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It was the Beer

Taxis everwhere, but when you want one...

Taxis everwhere, but when you want one…


All good intentions, but ultimately, I failed.

Yesterday, was spent waiting on people. Waiting for a taxi, waiting in an office, waiting for a taxi again, waiting for a phone call. It was while I was waiting for the phone call that I made the fatal mistake of going to the botequim for a beer. That beer became two…

Some fool suggested that one of my BBQs would be agreat idea on this cool cloudy day. I am so weak. I agreed with him; and as the afternoon had rolled along to become late afternoon and still no phone call, the BBQ was lit.

Here endeth my pathetic excuse for abandoning all who enter these hallowed halls of the ethernet.

We are into our second day of cool, some meaningful rain, the plants in the praça are already perking up.

Now it is Saturday, the 15th, here in Brazil it is a public holiday; Proclamação da República Brasileira (Proclamation of the Republic of Brazil. But I am working. My students decided to have class this Saturday instead of next which would have messed up a four-day weekend for them; Thursday (another public holiday), Friday where nobody works before the weekend, and the weekend itself). So that gives me a five-day weekend… I win!

Time to go and shower and get ready for work.

Maybe later.

Oh, so Intenso…

Yes, I am continuing on my ‘intense’ coffee streak.

As I explained yesterday today is a public holiday. St George’s Day, the world appears dead outside and it’s 10am. I heard the breadman tooting his horn, but apart from that; nothing!

Even Lixo knows it’s a holiday, after breakfast so far he has slept on the clean washing, he has slept under the coffee table and now he is sleeping on the sofa; he’s a cat, he does a lot of sleeping and he does it well.

Conundrum_red_Wine_zoomI have been rescued from a conundrum.

Not that type of Conundrum, I would hardly need rescuing from that, unless I over-imbibed.

Back in February I lamented about not being able to add one of my favourite widgets, Feedjit, to my WordPress blogs.

Well, last night I got a comment from a kind gentleman, Dante in Italy, who recognised my plight and gave me the link to his post on how to. If you have a need, check his post out, it has an obscure link to Feedjit that works. I promised him an honorable mention in dispatches to go along with my OBE… Other Bugger’s Efforts

I was testing my camera out the other day, and happened to point it at my modest wine rack.

No Conundrum here

No Conundrum here

Pity, I would like some Conundrum.

It has two more bottles on top now. I got a couple of sweet wines for my ex yesterday. She has this nasty habit of taking my good dry wines and adding sugar to her taste. Disgusting habit, I would much prefer that she pick her nose, or something similar than abuse a good dry wine.

She is coming over next Sunday with the whole famn damily to cook Feijoada for lunch.

Image credit - www.canindesoares.com

Image credit – www.canindesoares.com

Now feijoada is a typical Brazilian dish, usually served on Fridays or Saturdays. It’s difficult to explain to a palate not from Brazil. Black baked beans, with meat.

Now it’s the meat that’s the problem. Much of the meat used would make the average western stomach heave with disgust. Pigs ears, trotters and tails for example, they are salted and are actually quite tasty. Other meats include bacon, smoked calabresa sausage, salted pork cuts and ribs.

Almost always served with rice and couve (kale).

Meanwhile, my lunch today will be much simpler. Curried chicken on rice; which I really must consider making. It will be a heavy curry which will necessitate retiring to the botequim for beer o’clock afterwards; and that is probably where I will stay for the rest of the afternoon basking in the sunshine although the air temperature is cool.


Mission Accomplished

Yes, that’s what I’m doing today…

Being another four days between posts, it would appear that I don’t do shit any day.

Last post Monday; and today’s Friday, what happened to the rest of the week?

I have been busy, been posting daily on most blogs, just not here. Change the World Wednesday started again this week and I wrote a  pretty good post on Eco-Crap for the first one of the year. Basically, that everyone’s not doing shit.

