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I am Ashamed

Kitchen window

The nieghbour’s kitchen window just over the fence.

And so I should be.

This morning, I did as I often do, I flicked a caterpillar off the passionfruit seedlings outside the kitchen window because they do destroy the plant.

Actually, there were two. The first bounced off the fence as normal, but the second sailed right over the fence into the neighbour’s open kitchen window.

I slunk away like a naughty school boy before I was discovered.

Then returned to take the photo.

I see the video clip of Simon and Garfunkel I posted a couple of posts ago has been taken down from YouTube for copyright reasons, I’ll have to have a hunt and find another.

Friday today, a quiet day in which nothing has happened. It tried to be sunny, and although the sun is still there it is cool.


The flat where the US ebola victim is living is being sanitised days after the discovery that he had ebola. This lackadaisical approach is exactly what could spread the virus. That flat should have been cleaned 10 minutes after the diagnosis on 30th Sept. Turns out that 10 people who had contact with him are at serious risk, with four of his relatives being quarantined at home.

Russian Ushakov medal

Russian Ushakov medal

Thirty British seamen are to finally received their Russian Ushakov medals from Russia, after the tortuous Arctic convooys during WWII. British regulations previously prevented the awards for historic acts; an exception has now been made for this case.

Sometimes regulations are so petty.

You can read the story on BBCNews it’s quite interesting and a part of WWII that is not commonly known.

The Swedes are about to stick an irritating finger in Israel’s nose by being the first long term EU country to recognise the State of Palestine. If this is the beginning, Israel won’t like that one bit.

The pope belives in fairies. Okay… that’s fine.

The idea of talks in Hong Kong as protesters have been beaten by thugs  purportedly sent the police have been dashed. The hopes that this issue will just fade away seem to be further from the reality than some people think.

Banksy has got up the nose of a local British council.

His latest work was ordered destroyed ny the mayor after a complaint that it was racist..

Banksy anti-immigration birds mural destroyedIt was, and done with a purpose to make people face themselves.

Racism is becoming a problem in the world. It has always been there, but below the surface, now the cauldron is boiling.

It might be worthwhile pointing out that we were all black once before the peoples that lived away from the equator lost their need for colour and became white.

The time has dwindled away. I must look at getting ready to go to class.


The Shit is about to Hit the Fan

And you need to watch out just where the oscillating air recirculation device is pointing.

Seth Blathermouth fizzing at the bung

Seth Blathermouth fizzing at the bung

The initial furore over the 2022 Qatar games is spreading. Five of the six major sponsors are now backing an inquiry. The report being prepared by Michael Garcia is a farce if he doesn’t include the information available.

Meanwhile, Seth Blathermouth is fizzing at the bung and trying to say this is a racist issue stirring up the African countries.

A report today, all 22 sponsors are moving into damage control mode and down playing their sponsorships for fear of backlash.

Some Brazilians are incensed over the money being spent on the FIFA World Cup instead of social and infrastructure projects.

You can't eat a football - image: BBC News

You can’t eat a football – image: BBC News

Graffiti like this appearing around the country shows the discontent.

I am fully in favour of the idea that if FIFA want a World Cup, they and the sponsors build the stadiums and bear the brunt of their rigid requirements, and not take the food from hapless mouths.

The Brazilian people have to bite the bullet and accept that the World Cup starts in two days. Don’t wreck the tournament, if you want power of protest, shun the sponsors, blacklist their products; pressure from the sponsors is the only thing that FIFA will listen to, because it will lose billions of dollars in profits. Hit FIFA where it hurts, the pocket.

Make sure that this doesn’t happen to another country, it’s too late for Brazil, but look to the future.

There is an election this October, and I am picking the incumbent government will lose because of the World Cup.

Raining out there, it started about 3am and looks as though I will get wet going to work tonight.

Meanwhile, I sit here in the comfort of my Extra Forte coffee and blog along.

Google, these are NOT trousers!

Google, these are NOT trousers!

