls and floor, a dinky automatic light that shows you the way in the men’s (even then some of them miss), and a tap that turns itself off. The veranda wasn’t there when I came to live here, it was added about a year ago, it will be tiled as will the walls outside with stoney-like tiles.

Inside on Raimundo's birthday

The favoured wateringhole of the neighbourhood, although few drink water.

Many a celebration is had there. My sixtieth birthday any football celebration or, indeed, commiseration; be it Flamengo, Botafogo, Vasco or Fluminense, we have all types here and make them welcome despite the fact that Vascainos, Botafogense and Tri-color (Fluminense) don’t understand football and therefore don’t support Flamengo.

Not every Brazilian understands football. When I came here 19 years ago the first football game I saw was a win by Flamengo and I was by default a Flamengista.

Enjoying the shade of the trees around the praças

On a sunny Sunday or any sunny day it often looks like this in front of the botequim as people gather for any of the previously mentioned celebrations/commiserations.

Special days and public holidays are also celebrated in such a fashion.

Brazilians like to gather and drink beer, there doesn’t have to be a specific reason. Brazilians are a very relaxed people, believe me, they know how to relax which is something we have forgotten how to do in the First World, that’s one of the reasons that I live here and not there.

Stress is the greatest enemy, the western world could well take a leaf out of the Brazilian’s book and learn to relax a little.

Churrasco (BBQ) is quite often the order of the day

One needs to take care of one's tools of the trade

Plying one's trade

You’ll notice the cheffus lubrificatum on the table, an essential ingredient for a successful BBQ.

Everone enjoys the praça

Of course the praça isn’t only for adults, BBQs and beer. Everyone comes here to have fun. It is not uncommon to see lovers canoodling on a park bench, footballers, kitefliers, kids careening around the cycle track on their bikes, or groups of youths gathered at the table discussing everything that groups of youths discuss; mainly how to annoy anybody who is not a youth. Or like my Emmylee when she comes to visit, simply spending lost hours on the swing in childhood musings and solitude.

There you have it. Our Praça.

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