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Half a Mind

halfamindYes, I am of half a mind.

But I don’t know if it’s the left half or the right.

It did rain yesterday. About a half hour after I had declared the sky had blued, it unblued quickly as clouds came over fast. The rain started about 7pm during pizza and beer which was interruped by the need to trot off home and put on a T-shirt as the temperature dropped faster than the rain.

I got to class last night and waited for my students, and waited and waited… Finally the magic hour arrived in which I needed wait no longer and I toddled off home again.

Today is cool, it rained all night and my planned sushi evening for the botequim has been put on hold. It will be BBQ instead; befitting the weather.

Last night, right about the time I turn off the TV and concentrate on the net, there was none. Something had happened at the ISP, and it only returned after 10am. Which means a late start. I normally start my day’s blogging about 6, or there abouts. So I am behind and it sort of screws up my plans for the day. It was about this time I had planned to be AT the supermarket, but here I am writing my first post of the day and cope with caffeine withdrawal.

The first two buds on my passion fruit vines

The first two buds on my passion fruit vines

My passion fruit vines will have their first flowers today or tomorrow. There are many more buds forming.

My guava tree has guavaed, and I am waiting for the first fruit to grow bigger and ripen.

I finally had to pull out my first chilli bush. After four years of producing chillis, it browned off and died.

No classes today, just two hours tomorrow morning, then that’s it until Tuesday.

Headline news: The Vatican has discovered money. Apparently salted away that no-one knew about; some hundreds of millions… not to be sneezed at.

Silly Box: UKIP in Britain has told women don’t breastfeed ostentatiously so as to embarrass anyone. Nick Farage said it was fine for a woman to be asked to “perhaps sit in a corner”.

Go and sit in the corner…

The Ass!

And this man wants to lead Britain?

The people who are embarrassed by breast feeding should be told to go and sit in the freakin’ corner, next to Nick Farage; the one with the dunce hat.

Nick Farage in a hole, stupid ass

Nick Farage in a hole, stupid ass

Businesses who take umbrage at breastfeeding mothers should be closed down as enemies of humanity, including Claridges which has a discretion policy on the matter. Breastfeeding mothers should feel a pride, not to be made to feel like freaks. Perhaps Bottle feeding mothers should be made to sit in the corner instead; as they are an embarrassment to motherhood.

This issue really tweaks my tits!

Now that I have got that off my chest, I’m off to the supermarket, maybe just a couple of quick posts first.

Dreaming of rump steak, liver, garlic bread and pork belly…


The Vomitorium

A vomitorium

A vomitorium

I bet that’s got you wondering…

What’s he on about this time?

Where are you likely to find a vomitorium?

It’s not a room where you retire to purge yourself after a feast.

It’s actually an egress in a stadium, that allows a large number of people to exit quickly; hence the saying that “people spewed out of the stadium.”

So you have to find somewhere else to puke!

Oh, just a word, vomitorium has a plural, it’s vomitoria, not as the file name suggests, vomitoriums.

There a wonderful line to begin a post.

Incredibly hot yesterday. Later in the afternoon we had a BBQ at the botequim. Managed to stretch a kilo of rump steak, a kilo of pork belly and ten bread rolls into a three hour event. It was so hot that I had to pour the garlic butter on to the bread rolls and then spread it.

Apart from that, so far today has been a non-event.

I have a class at 5:30, back to the beer at 7pm.

Headline News: YouTube had to redesign its counter after a Gangnam style dancing clip exceeded the max. We really needed to know that. I am so grateful to mainstream media for being so informative. I feel a better man for knowing…

spectre-james-bondAlso, the next James Bond film is called ‘Spectre’. That’s nice to know too.

The Russians not only steal things like Crimea, they also steal medals. A German article suggests that 99% of Russian athletes are guilty of doping; a point that Russia is denying vehemently, just like they did when one of their missles shot down the Malaysian airliner in the face of all the evidence.

We have been promised rain today, the cold front has been bucketing down in São Paulo which means we should get it tonight. The sky has been poised to rain all day, but after recovering from a heavy Nap-fu session, it had blued over and the sun is out.

I have had a splendid blog filled day. Emptied my mail box, replied and visited various blogs.

