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Crazy Cow

Better looking than the crazy cow I was married to

Better looking than the crazy cow I was married to

No, I’m not referring to the ex… (although it could be appropriate)

I am referring to a series of events that led me to a crazy cow. I have just posted on Eco-Crap about buttercups, they are poisonous you know. Which led me to ask myself, why are cows sometimes called ‘Buttercup’. My next thought was ‘crazy cows’, as I was on a search engine page, I typed in crazy cow.

I did not expect this —>

Some days are just full of surprises.

Remember, I warned that the refusal of four European countries to allow Evo Morales’ (Bolivian president) to fly over their airspace because they assumed (probably via the USA) that the current whistleblower was on board, but wasn’t, would have severe ramifications. It has, four South American countries are withdrawing their envoys from the four countries. Imagine if that had happened to Obama’s plane for whatever reason, the USA would have declared war!

There are still sporadic protests around Brazil. Cabral (the Rio de Janeiro governor) really pissed me off yesterday by citing ‘violent’ protestors and protests. None of the protestors or protests have been violent; rather violent elements and vandals have infiltrated the peaceful protests and caused the problems that resulted in police actions. There has even been footage of genuine protestors trying to expel the violent trouble makers from the events, and two filmed instances of them destroying boxes of Molotov cocktails confiscated from the masked infiltrators. Cabral is using the actions of the troublemakers to denigrate the peaceful protests.

Zimmerman was found not guilty. I can’t believe it! While I was not privy to the evidence in full, I found the prosecution raised too many unanswered questions that could not be answered, like no Zimmerman DNA under Trayvon’s fingernails which there would have been if Trayvon had beaten Zimmerman in the manner described; if Zimmerman had had his head beaten on the road has described, where was the blood? It was never found. I am convinced this was a severe miscarriage of justice. I agree that Zimmerman was a ‘wanna be cop’, a psychopath and that he killed Trayvon because he wanted to and he could get away with it, as he ultimately has.

An article in BBC News, more British soldiers have committed suicide since than were killed in Afghanistan…

Texas legislators are still sticking their noses into women’s vaginas where they don’t belong.

Here’s something we should stew on… We need smokers and smoking. The current paradigm is all wrong. If we ban smoking, the population of the world increases. While smoking uses health funds, those funds are less than governments would pay out in pensions of saved lives. As I have said before, the over-population problems is not the number of babies being born, but that less people are dying. Nature had a wonderful balance, once again man is screwing it up.

Lovely sunny Sunday out there, should be beer o’clock soon.

Lunch yesterday was chicken cubes in a white wine cream sauce, with boiled pumpkin, savoury cabbage and mashed potatoes.

Today’s lunch will be leftovers…

It’s 9:30, I should change from my pyjamas to something a little more suitable, I just heard the shutters on the bar go up, so it must be beer o’clock.


Percy Verance

coffeeNWonderful man is Percy.

Found this definition today.

Oh how true that is.

I stole purloined it from Living Simply Free, her Friday roundup post offers a lot of good links.

Leftovers for lunch today. It was one of those inspirational meals where you open the fridge door and throw whatever you see on the grill.

What did I see? Well, sliced fatty ham, chicken roll, last of the sliced cheese, open bottle of Sauvignon Blanc (ah, that didn’t reach the grill… what do you think I am, stupid? <— rhetorical question). I toasted the last hamburger bun, mustard on the bottom, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce on the top, slapped everything else in the middle.

Now my fridge is officially empty.

Which is a good reason to eat out tomorrow and shop on Monday.

The Brazilian protests continue, the president, Blonde Bimbo Dilma, gave a speech to the nation last night on the telly. In it she offered the people the kitchen scraps from the table; There were more scraps in my leftoverburger.

I quite agree with her, and the rest of the populace, that the violence is reprehensible. There have been many cases where the legitimate protestors have turned against the vandals.

FIFA’s anus is quivering over the protests.

Today is another footy match; Brazil vs Italy, I believe a draw or a win will ensure Brazil’s continued presence in the cup.

Yesterday I discovered a plant that eats sheep… yes, it dines on sheep. Puya chilensis eats sheep I knew about plants like the Venus fly trap and pitcher plants, but never imagined one could digest sheep whole.

Managed Satireday posts on all blogs today, my students came late and left. I am going to have a glass of chilled Chateau Neuf de River Water and a nap before the footy.


Getting in early today

Because after lunch and wine, there’s not much chance of getting in later.

european-horse-meatI discovered one thing during the recent horse meat scandal. Yes, the one that everyone has for gotten about… You can’t say “Minced horse” without it sounding like a condiment for roast lamb.

Freeday today, not doing anything that remotely resembles useful.

Brazil has a few problems at the moment. You’ve probably read/seen on the news about the protests. It’s been a long time coming. Brazil is one of the most taxed countries in the world while paying more for it’s government than most of the world.

It was never an issue before, because the majority of the people were too poor to understand. But with Brazil striving to make a place for itself on the global theatre, they have expanded the size of the middle class exponentially. Now it is this new middle class that has the balls to start asking questions and demanding answers.

The protests began with a rise in bus fares. My own local bus fare went from R#2.75 to R$2.95. Now that doesn’t sound like much, but when you have a population as big as Brazil’s who depend on public transport, that’s a hell of a lot of money.

The issues spread, the people are asking why they haven’t got a decent health system, education system, etc; and the big issues, inflation and why have we still got so much corruption? The cost of the new and renovated stadiums for the World Cup when the people are suffering have also entered the fray.

Now the city councils have rescinded the bus fare rises, foolishly hoping this will quell the collective umbrage. But of course it won’t. The bus fares were just the key that opened Pandora’s Box, the issue that sparked public dissatisfaction.

I feel this issue is going to spread, as it is indeed doing already. First night reports said ‘hundreds’ of protestors, the next night it was ‘thousands’ of protesters, then ‘tens of thousands’ and subsequently after the bus fares were lowered ‘hundreds of thousands’. Last night it was ‘millions’ protesting throughout Brazil’s big and various cities.

Brazilians want answers.

Meanwhile, it’s lunch time.


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