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My Hebetude

heat-stroke-vs-heat-exhaustionmeIndeed, my lethargy, sloth, torpor, etc can be summed up in the phrase, “It’s too bloody hot!”

Now into our fourth week of unrelenting heat, I feel drained and this has begun to reflect in my blogability, or should I say my inablogability.

I am constantly under a fan, continually taking a cold shower, sitting here dripping in sodden underpants to enable me to write. I’d be sitting here naked, but my bum sticks to the plastic seat, which is also hot.

The lunchtime weather forecast promised tempestades (storms) later today, but we are rapidly approaching 5pm and the sky is not doing anything that would indicate such relief, any more than it did yesterday or the day before. Even Brazilians have begun to pray for a little polar vortex.

Poor Cloro is shunting from one cool spot to another. Under the kitchen sink, under the coffee table, along to the botequim to take advantage of the tile floor, repeat. He’s at a distinct disadvantage in that cats do not have sweat glands, so my fans just ruffle his fur, they do not cool him. He cannot get cool the way we do; it’s the same with dogs, their cooling mechanism is their tongues.

django_unchained_ver8_xlgYesterday, I was so knackered, that I gave up blogging, instead I watched the film Django Unchained, 2½ hours of good.

I can now speak Italian! The copy I downloaded was with Italian subtitles. Pecora Negra (Englishman in Italy), eat your shorts.

The Brie I mentioned the other day survived. I managed to spread it out over three nights.

As I get older, I find it so much easier to make a fool of myself. Two nights ago, I went to print a page, pffft, nothing but a few bird scratchings on the page. I tried again… same. I cleaned the printheads… same.


Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80

I mentioned this to a fregües (regular) at the bar last night. Let’s have a look… I got the printer cartridges, he turned them over… I had forgotten to remove the protective seal. How to feel a fool in one easy lesson. One of the most basic things stumped me. I have been playing with computers since the halcyon days of the TRS-80 when we had to load our programmes from a cassette tape recorder, and the simplest thing stumped me. You’re never to old to be fooled.

World news, France’s Hollande has a mistress, headline news; who gives a shit? Probably Mrs Hollande, the shock put her in hospital. But for this to be headline news for five days straight… give us some news!

The sun has gone, I must toddle off outside and look at the sky; we may just get our rain.



cokeban99% of the ills of the world would never have arisen if we had remained dendrophilous.

If we had remained in the trees, we would never have had Coca Cola, nor taxes.

Just think… Imagine…

No wars, bonking when the urge comes over us, picking ticks off the wife.

There would be no blogs… HORROR!

What would I do?

Sitting in a tree scratching ones nuts, is hardly a substitute.


He’s a bigger cat now

Cloro has discovered how to turn the printer on. Now that he’s a bigger cat his weight is sufficient to turn the printer on. It’s fun. At first he was stunned by the noise of the printer gearing up, the whirrs, thuds and clicks, but the flashing green lights soon overcame the fear as he batted and pawed at the LCD.

The weather forecast has been right for the last three days, rain. It is right today as well, rain, but not so much as the last three days. Still it makes for comfortable sleeping at night, which can be a hot sweaty affair even without sex.

My plans for Saturday amounted to doing nothing, as predicted, I was successful. I hadn’t finished, so I continued on Sunday.

Here’s something to think about…

You Used To Not Exist

baby-in-a-wombYou used to not exist.

Then you were a baby.

Look at that belly button.

What a funny thing that is.

Soon, you will no longer exist again.

So where will you go?

Well… wait a second…

Where did you start?

Could it be you were always here?

I sincerely don’t see how it cannot.

“I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.”

Source: The Truth You Always Knew

Wow, that’s deep.


How to Pet your Cat

funny-cat-dog-petting-guideI found this yesterday.

I know I didn’t post, but I was here.

I went shopping in the morning. Had to buy a cable for printer, a carpet square and some food.

All achievements unlocked.

Lixo allows me more liberties than the chart. Like I get to play with his tail and I can stick my fingers behind the pads of his paws and tickle in the hollow.

Sometimes, just sometimes, if I catch him waking for a nap and he rolls over, I get to tickle his chest and tummy.

As you can see, dogs just aren’t at all fussy.

This morning I had wargames with PC. I had to install the printer.

I cannot connect the E drive and the CDROM at the same time. The E drive disappears, and it won’t connect to the net. I can connect one or the other, but not both drives. One day, I’ll get it figured out.


acorelPrinter installed and working; all to print one official document.

I also took the opportunity to install CorelDraw 10, so I’ll be able to make my own funnies. I know CorelDraw v.Umpteen Dozen is out, but too many whistles and bells I’ll never use. I like 10.

So it has been a productive day. I have posted on all but Shit Happens blog, although I have an idea after Obama’s visit to Palestine.

I’ll think about that over coffee, while I’m getting ready for work.


I’ve been taking lessons

Lazy Lixo is a great teacher

Lazy Lixo is a great teacher

Yes, I have. Guess who my teacher is?

This weekend I have been decidedly lazy.

I have been blogging, yesterday I managed to post on them all, and today I’m heading in that direction, in fact, after Sunday Travel Tales here later, I will have double posted on three blogs. Now that is almost unheard of.

I’ve lost a chord…


No, not that type of chord, this type of cord; the USD cable that connects my printer to my PC.

When I bought my PC almost a year ago the deal included a printer. Well, I don’t have much use for a printer, but I have just received a document from NZ that I am required to fill out, so I resolved that I should install it. Everything was going along just fine, until the instruction ‘fit the USB cable’, great, I went to plug in the cable and, whoops! It was the wrong cable. I have searched high and low, I found nooks and crannies that I had forgotten existed, but no cable; just a lot of dust.

So I turned the PC back on and resumed blogging. I’ll have to go to tomorrow and see if I can find one.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying one of my favourite albums by Moody Blues. You can enjoy them too.


Later, it’s football time… which means beer o’clock.

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