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Back to Normal

imwastedOooh, there’s that nasty word again!

The party is over, the singing and dancing done. The botequim bill is paid. I’m wasted.

Even the dishes have been done!

Oh, don’t get the idea that I am becoming domesticated, I didn’t do them. It was the laundry lady… ūüôā

Revellers came and went, then more came and eventualluy I went.

Yes, I went to bed at 9pm after another marathon BBQ.

Emmylee & Ellen

Emmylee & Ellen – selfie

I didn’t get to take any photos. Less than five minutes after her arrival Emmylee had control of the camera. I checked the SD card this morning, selfies galore.

The girls are growing up. Ems is nearly eight and Ellen nearly fifteen on the 17th & 7th of next month.

I haven’t seen the girls for a few months as my financial situation hasn’t been that great. When Ems got out of the car she ran along the path and flew into my arms, the hug was awesome… close to being in heaven. It was once she unglued herself that the next question was “Where’s the camera?”

As I predicted yesterday, the ex was late. Just as well, as it gave me time to do all that was necessary.

I had a mishap, messing with things in the fridge, I let the jar of homemade chimichurri fall. I had a light green sludge and glass all ove the floor. The sludge was light green, but the air was blue, very very blue. So blue that even my neighbours called out to see ouf all was okay.

Eddie & ex, the dancing done

Eddie & ex, the dancing done

Dad and his girl

Dad and his girl

The workers take a break, artfully photographed by Emmylee. The tilt is the camera, and no measure of the beer

The workers take a break, artfully photographed by Emmylee. The tilt is the camera, and no measure of the beer

Even the leaves take selfies

Even the leaves take selfies

Awesome birthday. Thank you to all who commented and wished me a happy one.

I got 24 comments on one post, I think that is another record.

Today is R & R, rest and recuperation relaxation. I’m back on sprkling mineral water.

My posting is all but done for the day. Once completed it will be Nap-fu practice. A well deserved Nap-fu, as I didn’t practice yesterday. Need to hone my skills.

Birthdays are over for the year, Xmas is nigh, but I don’t make such a big deal at Xmas. There will be¬† BBQ, but not two in a row.

Major news this week was the refusal by China to open elections in Hong Kong. I have great fears that this could well lead to another Tiananmen, or worse.

Russia is calling for dialogue on Ukraine. What a two-faced bastard! The EU is calling for more sanctions. Bugger all this, just shut the doors completely and freeze them out of the global market. Stop pussy-footing around.

Chile has its first gay sailor… Wow! Meanwhile¬† the first openly gay player drafted into the National Football League, fails to make the final roster for the St Louis Rams. Makes me wonder if this smacks of homophobia.

Ther’s a heap of shit going on in the world at the moment, if all this energy was spent putting the planet in environmental order, maybe the human race would survive.

We are a myopic race.

I shall blog along, and retire…





I Need a Pussy Tickler

pussyticklerI do… Every time I want to type, I have a pussy on the printer who wants to be petted. It can make posting a long involved process.

I googled pussy tickler… and after some electrifying dildoes, moustaches and even a bicycle I found Cameron Diaz… I thought well, that’s more appealing than a photo of my moustache, so there you have it.

It’s Monday once again. So far nothing has gone wrong, but the day is young.

It has started off okay, lots of coffee and marmalade on toast for breakfast.

I have no classes today. I could organise one, I do need the money, but the prospect of an extra day in which to R & R irresistible.

Lunch yesterday was leftover four cheese lasagna, today will be a BBQ 1″ thick pork chop and whatever I decide later, probably involve pickled cabbage and mashed potato with parsley butter. I may even whine wine a little to set the mood.

I had my hair and beard cut. I feel like a shorn sheep. Instead of the wind blowing through my locks, it just blows across the stubble. When I get my hair cut, it’s No. 1 comb on the clippers and GO! Only the pussy tickler moustache is spared this indignity and gets a light trim with the scissors so it doesn’t curl down over my upper lip or impede the entry of food.

Flamengo won it’s football game last night 0-0 until the last minutes, 1-0, the bar erupted with glee, except a lonely Fluminense support. Being normally a quiet unobtrusive type, even I let out a ‘whoop!’ Which stopped the regulars in their tracks, they’re not used to such behaviour from me. I felt quite contrite having disturbed the dancing and merrymaking.

This is my fifth post for the day, so I need to open another bottle of inspiration and see what transpires.

But a nap wouldn’t go amiss either.

Oh, later!


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