Can’t fin anything that merits the Silly Box, not even Tony Abbott from Australia…

So I will mosey along and be socialable at the bar. No beer, too early for that before class.


Getting in Early

Another screwed up Saturday.

Rained again overnight, so it’s still cool.

fridge_cleaningMy fridge is having a mid-life crisis, it’s decided it doesn’t want to be a fridge anymore. I mean it’s not fridging. Techy type neighbour had a look yesterday and put in a new part that was burnt out, but there is more of a problem. Hopefully he will find the solution today. But I have to go to work this morning, and he’s likely to escape.

The horrific part about it is, my icecream melted.

The good part about it meant that I had to have a BBQ yesterday to use the all the meat.

I’ll probably have another today to use the rest.

So, apart from the BBQ there’s not a lot to write about.

Silly Box: Inmates in a Venezuela jail rioted and broke into the infirmary taking a variety of drugs, a combination of anti-seizure drugs, insulin, antibiotics and hypertension treatments. Silly buggers, serves them right.

A new survey has now shown that 80% of chicken in British supermarkets is contaminated with camphylobactor. There are calls to people to boycott chicken until the industry cleans up its act.


It was the Beer

Taxis everwhere, but when you want one...

Taxis everwhere, but when you want one…


All good intentions, but ultimately, I failed.

Yesterday, was spent waiting on people. Waiting for a taxi, waiting in an office, waiting for a taxi again, waiting for a phone call. It was while I was waiting for the phone call that I made the fatal mistake of going to the botequim for a beer. That beer became two…

Some fool suggested that one of my BBQs would be agreat idea on this cool cloudy day. I am so weak. I agreed with him; and as the afternoon had rolled along to become late afternoon and still no phone call, the BBQ was lit.

Here endeth my pathetic excuse for abandoning all who enter these hallowed halls of the ethernet.

We are into our second day of cool, some meaningful rain, the plants in the praça are already perking up.

Now it is Saturday, the 15th, here in Brazil it is a public holiday; Proclamação da República Brasileira (Proclamation of the Republic of Brazil. But I am working. My students decided to have class this Saturday instead of next which would have messed up a four-day weekend for them; Thursday (another public holiday), Friday where nobody works before the weekend, and the weekend itself). So that gives me a five-day weekend… I win!

Time to go and shower and get ready for work.

Maybe later.


COFFEE-1Not only unfogged, but really pissed off!

I had this post ready to publish, and inadvertantly closed the editor. I wasn’t too worried because when I have reopened the editor it has lead me to a post already pending. This time it didn’t. No autosave-draft, nothing.

So, no other recourse but to start again; and I don’t really feel like it.

I remember that it has my coffee welcome.

I remember that I was woken early by someone calling me from the gate, but there was no-one there; spooky. But then it’s the Day of the Dead, All Souls Day, so I suppose one should expect spooky things.

I remember the mindless babble of the laundry lady as she was sewing up a sleeve on a shirt that was threatening to part company from the parent garment.

I remember that I am having a BBQ lunch.

I remember telling you about last week’s solar flare, but the link is gone now.

I remember that I was sweating at 8am, and that I had already watered the plants.

I remember telling you that it is 105 days since we have had meaningful rain.

cogsinactionBut, I’m buggered if I remember anything else.

It’s Sunday, but it doesn’t feel like it.

Oh, shit, I’m giving up. I hate trying to rewrite something that’s been lost. It really bugs me.

A new palace is being built for the Bolivian president at a cost of $36m. The old colonial palace will become a museum.

A woman has been jailed for a year in Iran for watching a men’s volleyball game. Worthy of the silly box today. Why can’t these people claw their way into the 21st Century.

The rest of the news is a no-brainer.

So the laundry lady is due to leave; I’ll have the house to myself again. Peace and quiet.

Bidding you a frustrated – Later.

The weather took a turn

It was forecast, but yesterday as I left for work, the heavens opened. I got halfway there and got soaked, so I came back home and rang my student, moved the lesson to Friday.

Rained all night.

Today, I have been curled up in bed between posts. Huddled under a blanket in my woolly sweat pants and two t-shirts.

