1tumucumaqueLike the title?

Did you try to say it?

Tumucumaque is a national park established ten years ago in the state of Amapa in the northeast of Brazil.

I had never heard of it before last night when Globo Reporter excelled itself and produced a phenomenal programme, which is a rarity for Brazilian TV.

One of the amazing inhabitants

An amazing place, parts have never seen the footprints of man. During the reportage, just a few days, one biologist identified 70 new species of spider.

Tomorrow’ Nature Ramble on Eco-Crap will have more details.

Three years after being closed, the world famous Maracanã Football Stadium is open today for a friendly match between Brazil’s famous footballers. This is the final shakedown to make sure that everything is working before the international friendly between Brazil and England in June.

Today didn’t go as planned. I decided to have a rest and get some fresh air for the afternoon, something I don’t get enough of, so not a lot of blogging got done. But, I did manage to cut my toenails.

Just as I crossed the road, some friends I hadn’t seen for a while where having a beer in front of the botequim. Churlish to refuse an invitation, so even less blogging got done.

Now I will see if the damage can be repaired…