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Flora and Fauna

Should kittens be allowed cellphones

Should kittens be allowed cellphones

At the moment, the post title is blank. I had a title, in fact I had two possibilities, but a blanket of forget has descended.

I mentioned a couple of posts back, about the possibility of Clorinha wanting her own cellphone. We had a good talk about this, there was a lot of mewing and decided that she would only want to play Angry Birds or have that Flappy Bird app, so therefore a cellphone wasn’t really a necessity, but still she insisted. So I played my trump card, “look to use a cellphone you need opposing thumbs.” Evolution, please don’t hurry in this respect, kittens do not need opposing thumbs.

Okay, the post has a title now. The mental fog has lifted, at least partially. I still can’t think of the other option I was toying with.

The kitty toys strewn about the house have developed into flora and fauna. There are now two dead leaves and some pigeon feathers. The house next door has an open loft/floor and it harbours sodding pigeons, whose feathers tend to float down into my carport.

Wasabi, most people know it as hot green stuff

Wasabi, most people know it as bloody hot green stuff

I went out for sushi last night. Rash, I know, but wonderful. I haven’t had real sushi for more than two months. I am on good terms with the manager there, and I used this to advantage. The last few times I have had to asked for wasabi (that hot green horse radish paste) and gari (that’s the sliced pickled ginger). He explained that many people don’t use them, so they made it available on request.

I asked him if he knew why gari is served with sushi. He had no idea; the manager of an upmarket and, I might add, quite expensive Japanese style restaurant had no idea.

Gari made from young ginger root

Gari made from young ginger root

Do you?

Gari, the ginger, is used to refresh the mouth when changing food or fish types, so that you get the benefit of the new flavours.

It also has other functions; its antiseptic properties help guard against bad fish and can help ease your stomach from the nausea of over stuffing yourself.

Gari is usually made from young ginger, you can tell if it is pinkish. A tan/yellowy colour indicates older root. Many commercial products are older root artificially coloured pink. You don’t need that stuff, just grate ginger root and pickle with sugar and vinegar, easy.

There, that’s your cooking lesson for the day.

I see we have two new saints. The pope canonised to past popes. Honestly, do we need more saints? Too much of a good thing makes it very ordinary.

The sun has just gone out and I have wet washing on the line. Rain was forecast for today and tomorrow, looks like the weather forecasters have finally got their shit together.

Clorinha has found her father’s favourite place. The old drawer on top of the old fridge in the carport, she’s out there now asleep.

At night she prefers the back of the sofa

At night she prefers the back of the sofa

She’s a TV cat. None of my other cats have shown any interest in the TV, but Clorinha sits on the arm of the sofa and follows every move on the screen especially during a football (soccer) match with the players moving fast.

A final feline note. She met her first rat yesterday while we were at the botequim. She was exploring the long grass beside the smelly canal, and I saw her jump backward with all four paws off the ground. On inspection, it was a dirty brown rat bigger her. She looked up at me with a dazed “WTF was that?” expression.

Sun’s come out again…

Must be beer o’clock.





No, not an ankylosaurus!

I have been attacked by an ankle-osuarus while peeing, while making coffee, while opening the front door, while sitting here at the computer and while walking anywhere in the house.

Clorinha is in a particularly frisky mood this morning.

Must have been the influence of the Battle of the Mouse in the early hours. Then I woke to find her perched up on top of the old TV. No idea how she got there, but signs that she is growing up. Next step will be out the bedroom window to explore the heights of the garage.

I didn’t get round to posting yesterday. Clorinha and I were ‘Belly Up’ (was to be the title of this post, until the ankle-bitter bit) most of the day.

Belly Up!

Belly Up!

No, you don’t get to see my photo, belly up!

At the moment Clorinha is playing fly-Catcher in the Rye Kitchen. She’s not being very successful; pesky flies.

After heavy rain Monday and Tuesday, we were promised lots of rain on Wednesday; we got lots of cloud. We were promised rain again yesterday; we got partial cloud. We were promised rain again today; we have a lovely sunny morning. Honestly, I don’t know who tells bigger lies, weather forecasters or politicians…

It’s Good Friday!

Why is it called ‘good’?

Wasn’t such a hot day for Jesus.

I don’t believe in the resurrection. There’s no proof that it really happened. It was not written about until 200+ years afterward from anecdotes; and that reminds me of the game Chinese Whispers; how stories change in the retelling. But, but… the Turin Shroud… the fabric has been dated about 16th century, although Christians won’t adhere to that.

easter-fertilityEaster is all about MONEY!

