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Well, that was September!


Wasted time

Yes, another one bites the dust.

Three more months and we’ll be into 2015. But before that all the hooha of Xmas.

I am debating whether to go to the supermarket. Writing this post is a justification for procrastinating.

List of Things to do today:

1. Make a list of things to do.

Well, that takes care of that.

I really need to go to the supermarket. I need bread, water and most of all food.

Muggy today, rained a little overnight, so I don’t need to water the plants today. Expected high of 34ºC, it’s not there yet.

Classes later.

I’m jealous. My neighbour got a new kitset BBQ delivered last night. Now I want one.

It’s pitiful. The Hong Kong leader pathetically tells people to go home. Doesn’t he realise that he’s lost it? China has blacked out the news of the disobedient little colony and wants HK under control. But that’s not going to happen. Xi has mad a grave mistake, and he knows it. Time to panic. Can you imagine 1.3bn Chinese in an uprising?

anti-FaceBook, yes, there’s a new site that does basically the same as FB, except they don’t have advertising and don’t use your information. Thousands of people are flocking to Ello. We need more of this.

George Clooney got married. Like he was the last eligible bachelor on the planet. I thought he had more sense. Wrong again!

Parody is now a crime! They take all the fun out of life.

Owing to a complete and utter failure of my inspiration mode, I’m off to the supermarket while the sun is shining.

I apologise for the breveity of this post.


I Put my Pants On

I look nothing like this when I am blogging

I look nothing like this when I am blogging

Men get a bad rap. They are known to blog in the underpants.

I am here today to justify that bad rap. I blog in my underpants.

Probably a lot of women are equally guilty of blogging in their knickers, with or without bra.

I am at home alone, I roll out of bed in the morning, I am comfortable as I am; in my underpants. The only detracting side of this is when I splash hot water while making that all essential first morning coffee. Cloro doesn’t mind, although she sometimes looks at me as though to say “OMG, put some fur on!”

I have also been known to go out into the yard dressed like that. I can’t be seen from the road, unless you’re a pervert peeking through the crack in the gate; nor seen by the neighbours unless they are on their roof, read perverts again.

But this morning, I was out in the yard for some time, and I felt a little more secure in more than just my underpants. I had to water the plants, they were gasping in this heat. Yesterday was 37°C and the forecast today is for 40°C (106°F) with low humidity.

Last night I had some delicious sandwiches. I shaved some pork of the left over BBQ leg chop and put the shavings in some bread, a little pepper and salt… The rest is history.

Lunch today will be an exciting affair, leftover spaghetti bolognaise, somehow it always tastes better as a leftover.

A downer…

Sunday night, I resolved, after much procrastination (years of it) to complete a book that I am writing. I started the book in 2003, and have added to it little by little. The book is on advanced advanced English grammar *puts on Grammar Police Cap*, I have reached the 254 page mark, with about another 20+/- pages to be added.

Part of the procrastination was through losing the file on a shitty hard drive, then recovering it on another shitty hard drive, then recovering it again, on pendrive, and two more hard drives, to ensure that I don’t lose it again.

I decided to print off a hard copy of the book for proof reading. I can’t successfully proof read on the screen, I have to have the paper in front of me. Got to page 41, and and Wah! The black cartridge gave out. More procrastination while I get the cartridge refilled. Plans are to do that when I pay the rent tomorrow.

That’s it for today, other than to say, I want a Beamer like this one…


I’m a Pro…

It's Humpday, this rabbit has confused it with Monday

It’s Humpday, this rabbit has confused it with Monday


I have put off the fan idea for the day. I had a terrible night, not because of the noisy fan, that ran quietly all night, but I was up and down with thirst. I went out for BBQ dinner last night, too much salt in one sitting.

So on waking at 6am yawning, I blogged three, napped one, blogged two… OMG, sounds like I am knitting!

Between that lot, I have read the news, made coffee, answered some comments, and now I am sitting here with a lit cigarette in one hand and half a cigarette burning away in the ashtray. I really need more coffee!

I should have lots to post about this morning afternoon, because I drank quite a lot of creativity fluid (see yesterday’s post) last night. But apart from being a little miffed because Prince George’s christening has been announced as headline news, I am at a loss. Who gives a shit?