My Nap-fu practice, is normally flop on the bed in my underpants, quite inelegant, which is why I have never taken a selfie. But today there was no ‘flopping’ rather a slow crawling lethargic roll to get under the blanket.

I cleaned it

I cleaned it

Yesterday, Posted a picture of my bule (coffeepot).

I was quite shamed by its state, so ashamed in fact that last night I spent 20 minutes scrubbing it.

Today it sits there almost gleaming.

I have been reading some posts recently about tea drinking and the associated benefits, also some of the comments received have alluded to the tea drinking habits of the British.

Since yesterday, I have been drinking tea; black tea without suger, which is how I prefer it.

Sorry, doesn’t cut the mustard.

This afternoon I am back on coffee; that mug of liquid sanity.

The latest member of my entourage.

skinnytortoiseshellA scrawny tortoiseshell.

She’s from the same household as Kitty. I have no idea what her name is, but she has taken a liking to me. Or is it the cat food she has taken a liking to?

She’s more friendly than Kitty and jumps up willingly on the sofa for a petting.

She’s got a long skinny rats tail, but I like my cats with big fluffy tails, like Cloro and Clorinha.

My yesterday’ post about the chages to WP posting page got misunderstood. I like the changes, but being faced with them at 1:30am without coffee was rather daunting. For those of you reading, if you have had problems with the post preview, it’s probably because you have pop-ups blocked; like me. The preview now comes as a pop-up page. I don’t know why they fixed it, the new tab was working fine. My philosophy is if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. I still want to know what a ‘slug’ is (found under advanced setting).

They say the internet is full. There is a likelyhood of it shutting down.

Is the internet ‘full’ and are we in for a rocky ride over the next few weeks? Photograph: Alamy Click the image if you want the BBCNews about this

That’s a worry, if the internet shuts down, I’ll have to do other things, like the dishes…

ISPs with old equipment are already being affected. Hence the FB outage a week or so ago.

Mind you, FB wouldn’t be a great loss.

But the mind boggles at the thought of a blogless world.

Here in Brazil, we received a shock yesterday. Eduardo Campos, one of the presidential hopefuls for this year’s elections in October, was killed in a plane crash. There are six serious candidates, Campos and Aércio Neves were the two choices in my mind. The other four, include a slovenly disinterested cuss, a slime ball, an ex-evangelical preacher who is crawling up the collective religious asshole and the blonde bimbo incumbent; who was top of the pops. I am hopeful that Campos’ followers will migrate to Neves and knock the blonde bimbo off her perch.

The whole dynamic of October has been thrown into disarray.

I must get organised. Fifteen minutes before I am due to leave for class. At least it isn’t raining so I should get there dry and cold.


Humping Along

This is what I got when I googed 'humping along'

This is what I got when I googed ‘humping along’

Yes, just doing that.

The day started off well by following the weatherman’s predictions last week that the rain will last until Tuesday.

The sun was out and for a change I welcomed the 8am glare on the screen after such an absence.

10am and the sun was gone, the sky became increasingly cloudy until there was no sun and total overcast. The temperature, which was initially pleasant dropped like a hot brick.

Bring on the clowns

Bring on the clowns

I have 40 minutes in which to entertain you. *Looks around for entertainment*

Clowns are good.

Then it’s off to work. Hope the rain stays off.

As an aside, I don’t suggest you goog ‘humping along’ with the filters off, it curled my hair… and I don’t have any!

There, having resorted to clowns gives you some idea of my inspiration levels.

The humping along bit is about this video clip that I shot last Thursday when we had some sunshine.

This is what I meant by humping along. It was just outside my gate.

Netanyahu is complaining that the news reports are ignoring Israel’s death toll. I’m not surprised Israeli death 50+/- which include 3 civilians. Palestine’s on the other hand is over the 1,000 with 700+/- civilian deaths. Stop the bitching and stop attacking people. Netanyahu talks about his ‘mission’, just what is his mission? The tunnels are just an excuse for genocide.

It amuses me that the moment someone says anything about Israel, they’re accused of being anti-Semitic. But you are not labelled if you saying something about any other country, why does Israel have its own special word?