Nothing more, nothing less.

For me it is less, because I lose so many classes.

But I am not so churlish.

Happy Easter!

For those believers.

And, remember, your kids are eating pagan fertility symbols.




Is it a Joke?

Years ago I heard the following joke…

A man on a plane hears the woman next to him sneeze, and he observes that she was sent into violent spasms.

It happened again, the blackpeppersneeze and the violent spasms; and again, causing the man to observe, “That’s a terrible sneeze you have!”

The woman agreed and explained that every time she sneezed she had an orgasm.

To which the man enquired, “Are you taking anything for it?”

“Yes,” replied the woman giggling, “black pepper.”

Now today I read that may not be the joke it’s meant to be.

PGAD, I never heard of it before. But apparently many women suffer Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. I’m not going to even try to explain that, but here’s the Guardian link. There are some things that a man just shouldn’t try to explain.

Raining today, nice and cool, students canceled, another day off.

The most exciting thing I have done today was go to the supermarket, although my nap was pretty cool too.

I got waylaid…

It’s now night, and cold, so I’ll be off to bed shortly, but before I go I’ll press the ‘publish’ button.


Much More Reasonable

batteriesMy clock says it’s 1:17, I’m not sure if that is am or pm.

At least it’s right twice a day.

I must get a new battery.

The trouble is you can’t buy just one, they come in pairs or fours. By the time you need the next, you’ve forgotten where you put them.

Any way, it is about 4pm, a much more reasonable hour to produce a coherent post.

I have class at 5:30, so I have a comfortable hour before the mad panic to look like a teacher and walk off to class.

The sun is out, it is pleasantly cool, and it has rained a little during the course of the day.

Cooking again now that the weather is more pleasant. Lunch was an inch thick rump steak with all the fat, cooked to perfection, burnt brown on the outside bloody red in the middle with the fat cooked through. I do spoil myself; one of the few pleasures I still have.

Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop

Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop

I learned about ‘sockpuppets’ in a post the other day.

I was always under the impression that a sock puppet was like Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop; apparently wrong again.

“A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception.” Wikipedia

These are used for making comments, when one’s identity is banned, I believe.

See, you live and learn every day; even at my age.

The new stadium in Curitiba has been given a ninth hour reprieve and will host four games of the FIFA World Cup.

But not all Brazilians are in favour of the cup. It is costing the country billions in new/refurbished stadiums and infrastructure. Billions that could provide ordinary Brazilians a decent education and health.

Yesterday on Copacabana beach:

Copacabana Beach

“We need schools, hospitals and public security as high a quality as FIFA’s World Cup Stadiums”

Tells its own story.

The sad part of this is that some of these stadiums will never be used again at capacity. Some will fall into disrepair because local bodies cannot maintain the upkeep. The World Cup venues are, in the main, white elephants.

My view is if FIFA demand high quality venues, the FIFA pays for them, end of subject.

That time has arrived.


A Day Wasted

NOT that kind of wasted

NOT that kind of wasted

Yes, a whole day wasted.

I’ve got better things to do with my life than get that ‘wasted’.

This morning started out as a pretty normal Tuesday. It was cool because we had more rain overnight, and the odd shower persisted into daylight hours. I slept well.

Blogging happily along, I got a phone call from my bossette to meet her at the factory and she would give me my pay; already more than a week late.

Okay, there goes my nap.

I get to the factory and have to wait about an hour, finally got paid and headed off to the supermarket. That killed off three hours of the day. Back home, a bout of blogging and I felt the urge for a nap about 3pm…

That was it. I finally woke when my neighbour parked his car in the garage at 8pm. I had ‘napped’ for five hours. Totally disorientated, when I heard the car, I figured he was leaving in the morning, then I saw the clock.

Now, that I am awake, I’ll probably be wide awake for a good part of the night wondering what to do.

Yes, a day wasted, totally wasted.

We’ll probably get more rain overnight. It’s good because the praça is already returning to green.


It Came!

Yesterday cooking lunch, I went outside to cut some parsley, and there was a fine mist. I looked to the sky, was this the rain we were promised?


The barrier between the linesman and the goal was published in O Globo as a joke, that barrier wasn’t there. But it was a goal.