Statue in Praça do Russel, Gloria, RJ

Today is Dia de São Sebastião (St Sebastian’s Day). For us in Rio de Janeiro it’s a public holiday, because he is the State’s saint. That’s another reason not to do shit, it’s a public holiday.

Last St Sebastian’s Day I admitted that I didn’t really know who St Sebastian was.


Well, there ya go… He was a Christian saint and a martyr. Apparently he died twice, that’s worthy of sainthood if nothing else is.

The first time, as most depictions show, he was tied to a post and shot with arrows. I guess he got the point. But he was rescued by Irene of Rome and healed. Not having learned his lesson the fist time, once he was healed he harangued the emperor as he passed the house and this time he was beaten to death. It seems that Irene of Rome had a previous engagement and was not there for a second resurrection, but she was martyred herself some time later.

Aren’t Google and Wikipedia just wonderful? Bugger these SOPA and PIPA thingies, they’d take all the fun out of the net. I hope you all signed the petitions.

So I refrain from making the same gaffe today as I did last year.

Red Spotted Newt

A Newt is a slimy amphibian with toxins, pretty much the same as a politician of the same name.

The Red-Spotted Newt is actually quite a handsome beast, which cannot be said of the Flabby-Jowled Newt that is found drooling around caucuses and primaries; that Newt will neither be sainted nor martyred… pilloried maybe.

Doesn’t he get his nuts in a twist when he doesn’t get his own way; very puerile. Maybe he should talk to his tailor about his dressing, then his nuts mightn’t be so twisted.

Moving right along as this is not a political blog, I will not wax politic. But I thought that worth mentioning as I had tweeted about it yesterday because I thought it a rather funny comparison, albeit true.

I had a leisurely breakfast of bacon, eggs and stewed tomatoes on toast this morning at 2pm.

Yes, that confirms holidays are wonderful, breakfast at two in the afternoon.

*Looking at digital clock*

I see that it is beer o’clock again. One mustn’t be tardy.

So, I will off and pay my dues.


My World is Stabilising

I have freshly made coffee.

Deodoro is remembered on the current 25 centavo coin

Today is a great day for blogging. I’m pretty sure that’s not what Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca had in mind when he declared Brazil to be a republic on this day 122 years ago. But in doing so he created another public holiday for Brazilians and a great day for blogging for ex-pats.

Yesterday I played:

Wot’s in the Fridge?

I had forgotten to go shopping.

This is what I found…

Left over cooked pasta shells, scrag end of bacon, piece of cheese, two eggs, remains of an open packet of mayonnaise and half a jar of homemade pickled beetroot..

This is what I had for lunch/dinner…

Bacon & garlic pasta salad! Served with two boiled eggs and pickled beetroot.

Aren’t leftovers wonderful?

Little Chef

I mentioned in yesterday’s No Post Today that I wasn’t posting because Rattaouille (the film) was on TV and that it was one of my favourite films. It’s not the all time favourite, but it is a great story about cheffery and after all, I am a chef and like Little Chef, we don’t have recipes we cook by instinct.

So there is more than an element of kinship there.

My previous calamity was resolved. The one where two of my six blogs disappeared at the whim of WordPress. After a heartfelt plea as to why, I got a brief apology from them saying the system shouldn’t have done that and the blogs were restored in all their brilliant glory.

Saturday I was due to have lunch with my ex and a friend of hers. It wasn’t my greatest desire, but I ceded and then found her friend didn’t come, but half the family. Emerson, 17 (healthy boy eats like a horse), Ellen Suelen, 12 complete with broken arm which nobody had told me about, and Emmylee, 5, my Xodó (darling). We went and had Churrasco Rodízio (all-you-can-eat BBQ). Even without dessert and the R$76 bottle of wine were offered that came to a whopping R$215 (USD130 approx) that’s expensive for here. But a good time was had by all. It was Emmylee’s first time in a ‘posh’ restaurant, Emerson ate like the aforementioned horse and Ellen was glad she didn’t have to do the dishes.

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