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A Butterfly, Fluttered By

No sign of my wayward pussy.

But this morning a butterfly fluttered by to inspect my wines. I took a small video, when I downloaded, I discovered the last video I took of Cloro having a wash in the park the day before he did a bunk.

This morning was worthy of a Monday. Went to make the coffee… no gas. I had to change the gas cylinder before I could do anything. Doing anything as complicated as changing the gas cylinder pre-Coffee requires a certain amount of stamina, concentration, coordination and strength; none of which I had.

Now here’s the clip of the butterfly.

Gulf Fritillary or Passion Butterfly (Agraulis vanillae). These butterflies are regular visitors to my garden, they lay eggs on the passion fruit leaves, and the caterpillars can destroy a vine.

Just discovered that I have a class this afternoon. That’s good because my hours were looking pretty miserable and I need the students to return to classes. Being an English teacher can be hard sometimes, because I only get paid for hours taught, I don’t get a monthly salary.

Pain, all gone, life is bearable again.

Time to go.


My Day is Carefully Measured

I have spent half chasing tests and pills, and the other half asleep, oh and the other half chasing Cloro’s kitty poos and pees…

Does that make sense? <—— Rhetorical question, doesn’t need an answer and I don’t want to know if it does.

I not long ago woke from a nap. Dizzy lizzy came to visit.

Nothing by mouth before blood tests

Nothing by mouth before blood tests

My day started off diabolically… NO COFFEE! Now that is totally unreasonable to expect anybody to function with the remotest sense of decorum without coffee. However, today I managed. I didn’t manage it well, but I managed.

My first stop was the laboratory at the clinic for blood tests.

Now that seems simple enough, that is until you see the sign on the wall. ‘Documents required before tests will be done…’ ID – I don’t have ID, but they accepted my passport number, the next was the killer… CPF (Brazilian tax number) – I don’t have one, I am ‘passing through’. Response, can’t do tests without one! So, I very carefully and calmly explained to the pretty receptionist (remember this was a pre-Coffee situation), that I had managed to arrange the appointment with the specialist without a CPF, I had registered at the specialist without a CPF, they had received my money (remember that R$150 yesterday) without a CPF, I had seen and been treated by the specialist without a CPF; and now you tell me I can’t have a BLOODY BLOOD TEST without a CPF!

I had begun to envisage the new clinic wallpaper

I had begun to envisage the new clinic wallpaper

She called her supervisor, then asked me to sit and wait a moment.

I assumed she had told the supervisor that she had a hysterical velho caduco (grouchy old man) without a CPF causing um escandalo (a ruckus) in reception.

Because by now the whole reception was tuttering ‘bureaucracy’ and knew that this religiously founded clinic was denying an old man a blood test.

Eventually, she summoned me to the counter again and proceeded to book the blood test.

See, it pays to throw a tantrum, something I learned very early in life. It wasn’t a ‘rolling-on-the-floor’ type of tantrum, I managed to retain a little poise and respect, but I got the blood test… after paying another R$105.

It was against the odds

It was against the odds

Hell, it’s MY blood and I have to pay to give it! I managed to avoid another meltdown and was lead through the doors into the inner sanctum to find that the staff had been running a book, he will/he won’t get a blood test.

The nurse taking my blood was on the winning side and treated me with courtesy and respect; and none of the ‘this-won’t-hurt (me)’ bullshit.

I left a happy victim, I even thanked the pretty receptionist, after all, she had learned something ‘everything is possible, even if it flies in the face of bureaucracy.

So far, so good.

Taxi home. Need to call at a chemist’s to get prescription filled. First chemist, power’s out cant do it. Yes, we have the pills but can’t do it without power for ‘puter. Second chemist, sorry only have one lot, I can call the chemist down the road and have them delivered. The second chemist didn’t answer the phone, remember, his power is out.

The power was indeed out, on our way we saw that a fast moving concrete telephone pole had jumped out in front of a stationary bus. Both had come to a sticky end.

Third chemist, yes… yes… great, I got my pills and the taxi fare was climbing.

Home took pills.

Exhausted, need nap. Cancel classes before nap.

And here I am, rattling with all the pills.


Oh, a foot note, Cloro has started pooping and peeing in his pizza box facility…



anythingpossiblecoffeeIt’s true. Given enough coffee I can jump through hoops and perform miracles. I can even get through my day’s blogging relatively unscathed.

Today I was determined that I would not have to put up another ‘apology’ post.

My first post this morning was Change the World Wednesday, on Wednesdays that is always a priority.

So this was me at the keyboard at 6am…


Not a pretty sight.

So here I am. Now what had I planned for yesterday?