BP is crying again. Saying the sanctions against Russia are going to hurt them. Tough, how about thinking of people instead of profits. If it hurts, bleed. These corporations hold no truck with me. We’d be better off without them.

Muse, where are you?

Muse not talking, so I’ll abandon you and get ready for work.

I wish I could join Clorinha asleep on the sofa.




A Loathing

Yes, I loathe selfies; hate them with a passion.

Even more so now.

Having had my hair and beard cut that morning, it added a touch of the demented

Having had my hair and beard cut that morning, it added a touch of the deranged

Last night in class we were discussing my new cellphone. I had earlier in the day bought a new SIM card and inserted same. I had verified that the camera now worked, but hadn’t actually taken a photo. My students, an accountant and a logistics supervisor, both of whom should know better, convinced me that traditionally, one takes a selfie to prove the camera works.

I took a selfie.

True to form, it made me look like a criminal, to make matters worse, I had chosen to wear an orange T-shirt which only served to highlight my potential criminality.

All this merely confirms my loathing.

Never again.

Late start today. 12:45 and I’ve just finished a bacon and egg breakfast.

It began raining last night, and is forecast to  continue until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Just had a double power surge and had to restart PC. These are Monday things, not for a Friday. I was lucky, autosave saved what I had so far. I so loathe it when I lose writing.

I was up during the night, yes, playing with my cellphone. Give a kid a new toy and…

I had removed the SIM card to download the criminal photo, and the battery fell out, so I had to reset everything again.

This is now my wallpaper.

Suits the 'fire orange' them of my cellphone

Suits the ‘fire orange’ them of my cellphone

My late start was due to the rain and very cool temps. It’s not underwear weather. I am in T-shirt and brushed cotton pants to stave off the cold.

Clorinha took one look at me an wondered why I had so much fur on, then went back to sleep on the sofa.

The plant I posted yesterday is apparently a Beefsteak (Perilla frutescens) plant, thank you to MWPG identifying it for me.

fartA suggestion in comments, that in order to combat global  flatulence, we should cull humans. I quite agree, there are far too many of us.

I didn’t actually get to the supermarket yesterday. The ATM had remembered how to money, so I paid the rent, by that time I was close to lunch in both space and time. Snap decision…

Caught the restaurant out falsifying food. They had sole fillets listed on the buffet… yum. When I cut into the first one it was pink inside. Sole doesn’t have colour. They were passing off panga (R$9/kg) as sole (R$28/kg). The manager wasn’t aware and gave the kitchen a bollocking for putting the restaurant at risk of a heavy fine. Our consumer protection, ProCon, just love to dish out R$10,000 fines for this type of infraction. The manager thanked me for the information, but he didn’t go as far as offering a free lunch.

Also, I loathe panga. Panga is a Vietnamese export. Raised in the Mekong River Delta which is the sewer of South East Asia and they fill it with hormones to grow quicker.


No, I was practising my Nap-fu

After which I went home to practice my Nap-fu.

Big steel birds seem to be falling out of the sky somewhat regularly, shot down, hi-jacked, sand storm have taken their toll in recent months.

Israel is on the path to succeeding in their planned genocide of the Palestinians. I hope that if and when the last Palestinian falls that the UN, Britain and the USA are taken to book for giving Palestine to the Israelis in the first place. They started it. It has become obviously aware that Israel will not stop until Gaza is gone.

I have a heap of posting to do today, so I should really blog along.

I will leave you all with my loathings for the day and go and make more coffee.




Intelligent… you’re kidding!

shock-me-say-something-intelligent-499x330You’ve read my blog.

You know that would be difficult.

Really, expecting a blogger to say something intelligent.

Mind you, the blogs I read are  cut above Twitter, FaceBook, etc in the intelligent stakes.

*Thinks* Say something intelligent…

I know! Bruschetta. Does that sound intelligent enough? Today at the supermarket I bought a jar of asparagus bruschetta. Imported, therefore correspondingly expensive. Even the girl at the checkout did a double take at the R$14.95 price; then asked me what it was… Fortunately, I was able to display my intelligence and told her.

