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I lost my pussy

She’s around here somewhere, I just can’t find her. She has her little hiding places; behind the sofas, inside the old PC and the like, and she loves hiding in the garden.

Clorinha playing Hide 'n Seek

Clorinha playing Hide ‘n Seek

Found her!

She is so dumb sometimes. Like yesterday she spotted a butterfly fluttering across the yard and she was off, today I put a lump of mincemeat in her dish almost under her nose and had to show her where it was.

I am back to normal again. I ate some mortadela (luncheon or bologna, depends where you are) in bread rolls last night and I am back on dairy products today; milk in my coffee and cheese sandwich for lunch.

If it's ovoid, it's an egg

If it’s ovoid, it’s an egg

I saw an article about buying eggs yesterday. Interesting, so much to consider. I am a typical male, if it’s ovoid, it’s an egg. I get them from the other bar in our street, so I know they’re fresh, although not free-range, which I’d prefer.

Have you ever wondered why eggs are ovoid? Simple, it stops the hen’s orifice from snapping shut… ouch!

Just imagine the shock…

SNAP! WTF was that?

SNAP! WTF was that?

Prince Charles is just like his father, Prince Phillip. Opens mouth and puts his foot in it. This time he has upset Putin, by likening his actions to Nazis. Putin is incensed, because it’s verging on true. He’s the biggest threat to peace in Europe since WWII.

BP is making a last ditch stand to limit the compensation for damages to the Gulf. I hope they fail. There should be no limit given the size of the disaster. The damages should be paid for in perpetuity until the company bleeds.

So, now when is the world going to demand damages from Japan for screwing up the planet? Fukushima is going to haunt us for as long as there is life on Earth.

England is involved in polls for some European Union thingy election. You’re not allowed to take selfies in the polling booth. There’s no law against it. Here in Brazil, all electronic devices are confiscated before voting.

Malawi has just held elections which are claimed as corrupt. In some places candidates had more votes than there were voters. Yup, that sounds fishy to me.

I have Nap-fued already, short but restful. I have things to do, dishes, water the plants, get rubbish ready for collection, all the exciting stuff of life. Don’t you just envy me?





A Rugged Week

A real coffee maker

A real coffee maker

After a rugged week, coffee is on the way,

I have a wicked headache, so bad that I took a paracetamol. I rarely take medicines, usually not needed, but there are times like this.

A great cup of coffee is only moments away, then sanity will return to the world, at least my world.

The coador (cloth strainer) is the only way to make coffee. It is faster and more efficient and simply makes better coffee than all your gadgets or machines.

Of course, it’s not without its drawbacks; you actually have to boil water, and worst of all, you have to lift the coffeepot afterward to pour the elixir into your cup.

I am wallowing in bliss, much like a pig wallows in the mud; that first sip of freshly brewed morning coffee transports one to paradise, no return ticket.

Friday, I got over Hump Day, no elephants involved. Slid all the way down Thursday, and arrived with a resounding thump on Friday, albeit with the headache which is slowly dissipating. Coffee truly is a purveyor of miracles.

No class today, no class tomorrow, and football (soccer) and beer on Sunday. Yes, a three-day weekend.

Coming in to land at El Alto (La Paz) Airport

Coming in to land at El Alto (La Paz) Airport

I see Bolivia is a tad more than miffed at having their president banned from flying over France, Italy, Spain and Portugal through their airspace and forcing a stopover in Austria, where Morales consented to having his plane searched for the US whistleblower.

What would have happened if Morales had refused under diplomatic immunity?

Further food for thought; what would have happened if Morales jet had defied the four-country ban and flown over any of those countries? Would they have shot it down? Would the cowards have the balls to do that?

We all know who was to blame for the ban.

The Bolivian president is considering closing the US Embassy as a result, four other South American nations are also considering the case.

“The Bolivian president blamed Washington for pressurising European countries into refusing him passage.

“My hand would not shake to close the US embassy,” Mr Morales said.

“We have dignity, sovereignty. Without the United States, we are better politically and democratically.””BBC News

I am beginning to think that he may be right, not only Bolivia,but the rest of the world might be better off without American interference. Politically, Washington is getting too big for its boots.

Imagine if: “”If this had happened to the president of the United States, it probably would have been grounds for war,” said Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa.”BBC News


The sun is promising to top the trees in the praça, it looks like a beautiful day ahead.

Prince Charles in front of the Tardis

Just before I toddle off into the blogosphere, I will point you toward a blog that I find tremendously funny. Prince Charles _ HRH of Twitter If you are a fan, or even if you’re not, of England’s Royals, this will appeal to you; a spoof of Prince Charles at his best. A wonderful example of British humour and stiff-upper-lip. The current post on Dr Who is funny, but the previous Ascot post is hilarious.


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