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I Flipped my Lid

Not in the colloquial sense, I literally flipped my lid.

acapIt was the lid of one of my water bottles that I keep in the fridge. While refilling my bottle, I flipped it and couldn’t find it. Clorinha found it in the morning and was batting it around the kitchen floor.

Today is not a public holiday, but none of the neighbours went to work. It is the day between public holidays, so why bother? Tomorrow is another; St Georges Day.

I’m back, I had a nap…

Now I’ve had a scrappy lunch. Not at all like I had yesterday. I went out to Braseiro and had a wonderful but bloody expensive lunch. Sushi to start, then the beef BBQ started rolling.

After my frugal leftovers and junk the past few days, I felt as though I deserved  a change. But truly after their last price makeover, it’s just off the budget.

I used to do it once or even twice a week, that’s R$240-480 a month; now they’ll be lucky to see me once a month and only at the cheaper price in the evening, which will cost me about R$60 per month. So who loses? Imagine if ten regulars adopted the same attitude…

keepcalmbeeroclockI’m off to have an after-lunch beer; yes, it’s beer o’clock.

BTW, they didn’t get their shit together, no rain yesterday, grey sky out there so maybe today.

banrapLast night was a noisy night, rap rap bloody rap until late. Seriously, it’s a menace.

So, later.



The Ressurection

Like I said the other day, “no fancy rock to roll away, and Mary Magdalena hasn’t shown up” I managed what I thought to be the impossible. I ressurected my small saucepan. It was easier than I had imagined based on past experience (oh, no, it’s not the first time I cremated a pot). Just armed with a Scotchbrite pad it scrubbed up quite well.

Kitty10My catless days are over. I posted Lessons Learned on Some Animals are Crackers about lessons learned in the first twelve hours.

He’s going to be a blogger cat, has to sit on knee and watch blogging process.

So far today, he has discovered that he has a tail, and if you chase it, it disappears. A scrunched up paper ball is fun too, that doesn’t disappear when you chase it. Opening the gate makes a lot of noise, scared Kitty scratches chest in fright.

Yesterday, I discovered something horrific. It was even on TV here, a phenomenon called ‘air guitar’. Honestley, what a bunch of pathetic wankers. Posted about that on Bullshit Corner. Air guitar is like rap music; rap music is for those who can’t sing… air guitar is for those who have no idea how to play a guitar. Jerkers jerking to look like jerks.

can-of-wormsThe US military is going to wish they’d never heard of Bradley Celeste Manning.

He’s opened a whole new can of oligochaetes*; and so soon after they accepted gay soldiers as a fact of life.

The advent of transgender soldiers.

So for the next 35 years, the military has to look after a transgender soldier.

Wouldn’t it just have been easier to give him the Medal of Honor and told he was a good girl, now go home and play.

It seems there is no doubt that nerve gas has been used in Syria, although there is little doubt that it was used by the government forces, there are suggestions that it might have been the rebels themselves. It appears that the chances of World vs Syria could yet be on the programme. Bashar al-Bastard has promised the Middle East will burn if outsiders intervene. He could be right there, Russia and Iran will not stand idly by, Israel may even get BBQed.

Understanding the problems in the Middle East has always been an elusive idea. I knew a fair bit, but I read a BBC article last night that explains much, before the added problems of the creation of Israel. I posted the article on Tomus Arcanum yesterday; worth reading.

I have decided to name Kitty, Chloro (that’s bleach in Portuguese) because he looks like he’s been partly dipped in bleach, just his tail, heels and head and ears survived. Also it rolls off the tongue nicely. He’s lost interest in blogging for the moment, he’s asleep on my his our bed; that’s an issue yet to be decided.

Fried fish for lunch. Battered sole (halibut for our American cousins) fillet with sweet ‘n’ sour sauce, oven-fried crisps and stuffed tomatoes garnished with fresh parsley.

It’s time for a nap. Chloro is about to get shunted to the side of the bed.



*NB: oligochaetes = worms



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