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A Little Furry Butt

Lots of rain

Today – Lots of rain

Okay! That’s enough!

Day 1 – Rain: Lovely and cool.

Day 2 – Rain: Refreshing.

Day 3 – Rain: Great for the garden.

Day 4 – Rain: Wetting everything.

Day 5 – Rain: This is getting boring.

Day 6 – Rain: That’s enough already!

Yesterday, I commented how Cloro has learned to turn on the printer. It lead to a comment from Shana, “I hope your printer isn’t a scanner as well…hundreds of copies of Cloro’s butt lol”

Well, you guessed it, it is…


Cloro’s furry little butt

Of course, it was contrived, Cloro hasn’t discovered the scan button yet. He wouldn’t stay still long enough for a full scan, that long purple light rippling along under ones buttocks can be quite unnerving.

i-need-a-prozacI read a post today about a poodle on Prozac. I can’t see the point. It was prescribed by a vet for aggression; it bit the owner once.

I mean poodles are neurotic beasts, but Prozac, give me a break. Just give it coffee, that’s how I survive.

Is this AnimalBigPharma?

Man flowers, ever heard of them?

No, me neither.

Man flowers

Man flowers

But I saw this on Wine Wankers.

Want to see what it’s all about, click on the link.


News Flash!

There is a pause in the rain… It’s too early to say it’s stopped, but at the moment there is no rain!

We return you to our regular programme.

Yes, I know, but guaranteed it’ll start again at 3:30, just as I step outside the door to walk hobble to work.

I am still having breakfast at 12:30. I started breakfast at 8:30 and have been drinking coffee since, so it’s still breakfast time.

I need a nap…

cassetteLeaving you with this thought:

“Young people of today will never know the joy of having a cassette stuck in the car stereo & listening to the same 12 songs for 20 years.”


Coffee sacred morning timeLife is full of little rituals.

We don’t usually recognise them as rituals, rather just the things we do and when and how we do them.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s getting out of bed or brushing your teeth, there’s a certain way you do it; that’s a ritual in as much a ritual as a Catholic who fingers their rosary without thinking.

My morning ritual, for it was a ritual, as sacred as the coffee that accompanied it, was to sit at my kitchen table with a view of the street, with coffee and the Press opened to the crossword page.

Coffee must be drunk, and the cryptic crossword completed before anything else happened that day.

Alas, I am in Brazil, I only get the Press cryptic crossword once a week on the net. Oh how I miss my little ritual. I have better coffee now, but I miss the newspaper. Brazilian newspapers just don’t do it, and their crosswords are pathetic.

2552The fickle consumer. That’s me. For years I have stuck to Pilão coffee because I considered it the best, but it went over the R$5 limit for 500gms (1lb) some years back and since I have diversified my tastes to whichever is on special; that could be any of three different brands. The other week, Pimpinela was on special, so I got a couple of sacks. It had been recommended to me. The result is that because of their pricing structure, Pilão has lost the custom of a fickle consumer who found a better coffee.

Businesses really are stupid.

There’s not really a lot to say today, other than it’s sunny and mild; it won’t last, another cold front has crossed the Uruguay border in the south and should be here by the weekend. Pyjama weather.

Yesterday, I was changing out of my pyjamas to go to work when the student rang and cancelled, I changed back into my pyjamas and continued blogging.

So far today, I have blogged. I have managed to avoid the steely eyes of the dishes in the sink. I have lunched, I have napped and watered the plants. The highlight of the day was squeezing fresh orange juice, so yummy.

stoppedmedsvoices1I saw this yesterday, and made a meme thingy for it.

I don’t take Prozac, but I can imagine it.

To me the message is, leave the meds, be yourself; stop trying to be normal, it’s boring.



Basking in Sunshine

british-weatherYes, in Rio de Janeiro, that’s what we normally do. We also do broiling, roasting, sweating in the sunshine.

I just read a headline that England is expected to be basking in the sunshine, now of course, for England this is news.

For Rio this is not news, it would be news if the beer ran out.

Yesterday I mentioned Prozac. It was a joke, I don’t need Prozac, I have coffee.

coffeeprozacBut I was surprised during the week to read that artists, musicians, writers, composers, philosophers consider that using Prozac heightens their experience and makes them more creative.

