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Today is Football!

So far today I jave made coffee,  sneered savagely at the dishes and I have fed Clorinha. There, I think that’ll do it for the day; exhausted already.

Yesterday, I did get constructive. I moved one lot of parsley into an old paint tin full of fresh compost… pooo! I wanted to free up the vaguely ornamental square plastic pot that the parsley was in. I have one more to move, but no paint tin for more pooo!

Comes in economical One Gallon cans

Comes in economical One Gallon cans

At risk of tarnishing my reputation, I did some dishes last night while waiting for my huge burger pattie to grill. Dollops of ketchup and bread ‘n butter. I was ravenous after work and I wanted something quick.

I was really miffed last night. They advertised a film for after the news. It looked like a good film. When the news finished the same old bullshit soap opera stared.

I flipped off the TV switch and went to bed.

Sausage meat and mincemeat steak-like thingies for lunch. Nothing fancy and has to be quick, football at 1pm. Germany vs France and beer, followed by Brazil vs Colombia and more beer.  Can’t watch football without beer, it amounts to cruelty.

The feline vacuum in action at the last BBQ

The feline vacuum in action at the last BBQ

There should be a BBQ as well. Clorinha will be pleased, she waits under the serving table for scraps.

Shes not silly.

Four of my last five cats were good mousers. One, da Meow, was a ratter. We have plenty in the filthy creek next to the botequim. Daily, da Meow, pranched across the botequim veranda with a huge dead rat; some bigger then him. When da Meow was on the street, the small dogs in the area shook with fear, least he make a mistake.

Clorinha on the other hand needs to go to Rodent College for some lessons. Last night I found a mouse dropping on my coffee table. I let Clorinha sniff it, to see if I could instil the idea. She just looked up at me with a “Why have you got mouse poo between your fingers” look.

She could at least earn her keep. Is that too much to ask?

Before I go…


Happy 4th July

to my esteemed American readers and visitors.

Later, much later.


I am debating

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday, I know it’s not Monday which is when I should have been writing.

I am not even sure if this will in fact be a post.

This maybe just a figment of your imagination.

If you can read this, then you’ve got a good imagination, because I am still debating whether or not to write it.

This week is screwed. Split days, which means I get to go to work twice. If you have to go to work once a day and think that’s bad, try split days and go twice.

Rats! Well, rat, actually. Monday I woke at my customary bladder summoning hour for relief. The drain cover in the shower had been popped, which meant I had a visitor; a rat. It was returning through the kitchen that I spied it race behind the stove. I thought great, I now have a cat. I got Lixo from the living room where he was preening and planted him before the stove and banged on the side. The rat appeared.

The rat looked at Lixo, Lixo looked at the rat.

It was a granddaddy of rats, low sleek and dark grey mottled sodden fur having not long ago appeared from my sewerage. From nose to tail the rat was as long as my cat.

The two beasts, the rat and my stalwart guardian of the house against rodents, looked at each other.

Lixo then looked up at me… “WTF is that?” was how I interpreted the quizzical look on his face.

It was at this moment the rat decided to make his escape through the front door that I had already opened.

Lixo merely watched him go. Then looked up at me again, “Has it really gone?” was how I interpreted this perplexed look.

da Meow RIP - He was poisoned

Lixo needs to grow a bit before being expected to deal with such leviathans.

Had it been da Meow the rat would have been dispatched in the blink of an eye. da Meow was a ratter, he used to go hunting them along the canal beside the boteqim, one or two a day, then munch on them under Raimundo’s car to the bemusement of the regulars in the botequim.

da Meow often bore scars of his ratting forays, like the bite near his right eye in the photo.

My little Lixo needs to grow, at least until he’s bigger than a rat himself.

Now it’s football time. Flamengo vs Lanús of Argentina.


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