The Americans are saying that the 70 million French emails is not true, I am sure that’s a load of bollocks. The Americans have been caught with their pants down and they’re back-peddling like crazy.

The pope has suspended the ‘Bishop of Bling’ from his position while he is investigated for wasting billions of church money on his luxury home which includes a 2.9m euro private chapel.

FaceBook has reversed its position on beheading videos. Good, there are somethings we don’t need to see.

Iran has decided that there’s no need to hang a man twice. He survived the original attempt and was in hospital recuperating for a second try. Various orgs and governments decried the need for a second hanging and as Iran is trying to amend its global reputation, they decided it was in the best interests not to hang him again.

Spain is out of recession… LOL bollocks! A 0.1% growth for one quarter does not represent a recovery, it’s merely a hiccough.

Found this to make you giggle:




Lactobacilious Lokos

Bols Yoghurt

Bols Yoghurt

As near as I can figure Lactobacillus Lokos is yoghurt with vodka…

You know the old story you used to tell kids, they even sung about it, “A little bit of sugar helps the medicine go down!” Well, I guess this is the adult option.

Bols even have a bottled version…

Lactobacillus is lactic acid bacteria, we need it in our diet, if we need it, it must be healthy, we must drink more…

I like that rationale.

Lactobacillus is just one of the many live organisms that live in our gut, that we need to to turn food into a body-friendly product.

From Carlos’ Kitchen (in Portuguese) come two recipes:

1 :: Lactobacilious Lokos (lokos = crazy)

  • A pot of yoghurt (flavour of your choice)
  • At least a shot of vodka
  • Ice
  • Shake and drink

2 :: Lactobacilious Safado (safado = bastard)

  • A pot of yoghurt (flavour of your choice)
  • At least a shot of Catuaba
  • Ice
  • Shake and drink

catuabapoderoso1Easy peasy.

What might not be so easy is finding Catuaba outside Brazil.

The name catuaba (pronounced [ka.two.’aba], a Guarani word that means “what gives strength to the Indian”) is used for the infusions of the bark of a number of trees native to Brazil. – Wikipedia

It’s an aphrodisiac, energiser and a stimulant for the central nervous system.

It contains the famous Brazilian guaranã.

Well, there you have it. Having cast my pearl before the swine, lets get back to blogging, shall we?

Here’s the crux, apart from the promise of rain, there’s not a hell of a lot to blog about.

Once I finish here, I’m going to scare the hell out of my kitchen; it’s in for a reorg, I’ll further add insult to injury by doing the dishes.

Having procrastinated (I have a Master’s in Procrastination) for two weeks over buying a spade, last night I borrowed one with the intent of turning over my modest compost heap. I want to get some of the gooey goodies from underneath. I told Raimundo (it’s his spade) that I was going to get the sogra (mother-in-law) out of the freezer and bury her in the garden.

Lunch, I am envisaging diced chicken something with stir-fry something. The ‘something’ relating to the chicken could be curry, the ‘something’ relating to the stir-fry could be veges; but that’s not confirmed yet. Those decisions will be made after I open the fridge door.

I will blog along…


An Intense Monday

apilaointensoI am having an intense Monday.

I used to drink Pilão coffee all the time, but once it got above R$6 for a half kilo (that’s about a pound for our non-metric cousins) I stopped and opted for acceptable brands that were below my R$6 threshold. Pilão is hitting over R$8 now, and I refused to pay.

I bought a sack of Intenso (I am not going to translate that, if you can’t figure it out then maybe you shouldn’t be left alone with a computer) when it was on special, and trying to economise, I only bought one some weeks ago and just opened it this morning.

Oh, it is so yummy!

I should have bought more.

Already looking forward to Friday

Already looking forward to Friday

Monday, my only student has cancelled. Tomorrow is St George’s Day here in Rio. St George is the state’s patron. Nobody wants to interrupt the weekend with a day’s honest labour when there is a holiday on Tuesday. So, let’s take Monday off too… This is a very Brazilian thing. I’m trying to arrange a substitute student, but I doubt he will ring and confirm.

We’re still having a cool spell. Cold fronts from Argentina are responsible, they keep sending them north. Buenos Aires doesn’t like them either, the last one dumped a shit load of rain on the city causing a lot of flooding and damage.