Google has got its algorithms in a twist again. I did a search for trousers yesterday, I wanted an image for a post on Eco-Crap, all I got were pictures of jeans. Google, get your shit together, there is a world of difference between trousers and jeans.

Apps! Apps this and apps that. The 20 best apps were the subject of a news item. I wouldn’t consider an app if my life depended on it.

banappsMy current old cellphone is about to bite the dust, it’s clinging on to life at the moment, but I fear its demise soon.

Then I face the problem of what to get to replace it. I don’t want anything that does netty things, nor am I interested in music, but a camera would be nice.

Ability to have apps, don’t even think about it.

Harking back to football again, read the picks for the World Cup winner from eight enlightened people: Brazil gets 5 mentions, Argentina 3. No other country was in the running.

A Brazil win is what I am hoping for.

My coffee mug is empty for the umpteenth time this morning, I should rectify the situation.


It Came!

Yesterday cooking lunch, I went outside to cut some parsley, and there was a fine mist. I looked to the sky, was this the rain we were promised?


The barrier between the linesman and the goal was published in O Globo as a joke, that barrier wasn’t there. But it was a goal.

After the football, I came home from the botequim, cool, but still no sign of rain. Flamengo won against Vasco 2-1, but the game was marred by terrible referee and linesman decisions, one which robbed Vasco of their first goal. Everybody in the stadium knew, but the ref wouldn’t allow it; even the linesman who was right on top of the goal ‘didn’t see it’.

All the officials at the game need to be recycled.

The Blushing Agave (yesterday’s post) was a success, even the second try with Cherry Brandy was better than the first.

At 7:45, the rain started and finished in ten minutes. The just after 8:00 it started in earnest, and rained heavily throughout the night. We got our rain.

Today has been cool and partly cloudy with the sun shining through, we are expecting more rain tonight.

suco-de-goiabaI had my first home-grown suco de goiaba (guava juice) last night.

Three guava were ripe enough to make a glass of juice.

More guava coming on.

It’s always such a thrill to consume your own home-grown produce.

tinga_3Back to football, recently one of the Brazilian players suffered racial abuse in Peru.

Every time he got possession of the ball there were monkey noises from the stands.

Now, I am not in favor of this at all, but I wonder if his massive dreadlocks didn’t exacerbate the situation.

Personally, I hate dreadlocks, they are unkempt and look dirty and disgusting and I wonder if they are appropriate for people representing sports and their country. Whatever I think of dreadlocks, wouldn’t prompt me to express it in the form of racism.

My mouse is stuffed. Can’t control the wheel; very frustrating.

10Malhação-Fernanda-Vasconcellos50-500x357Prices in Brazil, particularly in Rio, have become ridiculous. And there have appeared “Surreal” banknotes based on the official Real as a protest.

Surreal, depticing, who else, but Salvador Dali, the master of surrealism.

On the eve of the FIFA World Cup and Confederations Cup, prices have shot up in restaurants, on the beach and all manner of venues. There are sites on the net encouraging people to boycott such places. For example, a picolé (popsicle) on the beach used to be the same price as on the street; now it’s R$1.50 on the street and R$4 on the beach. Even the rental of beach chairs and umbrellas on the beach are ridiculous. Now to take a family to the beach for the day can cost upwards of R$100. People are being encouraged to bring food and drink from home. One report on TV last week showed a restaurant charging R$99 for a shrimp omelette and R$11 for a glass of juice; the omelette had four shrimp, and the fruit for a glass of juice costs about r$1. Pure rip offs. The Carioca are getting greedy.

Is it time for a nap? Oh, come on, it must be.




Dereliction of Duty

Yesterday, I was derelict.

I had too many other things to do.


Oh the world of sap green, burnt umber and yellow ochre…

I went shopping, oh the therapy. I bought some oils, brushes and a couple of canvases. I also went to the supermarket in the evening after class, so by the time I got home I was exhausted.

So posting took a back seat.

Today I am going to inaugurate my new BBQ. I have 2kgs (4+lbs) of rump steak that should give me about six 5cm (2″) steaks, a large slab of pork leg, some liver, some chicken hearts and some bread rolls for garlic bread. Oh I plan to have a good day.

