Yesterday, I was derelict.

I had too many other things to do.


Oh the world of sap green, burnt umber and yellow ochre…

I went shopping, oh the therapy. I bought some oils, brushes and a couple of canvases. I also went to the supermarket in the evening after class, so by the time I got home I was exhausted.

So posting took a back seat.

Today I am going to inaugurate my new BBQ. I have 2kgs (4+lbs) of rump steak that should give me about six 5cm (2″) steaks, a large slab of pork leg, some liver, some chicken hearts and some bread rolls for garlic bread. Oh I plan to have a good day.

I read some disturbing news yesterday. In England there is a movement to erect a statue of a ‘rapper’; some chap named Wiley, which is not even his real name. Now for me a ‘(w)rapper’ is something you find around sweets (candies for our American cousins, who insist on changing our beautiful language), chocolate and the like.

Wiley, the world does not need this; the world isn't ready for this

Wiley, the world does not need this; the world isn’t ready for this

I shudder to think what the world is becoming when we want statues of people like rappers. Rap is NOT music, rap was invented for those who have absolutely no talent and can’t sing. Rap is merely the caterwauling angst of demented wannabes.

Statues of Beethoven, Brahms, etc okay; I would even go as far as a statue of Madonna, despite the fact that I can’t stand her, but a rapper, no for all the sanity in the world, NO!

It’s not because he is of a darker hue, my thoughts were generated before I even saw a picture of him.

Besides, I love black; it’s the most solid colour on the palette. My own daughter is half black – made in Brazil with NZ components… So no one, but no one can accuse me of being racist. In fact, I am the opposite, in my later years of life, I have found white to be an insipid colour. I look at my own skin and wonder why I couldn’t have had wonderful golden or tawny tones.

But, oh no, not a rapper. There is no merit in a rapper that deserves a statue.

roast-pumpkin-seedsI should blog along, before I become derelict again. I have to stuff some olives with cream cheese, prepare a carpaccio salad and roast some pumpkin seeds (experimental). Then there’s wine to think about… the list is endless when it comes to BBQ.

And I have to change the kitty litter and watch the friendly soccer between Brazil and South Korea, it is already 2-0 into the second half.