I get that with coffee, hell, if I took Prozac too, I’d be a creative blathering wreck; but then I am a blogger, what can I say? <—– Rhetorical question.

I had a thought…

But it escaped.

I need more coffee!

*pregnant pause*

Got coffee, thought returned. Warning, this is offensive – to Americans

Long ago there was no television, some of us remember those days… unfortunately. But, we did have radio. One of the radio programmes that I enjoyed was The Goon Show.

Now this programme is solid proof that Americans have no culture.

Most Britains understand the Goon humour without having to think about it, similarly Australians and New Zealanders.

This is due to understanding our culture.

Americans just look blankly and go WTF? See, absolutely no understanding of culture.

If you have the time, listen to this…


The Goon Show was one form of humour that could never be converted to television.

I used to have this LP (Long Player record, for those too young to remember LPs), in fact I had many of their LPs.

There, just a touch of nostalgia.

Must blog along.



coffeewarningI still looking for my Prozac…

Until I find it, walk slowly back and make no sudden moves.

I don’t actually take that shit, but I needed a cutesy opening line.

I have had my first coffee and being near lunchtime I am about four short of my requirements.

My students arrived before I could pour the second, then I got tangled up reading the news on BBC, then I googled political satire that kept me amused for more than an hour. The remarkable thing about political satire is that it should be ‘political truths’. You can se a sample of what I found on Shit Happens today. Do you like oxymorons? Try this one: honest politicians.

Still no sign of my Mean Green Leaf Eating Machine, however the deforestation in my garden has stopped.

This is my last blog post for the day, I have completed the other seven. Now it seems as if there is no purpose in the rest of the day. I could cancel the afternoon and move straight into Sunday, but beer or wine could also be an attractive option to get over my winexiety. Lunch today, leftovers from yesterday, I’ll spice it up with some cracked black peppercorns.

Brazilians love anything American, Wrangler jeans, music, all sorts of stuff. Now they are following American manufacturing tactics. Big engineering firm here that makes parts for export to America has just moved their manufacturing plant to South Korea where they can make the same part for less than half the cost to compete with the Chinese. Now it’s Brazilian jobs going overseas, just like American jobs.

My stats are continuing to fall. Yes, I know I am whining, but look at this, Nether Region stats from the beginning when I left Blogspot in Sep 2011.

statsNRLook at that dip in November last year and the plummet from February  (26th) this year. This is the trend on all my blogs, not just one. There’s something screwy going on. I am convinced that I have been sabotaged somewhere along the line.

I work hard to produce my blogs and when I see this, it shatters my confidence totally. I know I am not imagining things, it’s not because the world has suddenly lost its sense of humour (Nether Region is a humour blog), or that cooking and drinking have gone out of fashion; even this blog with 100++ visitors a day, now only gets a max of 30. Six of my blogs got 1,000+ visitors a month, now only 2 of them manage to scrape over the finish line. “There’s something rotten in Denmark,” (I didn’t pick the country, William Shakespeare did).

It’s like my blogs are invisible, with the exception of my regular visitors.

Second coffee down, time for lunch.




Slowly but surely, I am finding my way around WordPress. I still don’t like it but I am coping. The prozac helps a lot.

Not really, the day I need prozac or viagra, I’ll be permanently horizontal.

Raises a good question; why do people need these drugs? We never needed them before the world went mad. I reckon it is this thing we call ‘progress,’ just causes too many problems.

“Okay everybody, back to the farm!”

Actually, that day isn’t too far off, I have read several accounts that 2012 will see many fleeing the cities to survive.

The cold front arrived and with lots of rain. Rain stopped this morning but it’s still cool. I have only one lesson today, that is unless he calls to cancel, but at this late stage I’ll still get paid for it.

Last night, I stayed home, ended up watching Flamengo (my team) get hammered by Avaí 3-2. Wasn’t impressed in the least.

Began to watch a movie Page Eight, British spy thingy, then rolled over after about ten minutes and went to sleep. That was probably because of the half bottle of Merlot that I had to drink during the course of the evening.

Well, that was an eventful day, wasn’t it? NOT!

Let’s see if we can have another tday, shall we.


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