After the football, I came home from the botequim, cool, but still no sign of rain. Flamengo won against Vasco 2-1, but the game was marred by terrible referee and linesman decisions, one which robbed Vasco of their first goal. Everybody in the stadium knew, but the ref wouldn’t allow it; even the linesman who was right on top of the goal ‘didn’t see it’.

All the officials at the game need to be recycled.

The Blushing Agave (yesterday’s post) was a success, even the second try with Cherry Brandy was better than the first.

At 7:45, the rain started and finished in ten minutes. The just after 8:00 it started in earnest, and rained heavily throughout the night. We got our rain.

Today has been cool and partly cloudy with the sun shining through, we are expecting more rain tonight.

suco-de-goiabaI had my first home-grown suco de goiaba (guava juice) last night.

Three guava were ripe enough to make a glass of juice.

More guava coming on.

It’s always such a thrill to consume your own home-grown produce.

tinga_3Back to football, recently one of the Brazilian players suffered racial abuse in Peru.

Every time he got possession of the ball there were monkey noises from the stands.

Now, I am not in favor of this at all, but I wonder if his massive dreadlocks didn’t exacerbate the situation.

Personally, I hate dreadlocks, they are unkempt and look dirty and disgusting and I wonder if they are appropriate for people representing sports and their country. Whatever I think of dreadlocks, wouldn’t prompt me to express it in the form of racism.

My mouse is stuffed. Can’t control the wheel; very frustrating.

10Malhação-Fernanda-Vasconcellos50-500x357Prices in Brazil, particularly in Rio, have become ridiculous. And there have appeared “Surreal” banknotes based on the official Real as a protest.

Surreal, depticing, who else, but Salvador Dali, the master of surrealism.

On the eve of the FIFA World Cup and Confederations Cup, prices have shot up in restaurants, on the beach and all manner of venues. There are sites on the net encouraging people to boycott such places. For example, a picolé (popsicle) on the beach used to be the same price as on the street; now it’s R$1.50 on the street and R$4 on the beach. Even the rental of beach chairs and umbrellas on the beach are ridiculous. Now to take a family to the beach for the day can cost upwards of R$100. People are being encouraged to bring food and drink from home. One report on TV last week showed a restaurant charging R$99 for a shrimp omelette and R$11 for a glass of juice; the omelette had four shrimp, and the fruit for a glass of juice costs about r$1. Pure rip offs. The Carioca are getting greedy.

Is it time for a nap? Oh, come on, it must be.





Well, we asked for it, and we got it.

At the end of yesterday’s post I mentioned that the sun had gone, well, it had and outside was cooler than inside, so I did the only sensible thing and went to the botequim.

50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey

The sky was various shades of grey, probably not fifty, but lots; the wind was moving the trees, the temperature had plummeted. I announced that I had come to view the spectacle and was greeted with derision, that it wouldn’t rain. A mere ten minutes into my first beer and the drops began to spot on the cars. The fregües still weren’t convinced despite the lightning and peals of thunder.

Cloro came in from the praça and settled under a chair. I had my beer, an an icecream and the spots continued; indeed, they got heavier.

At 6:30 I went home to watch my early novela (soap). The wind was beginning to pick up; Cloro followed hastily trying to dodge the raindrops.

7pm, the heavens opened.

For an hour we were treated with rain so heavy that I couldn’t see beyond the fence. Lightning flashes were continuous and the thunder boomed close at hand. Ten minutes saw my yard flooded, the power dipped with a particularly close lightning strike but recovered

We got our rain, oh did we get our rain?

It was lovely and the storm just seemed to heighten our pleasure.

8pm and it was all over, drizzle and the occasional flash of lightning.

The sun came out briefly today while I was at the supermarket and everything was fresh and green again. Now the sky has some clouds, and I heard a distant peal of thunder, we may be in for a repeat performance.

I should go to the botequim. It’s the only sensible thing to do.

Obey the directions

Obey the directions


Life Needs some Fizz

I sometimes buy this brand

I sometimes buy this brand

Life without a little effervescence can be very dull and boring. It’s he fizz that puts the adventure component into ones life.

Last week at the second biggest supermarket in our region they were completely devoid of fizz. My particular fizz is sparkling mineral water. They had plenty of Coca Cola and other poisonous substances, oh, they’d never run out of them. But of those of us who drink only water (or beer or wine) there’s not enough profit in selling mere water.

Perrier and Evian were on the shelves but I refuse to pay those prices, so I went without until my next visit to the other supermarket.