This week is a ‘beef week’. I managed a successful beefless week last week. Had a great feed of batter fried mussels on Saturday; Homemade chicken burger on Friday, Bacon and mushroom pizza on Wednesday and left over pizza on Thursday. Yesterday I had the last of the sliced pork and gravy, roast potatoes and pickled beetroot for a late lunch.

Today, I’m planning a real hamburger for supper and I’ll probably get a big sub-sandwich for lunch from the supermarket for lunch; that is if I can tear myself away from the PC long enough to get to the supermarket. Which sometimes doesn’t happen. I like an element of flexibility in my plans, it goes well with my habit of procrastination.


Life is Leftovers

I need one of these on my keyboard

I need one of these on my keyboard

I woke at six, I prepared to blog.

The laundry lady came and she laundried, and left.

I had intended to go to the supermarket when she left, but I had her wash the shorts I wanted to use.

Deep procrastination set in despite the four cups of coffee I had had since I woke. Normally this would be enough to fortify through the most strenuous of days. I did the only sensible thing, I napped.

Having napped and still suffering from procrastination, I have decided that the supermarket can wait until tomorrow.

Bacon & mushroom, yum yum

Bacon & mushroom, yum yum

Last night, due to an empty  fridge, I ordered pizza. Bacon and mushroom with olives. I tried a new pizzaria (pizza parlour, for those who can’t figure out such complexities on a Sunday, and Americans), Della Massa, their leaflet came in the mail box. They had a web site, I chose my pizza and filled out the on-line purchase form and waited; and waited, and waited…. Finally, I was sick of waiting; I rang them… Oh we didn’t get your email order. I repeated it over the phone and I waited, and waited, and waited some more.

Nearly an hour passed, and on hearing a motorbike in the street (all these places use a motorbike for deliveries) I wandered to the gate despite him not tooting. There was the delivery guy outside the botequim lost; I had used the botequim as a reference point. One of the locals pointed at my gate. I got my pizza while complaining about the service, or at least the lack of it. The guy told me that someone had taken the computer home… Typically Brazilian, how do you expect to take email orders when you haven’t got a computer?

I ate half the pizza. There was a time when I would have demolished the lot and looked around for more, but age has taken its toll. Gluttony is not something that I would go to purgatory for, I just don’t have the capacity anymore. I could still get to purgatory for a bit of coveting, age hasn’t affected some things. Tatiana, my first Brazilian partner, nearly sent me there for a bit of coveting… she caught me ogling the girls as we walked downtown; I simply responded that she had nothing to worry about until I started ogling the guys. That settled the matter, it was never mentioned again.

So lunch today is leftover pizza. I was wondering if it would be considered debauchery if I had a nice wine with that.

Blogging right along….

There should be a Sunday Travel Tales later, that would depend on the toll taken by consuming a full bottle of wine. It is Sunday, after all.

No whirling dervishes were injured in this post.

I Opened the New Post Page

This has nothing to do with the post. It is merely a distraction so you don't notice my procrastination.

This has nothing to do with the post. It is merely a distraction so you don’t notice my procrastination.

Okay, now what?

I have had my two pre-Coffees and am half way through the fresh thermos flask, but I still found myself in the middle of the kitchen wondering what I came in there for. I also nearly poured the fresh coffee on top of the pre-heating water in the thermos.

They say coffee makes you do silly things faster…

My super post is still attracting ‘Likes’, up to 58 now and yesterday had 34 visitors, unbelievable.

Tuesday, no classes, day off.

My fridge has been delayed until Thursday, confirmed.

Found this on the web the other day.


I had one. Mine was the 7x57mm version used by Venezuela. Best damn semi-auto I have ever used. Heavy as anything, but shooting-wise better than anything on today’s market; and when was it made? 1949 by Fabrique Nacional (FN) more than 60 years ago. I got ‘possibles’ many times at 600 yards; I had trouble doing that with its successor the SLR or FAL 7.62 NATO.

Rain, yes, it’s still raining. Just had a downpour, but the frequency is lessening.

Blogging right along.

Damn, the animation on the top image doesn’t appear to want to animate.

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