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Should kittens be allowed cellphones

Should kittens be allowed cellphones

At the moment, the post title is blank. I had a title, in fact I had two possibilities, but a blanket of forget has descended.

I mentioned a couple of posts back, about the possibility of Clorinha wanting her own cellphone. We had a good talk about this, there was a lot of mewing and decided that she would only want to play Angry Birds or have that Flappy Bird app, so therefore a cellphone wasn’t really a necessity, but still she insisted. So I played my trump card, “look to use a cellphone you need opposing thumbs.” Evolution, please don’t hurry in this respect, kittens do not need opposing thumbs.

Okay, the post has a title now. The mental fog has lifted, at least partially. I still can’t think of the other option I was toying with.

The kitty toys strewn about the house have developed into flora and fauna. There are now two dead leaves and some pigeon feathers. The house next door has an open loft/floor and it harbours sodding pigeons, whose feathers tend to float down into my carport.

Wasabi, most people know it as hot green stuff

Wasabi, most people know it as bloody hot green stuff

I went out for sushi last night. Rash, I know, but wonderful. I haven’t had real sushi for more than two months. I am on good terms with the manager there, and I used this to advantage. The last few times I have had to asked for wasabi (that hot green horse radish paste) and gari (that’s the sliced pickled ginger). He explained that many people don’t use them, so they made it available on request.

I asked him if he knew why gari is served with sushi. He had no idea; the manager of an upmarket and, I might add, quite expensive Japanese style restaurant had no idea.

Gari made from young ginger root

Gari made from young ginger root

Do you?

Gari, the ginger, is used to refresh the mouth when changing food or fish types, so that you get the benefit of the new flavours.

It also has other functions; its antiseptic properties help guard against bad fish and can help ease your stomach from the nausea of over stuffing yourself.

Gari is usually made from young ginger, you can tell if it is pinkish. A tan/yellowy colour indicates older root. Many commercial products are older root artificially coloured pink. You don’t need that stuff, just grate ginger root and pickle with sugar and vinegar, easy.

There, that’s your cooking lesson for the day.

I see we have two new saints. The pope canonised to past popes. Honestly, do we need more saints? Too much of a good thing makes it very ordinary.

The sun has just gone out and I have wet washing on the line. Rain was forecast for today and tomorrow, looks like the weather forecasters have finally got their shit together.

Clorinha has found her father’s favourite place. The old drawer on top of the old fridge in the carport, she’s out there now asleep.

At night she prefers the back of the sofa

At night she prefers the back of the sofa

She’s a TV cat. None of my other cats have shown any interest in the TV, but Clorinha sits on the arm of the sofa and follows every move on the screen especially during a football (soccer) match with the players moving fast.

A final feline note. She met her first rat yesterday while we were at the botequim. She was exploring the long grass beside the smelly canal, and I saw her jump backward with all four paws off the ground. On inspection, it was a dirty brown rat bigger her. She looked up at me with a dazed “WTF was that?” expression.

Sun’s come out again…

Must be beer o’clock.



To be famous, I need to change my image.

Source: Why are you so awesome?

It seems to have worked for Lindsay Lohan. Smeagle became famous!

Then again, maybe I need someone famous to promote my blog…


I’ll try anything… well almost anything!

I got a pleasant surprise last night; WordPress acknowledged a milestone on my Genes blog.


Could be that things are looking up, although, I have never recovered the readership that I had before the 26th Jan and the dramatic drop that happened.

Even passing the 1,000 likes Genes doesn’t rise above 10 daily visits. Go figure!

cinco-de-mayoI suppose I should wish you all a Happy Avocado and Hot Sauce Day.

Well, it’s actually Cinco de mayo, but as I don’t celebrate Cinco de mayo, I make it Happy Avocado Day.

Nothing like a good guacamole dip and tomato hot sauce to have with my nachos.

During the night I had to slake my thirst, first I bumped into the door jamb, then I kicked the sofa, then I thought what a good idea it would have been to turn the light on.

Sometimes good ideas come after the event.

It was about that time I saw a fleeting movement on the kitchen shelf. I rustled a bag and a rat leapt out into my vege stand then decided to beat a hasty retreat to the bathroom.

Then Lixo arrived home… where was he when I needed him?

2am and he wanted tickles, I told him to get the rat first and rolled over.

None of the above was amongst my plans to post about today.

I had planned to post about cheese making, but I guess that can wait for another day.

The sun is out, the day promises to be a 35°C autumnish day. I will go and sweep the yard. That will raise a sweat that needs to be quenched. I will then do some quenching and think about lunch. The nachos are for TV snack tonight.



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