The Pope… Now I am not a religious person, much less a Catholic, but this Pope Francis has almost impressed me; especially as the last one with the poncy red shoes had me calling for the Papacy to be abolished. As an Eggs Benedict, he’s had his day, been a cardinal, he’s got the T-shirt, he should be lining up for the dole like any other unemployed pope. There’s not much call for unemployed popes, you know. Imagine his curriculum vitae… Last post: Pope. Reason for Leaving Employment: Got tired…

Stunned the crowd by producing a pigeon out of thin air - image: BBC

Stunned the crowd by producing a pigeon out of thin air – image: BBC

Back to this Francis person. He’s calling for a change in the paradigm; that’s a bit like pushing shit uphill with a garden fork. Made doubly difficult because he’s calling for a change in the way the world thinks about money. Laudible, but I would imagine that he’d have more luck finding rockinghorse poo. Then he did have luck with that pigeon trick, though, pretty impressive. Then last night on TV I saw a report that disturbed me, was it an exorcism? Many have said yes, just as many have called the idea hogwash. But it was televised, there was no denying that something was going on there.

All those balloons and no air traffic control

All those balloons and no air traffic control

Now that my favourite novela (soap opera) Salve Jorge has finished every Brazilian knows about Cappadocia in Turkey, as a fair bit of the action took place there; and the pretty coloured balloons that give tourists flights over the rocky terrain featured as a filler between many scenes. Two days ago one fell out of the sky killing three Brazilian tourists and putting another seven in hospital.

Google is still stupid. Tells me that Cappadocia is wrong, that it should be cappuccino.

The Brazilian economy is doing great. Well, it would be if you believed Guido Mantega (Brazilian version of American Federal Reserve’s Bernard Bernake). They’re both full of shit. Recovery shit.

Four years ago, when I moved into this neighbourhood, I would buy my nightly beer and ciggies with one of these…

Old design R$10

Old design R$10

…and got R$2 in change.

Now for the same, I hand over one of these…

New design R$20

New design R$20

,,, and get R$4 in change. Now to me that’s 100%, which means that inflation is NOT under control. And the presidenta says Brazil is not being affected by the international financial crisis.

I call bullshit. There is NO recovery.

Time to rattle my dags again, need to fill that beer money jar of yesterday’s post.


I Opened the New Post Page

This has nothing to do with the post. It is merely a distraction so you don't notice my procrastination.

This has nothing to do with the post. It is merely a distraction so you don’t notice my procrastination.

Okay, now what?

I have had my two pre-Coffees and am half way through the fresh thermos flask, but I still found myself in the middle of the kitchen wondering what I came in there for. I also nearly poured the fresh coffee on top of the pre-heating water in the thermos.

They say coffee makes you do silly things faster…

My super post is still attracting ‘Likes’, up to 58 now and yesterday had 34 visitors, unbelievable.

Tuesday, no classes, day off.

My fridge has been delayed until Thursday, confirmed.

Found this on the web the other day.


I had one. Mine was the 7x57mm version used by Venezuela. Best damn semi-auto I have ever used. Heavy as anything, but shooting-wise better than anything on today’s market; and when was it made? 1949 by Fabrique Nacional (FN) more than 60 years ago. I got ‘possibles’ many times at 600 yards; I had trouble doing that with its successor the SLR or FAL 7.62 NATO.

Rain, yes, it’s still raining. Just had a downpour, but the frequency is lessening.

Blogging right along.

Damn, the animation on the top image doesn’t appear to want to animate.


precoffeeThere is only one thing that is worse than being ‘pre-Coffee’ and that is being pre-Coffee on a Monday morning. It does nothing for the disposition.

The UrbanDictionary defines pre-Coffee as “The amount of coordination that most caffeine addicts have before their first cup of coffee.”

Seriously, there should be pre-Coffee, that’s coffee you can have while you are making your morning coffee. I usually have this in the form of left-over coffee from yesterday, reheat for first cup and while making fresh coffee. But I miscalculated my need for coffee yesterday.

I’ve had my first and I am now running on three cylinders, the last cylinder should kick in after this cup. I had an old car like that. A Vauxhall Wyvern, it was the four cylinder model of the same Velox.


It always grunted to start in the morning, and it didn’t have to be a Monday. A lovely old car about 1954 or 56, can’t remember. Actually it was my father’s, but I used to get to drive it. Oh, I paid for the privilege, mileage plus full tank out, full tank in; it wasn’t for free. That is until I rolled it when I was sixteen. The wreck was a write-off. My father was not amused, especially as he had just reconditioned the motor.

Yesterday I was at the keyboard like a one-armed paper-hanger. I posted a Satireday on Shit Happens that proved enormously successful, well, at least by my humble standards. The post attracted 50+ likes and two more have arrived while writing this. I have never had more than a 15-Like post before, so for me this was phenomenal. Especially on Shit Happens because it usually gets about 5 – 10 visitors on a good day. So being a responsible blogger, I visited, commented and Liked, all the blogs that had been to mine. I found one seriously funny blog, very well written, totally irreverent, but not smutty; The Jiggly Bits, you have to go and have a look, she does indeed talk about the ‘jiggly bits’.

Part of the success was bloggers who reblogged, about six, so the post got quite a good coverage.

He was something like this

Well, the rain continues. As I wrote that sentence the sun came out. It rained all weekend up until making the coffee this morning. Lixo slept on the bed all night, which he doesn’t do often now that he is a big cat; he spends most of his nocturnal hour tom-catting around the neighbourhood. But after coming in from doing his business outside, he was wet, bedraggled and not amused and wanted breakfast, NOW!

Well, I am firing on all cylinders now, I need to refuel and then I’ll blog right along.


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