A vomitorium

A vomitorium

I bet that’s got you wondering…

What’s he on about this time?

Where are you likely to find a vomitorium?

It’s not a room where you retire to purge yourself after a feast.

It’s actually an egress in a stadium, that allows a large number of people to exit quickly; hence the saying that “people spewed out of the stadium.”

So you have to find somewhere else to puke!

Oh, just a word, vomitorium has a plural, it’s vomitoria, not as the file name suggests, vomitoriums.

There a wonderful line to begin a post.

Incredibly hot yesterday. Later in the afternoon we had a BBQ at the botequim. Managed to stretch a kilo of rump steak, a kilo of pork belly and ten bread rolls into a three hour event. It was so hot that I had to pour the garlic butter on to the bread rolls and then spread it.

Apart from that, so far today has been a non-event.

I have a class at 5:30, back to the beer at 7pm.

Headline News: YouTube had to redesign its counter after a Gangnam style dancing clip exceeded the max. We really needed to know that. I am so grateful to mainstream media for being so informative. I feel a better man for knowing…

spectre-james-bondAlso, the next James Bond film is called ‘Spectre’. That’s nice to know too.

The Russians not only steal things like Crimea, they also steal medals. A German article suggests that 99% of Russian athletes are guilty of doping; a point that Russia is denying vehemently, just like they did when one of their missles shot down the Malaysian airliner in the face of all the evidence.

We have been promised rain today, the cold front has been bucketing down in São Paulo which means we should get it tonight. The sky has been poised to rain all day, but after recovering from a heavy Nap-fu session, it had blued over and the sun is out.

I have had a splendid blog filled day. Emptied my mail box, replied and visited various blogs.

Can’t fin anything that merits the Silly Box, not even Tony Abbott from Australia…

So I will mosey along and be socialable at the bar. No beer, too early for that before class.