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Arrested Development

Nearly 6pm, half time in the football, can I do it?

I haven’t bee able to blog this afternoon, I haven’t been able to nap. I went to the botequim and I couldn’t even drink, so I came home to watch the football.

A large group of the young locals have super loud music in the praça (park), can’t work, can’t think, can’t drink.

maxinerapmusicThey are playing a style of music here called funk, it mainly involves rap and they play it very loud, deafeningly loud.

I did have one beer, before I decided it was too much ‘culture’. While looking around the group, I decided on the post title; if you took the collective brains present, they still wouldn’t have the intelligence to tie a pair of shoe laces.

There is not a lot to be recommended for funk. If you pronounce that in Portuguese, it becomes ‘funky’. Portuguese doesn’t like words that end in a consonant, so they have to add an ‘e’ sound. It isn’t very ‘funky’, it’s bloody horrible. The only music worse than funk is Bieber. No, I’m wrong, Bieber is just pathetic, not horrible.

Well, that’s about taken the football interval. Flamengo (my team) vs Macae, currently 3-1 to me.


Am I, in fact, my Father’s Son?

earlyBeatlesI believe I could be. I share too many of his traits right down to the wonky big toenail on my left big toe not to be.

Do you remember these guys in the picture on the right?

If you don’t, maybe you shouldn’t be reading this blog, you’re too young.

Of course, they are the Beatles about the time I first remember them.

Apart from my father’s love of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, treacle and gardening, I share my father’s prejudice.

In yesterday’s post I likened rap music and passinho dancing to crap; I haven’t changed my mind.

But, I did reflect on the matter. My opinion was a reflection, an absolute mirror reflection, of my father’s opinion the first time he heard the Beatles.

New record player with the long spiky thing that heald the records aloft before playing them

New record player with the long spiky thing that held the records aloft before playing them

I was 12 at the time. During an after school visit to my friend’s place, Richard put a 45rpm record on one of those new modern record players.

The record was the Beatles. This was my introduction to the ‘fab four’.

I got home and turned on the old valve radio in the livingroom; you know the ones that took a week to warm up.

That was where my father found me, lying on the floor listening to the Beatles…

“What’s that rubbish on the radio?” My cue to turn it off. “The radio is for listening to the news and cricket!”

I was duly chastised.

Yes, I am my father’s son.


Yes, always a happy time of the week.

Normally Fridays are part of my weekend, but I have a lesson today.

After that, it’s beer o’clock.

This is also the end of the month for me. Pay day is Monday and I have made it with cash to spare. That’s always a good sign.

I have been moderately busy this morning, not busy busy, just busy enough not to be bored.

It’s noisy outside. A group of the neighbours and hangers-on have decided to have a BBQ in the park right across from my gate. They’re not the neighbours I associate with, they are far more considerate when it comes to making noise. These guys have got music being played through an amplifier, far too bloody loud. It’s one of the down-sides of living in Brazil. I hate to say it, but they’re part of the poverty, lacking education part of Brazilian life.

A pleasant little interlude. I went out to water the plants and scowl fiercely over the fence. Didn’t make any difference. I mean I really wouldn’t mind if they were playing music, but the crap they have on is not music, it’s the banal nauseating repetitious beat of rap. It’s the absolute pits. I’m not expecting them to play Beethoven, just something that is at least pleasant on the ear and not a neuron wrenching blare.

Well, it has arrived. The time to get desmellified and assume an acceptable appearance. Who knows, somebody might take me for a teacher.


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