Now I have fizz!

So refreshing. But the last two days have been so hot (40°C) , I have drunk three litres per day and my stocks are dwindling.

Reprieve today, we had heavy rain overnight. But the rain in the city has caused big problems; much of Rio is flooded. The centre of Rio is inundated, with traffic at a standstill; and many of the outlying suburbs have been hit catastrophically.

All the major highways in and around the city are flooded, the metrô (subway) has closed many stations. The mayor has asked people to stay at home because buses have stopped.

cookie_monster2The Cookie Monster

Cookie monster has become real.

It has bee revealed that the American and British spy agencies are tracking cookies among their other email and communications spying. This means that all PCs that have cookies installed can be spied on.

Google is necessarily miffed about this, because more people will turn to programmes that neutralise cookies, therefore robbing Google of their profit-making capabilities. I am looking at doing this.

The world is becoming a very unsanitary place.

All this is supposed to be protecting the world from terrorism. But the agencies cannot name any blocked terrorist threat that was thwarted by this information gathering… It’s all bullshit!

It’s all about governments wanting total control.

The rain has started again, and I have work in just over an hour. Must think about something to eat; or a nap…




Half Fonged

No fluffy butts this morning, but I am having another adventure. I was looking for a larger version of this…


…and I found this…


Oh, I thought, I’ve got hazelnuts, so I grabbed the bottle of Frangelico, added a healthy splash and a half, added some cream… and it’s yummy. Not exactly breakfast coffee, but it’s Humpday, who cares? <——– rhetorical question.


Beats the crap out of Starbucks, and it’s a whole lot cheaper.

Cloro is back on the printer. After yesterday’s episode with the scanner he was wary about assuming his usual perch.

100_1262Back on regular coffee.

That Frangelico coffee really set my head spinning, or is that just inspiration kicking in?

The rain did start again and as I predicted, the moment I went out the door to work. It was pretty half-hearted and I didn’t get wet. This morning was sunny, now it’s cloudy again. The weather forecast is for more rain this afternoon, so I am making an educated guess, that that will be when I go to work.

Christmas is looming large on the calendar. It’s a time of the year I enjoy; not because of its religious connotations, but because it is family time. I don’t really ‘do’ Christmas, apart from a BBQ with ex and tribe.

I don’t believe in presents because I don’t hold with the commercialisation of Christmas, you can have a good Christmas without spending billions. Christmas is not Jesus’ birthday, he was born in August or September, Christmas was moved to coincide with pagan festivals in order to convert them, so it’s all bullshit really, nothing but manipulation of the masses by the church.

Now, I do believe a nap is coming on.


A Little Furry Butt

Lots of rain

Today – Lots of rain

Okay! That’s enough!

Day 1 – Rain: Lovely and cool.

Day 2 – Rain: Refreshing.

Day 3 – Rain: Great for the garden.

Day 4 – Rain: Wetting everything.

Day 5 – Rain: This is getting boring.

Day 6 – Rain: That’s enough already!

Yesterday, I commented how Cloro has learned to turn on the printer. It lead to a comment from Shana, “I hope your printer isn’t a scanner as well…hundreds of copies of Cloro’s butt lol”

Well, you guessed it, it is…


Cloro’s furry little butt

Of course, it was contrived, Cloro hasn’t discovered the scan button yet. He wouldn’t stay still long enough for a full scan, that long purple light rippling along under ones buttocks can be quite unnerving.

i-need-a-prozacI read a post today about a poodle on Prozac. I can’t see the point. It was prescribed by a vet for aggression; it bit the owner once.

I mean poodles are neurotic beasts, but Prozac, give me a break. Just give it coffee, that’s how I survive.

Is this AnimalBigPharma?

Man flowers, ever heard of them?

No, me neither.

Man flowers

Man flowers

But I saw this on Wine Wankers.

Want to see what it’s all about, click on the link.


News Flash!

There is a pause in the rain… It’s too early to say it’s stopped, but at the moment there is no rain!

We return you to our regular programme.

Yes, I know, but guaranteed it’ll start again at 3:30, just as I step outside the door to walk hobble to work.

I am still having breakfast at 12:30. I started breakfast at 8:30 and have been drinking coffee since, so it’s still breakfast time.

I need a nap…

cassetteLeaving you with this thought:

“Young people of today will never know the joy of having a cassette stuck in the car stereo & listening to the same 12 songs for 20 years.”

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