I read some disturbing news yesterday. In England there is a movement to erect a statue of a ‘rapper’; some chap named Wiley, which is not even his real name. Now for me a ‘(w)rapper’ is something you find around sweets (candies for our American cousins, who insist on changing our beautiful language), chocolate and the like.

Wiley, the world does not need this; the world isn't ready for this

Wiley, the world does not need this; the world isn’t ready for this

I shudder to think what the world is becoming when we want statues of people like rappers. Rap is NOT music, rap was invented for those who have absolutely no talent and can’t sing. Rap is merely the caterwauling angst of demented wannabes.

Statues of Beethoven, Brahms, etc okay; I would even go as far as a statue of Madonna, despite the fact that I can’t stand her, but a rapper, no for all the sanity in the world, NO!

It’s not because he is of a darker hue, my thoughts were generated before I even saw a picture of him.

Besides, I love black; it’s the most solid colour on the palette. My own daughter is half black – made in Brazil with NZ components… So no one, but no one can accuse me of being racist. In fact, I am the opposite, in my later years of life, I have found white to be an insipid colour. I look at my own skin and wonder why I couldn’t have had wonderful golden or tawny tones.

But, oh no, not a rapper. There is no merit in a rapper that deserves a statue.

roast-pumpkin-seedsI should blog along, before I become derelict again. I have to stuff some olives with cream cheese, prepare a carpaccio salad and roast some pumpkin seeds (experimental). Then there’s wine to think about… the list is endless when it comes to BBQ.

And I have to change the kitty litter and watch the friendly soccer between Brazil and South Korea, it is already 2-0 into the second half.


Left over Leftovers

I changed my mind yesterday for the sake of variety. Yesterday’s lunch became homemade hamburgers and Italian bubbly. I had the leftover White wine chicken today. I figured two days in a row could become monotonous.

PP_jmj_rio_febrero_2013Life in Rio de Janeiro is about to become disturbed again.

Not protests this time, but the Pope is coming… Brazil is host to the Jornada Mundial de Juventude (World Youth Day), everything in the news is JMJ, which gives the government breathing space, the people don’t want to know about politics, and the things the government doesn’t want the people to know.

TV news today showed wooden crosses being dragged all over Brazil, several segments showed a C-130 of the Brazilian Air Force landing supposedly bringing the Popemobile, we never saw the Popemobile, so it could have well been stock footage, but the devout would never consider that. People hugging two unrelated pieces of wood, why aren’t they out hugging trees? That would do far more to save their souls from eternal torment, than two pieces of wood from the local sawmiller.


Iz wuvz my widdle puppy…

I tried to find a photo/image that would top yesterday’s. Alas, no luck, best I could come up with was cross-cultural affection.

Pity humans couldn’t be a little more cross-cultural. I’m not suggesting that we all go out and hug a polar bear, but we could do with a little less racism and homophobia around the place; and let people get on with their lives instead of the church poking it’s infernal nose into everything. Let’s face it, the church created both; and it’s doing bugger all to stem them. Both are fanatically induced  sicknesses.

Remember that asshole Zimmerman? I read on the news today that he is asking for the return of the gun that shot Trayvon. That stinks; what’s he going to do, mount it on the wall like a trophy. “I fought the law, and the law didn’t win!”

PrimordialSoupPPRThe world is full of sick people.

Really there is something seriously wrong with the primordial soup recipe.

I read a wonderful quote today from Peter Ustinov ~ “I imagine hell like this – Italian punctuality, German humour and English wine.”

It now has a home on my Fizz blog. Actually today’s post there, is about English sparkling wine becoming superior to Champagne.

So while global warming is a bane for most, the Brits are making hay while the sunshines. Literally, Britain has been suffering with temps in the 30s, they’re not used to it, but their grape vines are loving it.

Just before I go, you want to hug a polar bear, check this out…


This post was brought to you with the leftover wine from yesterday. No coffee was involved.

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