So tonight, I am looking forward to Provolone cheese, Camembert with bruschetta on toast for supper while I muse at the rights wrongs of the world on the news and drown myself in Sauvignon Blanc.

Life is a bitch!

twitterlogoAnother example of my ‘intelligence’. I twittered a tweet yesterday like a real twit. I made a spelling mistake, actually it was an honest typo and I didn’t proof before posting. It was in relation to my dishes ‘seering’ (sic) at me. Now here’s the rub, it has turned out to be my most retweeted tweet. All the world now knows I am a twit and fully qualify to have a Twitter account.

The most expensive set of teeth in history. Not even your Harley Street dentist would be so brazen to charge this much. Suarez, the biter of Italian football player fame, has been sold to Braca for  a whopping £75m; that’s an expensive set of teeth. Liverpool wanted shot of him for obvious reasons. It’s believed that a season’s supply of muzzles were included in the deal as well as team-sized rabies shots to protect the Barca players in the event he takes a liking for Rioja with his players.

The concession stands in the Brazilian stadiums have apologised for over-pricing the popcorn putting it out of reach of Suarez’ pocket, causing him to snack on Italians.

Remember yesterday, I was lamenting the ability for proper rain… Well, I walked to class and stayed dry. During class it rained so hard, I was expecting to see cats and dogs floating in the gutters. Rua Olinda Ellis (the main drag hereabouts) was a river on the drive home. Had I not had a corona (lift) home, I would have been looking for a canoe.

My trip to the supermarket wasn’t without problems. Clorinha decided to follow me out and to the corner where I wait for a van. It began to rain, I had one wet pussy meowing at me; too stupid to go back home in the dry.

Nap time…



Datsun Cogs

You won't find Datsun Cogs in here, well, there may be a few

You won’t find Datsun Cogs in here, well, there may be a few

Yes, we have been promised Datsun Cogs for the weekend, more likely Sunday than Saturday, although the sky is grey this morning with the sun bravely trying.

Datsun Cogs is a phrase that we used years ago with the onslaught of Japanese cars on the market. I hadn’t heard it in yonks (long unspecified time frame) until I saw it on Shana’s Datsun Cogs post and just had to use it, mainly for nostalgia.

My cramps have gone, my bowels have stopped moving. Well, they do when I go and get more coffee from the kitchen, they go with me, but in the traditional sense they have stabilised. So much so, that after class last night I went out for pizza and beer; without being a glutton about it, so far, so good. I have not felt the need to reenact Napoleon Blownaparte’s demise.

Fuzzy green tomatoes

Fuzzy green tomatoes

Tomatoes have breached the R$9kg price again. Takes them off the menu. But I have heart, the first small green blobs are developing on my more mature tomato plant.

I hope they aren’t as fuzzy when they are ripe.

The photographic blur is a direct result of not enough coffee.

I made another ‘find’ in the trash a couple of days ago. All the dark stained wooden pieces for a sizable table. It lacks the glass piece for the centre. Once I buy the screws necessary for reassembly I will visit an acquaintance who has a vidraçaria (glass & mirror) shop. It’s 140x90cm but not as high as a normal dining table 75cm. All I need to do now is decide where and how to put it and use it; a minor detail.

The sun is out. The neighbour’s cat has been in and eaten Clorinha’s biccies. Need more coffee.

So far my daily highlight has been discovering that one lemon had turned half brown and one potato has become ‘juicy’; both are now residing on the compost heap. I hate wasting food, but these were bought before I had the dreaded lurgy and stopped eating.

The upshot of having two dodgy bellies within three weeks is that I am back into my size 50 jeans, whereas I was using 54s. Makes a larger person almost hope for another dodgy belly; I am putting my 48s in the wash, just in case.

The dishes remain… well, they remain. I should go to the supermarket, as the polar bears in the fridge are complaining of starvation; I will be too, if I don’t.

The sun is in again.

I wrote a lovely comment on a blog post last night. Then I used it as a prelude to a reblog of that post on my blog Things that Fizz & Stuff. You may find it interesting as it is in part about my younger years and almost deserves a place here.

The sun is out again.

I suspect our celestial body is having a ‘bad hair day’.

It’s too early to practise my Nap-fu skills, so I will blog along.




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