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My bowels probably look like this, although pickled with age and alcohol

Fourteen bloggers liked my bowels yesterday.

Here’s a better look ——->

It surprises me the strange things that bloggers like.

That’s a lot of tripe.

I posted the rest of the photos gleaned from the bowels of my camera this morning on Eco-Crap post.

I still lack something to write about, although an article about a Japanese “vagina artist” made interesting reading.

She been arrested for posting 3D-printing information that would allow readers to produce a canoe in the shape of her vagina.

She espouses a view that I have long held about genitalia.

“To me, my vagina is like my arms and legs. It’s nothing obscene.” I hold a similar view about penises, as I don’t have a vagina.

Megumi Igarashi's canoe

Megumi Igarashi’s canoe

An interesting concept.

You can read more on: BBCNews

red-wine-glass-lgnCould red wine BOOST your memory?


It must be true because I NEVER forget to have a glass of wine!


This will be a theory that I will be testing during and after lunch today.


No classes, so no restrictions like no alcohol.


I read about paradise last night. Yes, there is a place in the civilised world that doesn’t have ‘no smoking’ laws. A place where you sit next to your pint and puff away.


The trouble is that it’s rather hard to get to.  No planes, a once a month boat from  South Africa via Ascension Is, and it’s expensive to get there.


Tristan da CunhamapabuenoThe island of St Helena in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.


Second most remote place on Earth to the Island of Tristan da Cunha, which is further south.


So, if you want to get away from it all… in fact if you want to get away from everything, you now know where to go.


And if you live on St Helena, where do you take your vacation?  Why, you drive the 15 miles around the island.


New emergency data laws in Britain look likely to be passed. 49 MPs voted sensibly against them while 436 arseholes voted in favour.


Well, having taken the post from vaginas to arseholes, not a great distance anatomically speaking, I feel as though I have done my bit for the day.


Lunch time! It’s wine o’clock. Time to test the theory.




Heed the Warning

WarningCoffeeAlthough I have been up and down since midnight and had several coffees, this warning is still appropriate.

I had a restless night, up and down like a yo-yo. Also the two neighbouring tomcats decided to have a fight in my carport, which is outside my window.

I have even napped and had a recovery coffee, but I remain philogrobolized, you know, that’s when you wake feeling rough and can’t focus on the world. It’s a sort of petite hangover without the alcohol.

I have discovered that Cloro is a gourmet cat, another of his many talents. On Sunday I cooked a slap dash, cut up some sirloin steak into strips, slapped it in the oven with some sliced onion, water and red wine.

I cooked too much, and have taken to cutting up pieces and feeding him. He loves it. In fact, I think he likes it better than I did.

I’ll have to reheat the leftovers and use the broth to make a gravy and try it again.

I tried to drink the rest of the wine; it was a well priced Portuguese wine. Usually Portuguese wines are good, but this was in the realms of red kerosene; a category that I reserve for wines that end up down the kitchen sink.

It tasted better after having been in the oven with the dead cow.

I was thinking about lag the other day, time lag; particularly in relation to Cloro.


Time lag between me lying down for a nap and Cloro comes for tickles; time lag 5 seconds, depends on whether he has to stop for a scratch or lick his fluffy nuts.

Time lag between me stopping the tickles to when he head butts my hand for more; 2 seconds.

Time lag between when I open the fridge and he appears at the door peering in; No time lag, but depends where he was before I opened the fridge, and whether he stops to scratch or lick his fluffy nuts. His appearance in this case is more like magic.

Time lag between a bug flying into the room and he goes from zero to hyper bedlam instantly; once again, no lag.

Time lag between hearing Tomcats fight outside the bedroom window and Cloro flying across the bed and out the window; 1 second, no time to stop and scratch or lick fluffy nuts.

Cats are such wonderful creatures to observe.

It’s a hottish day, temp expected 34°C, the plants are wilting; if I don’t go and water them, they’ll be going to the botequim next door asking for bottles water;or worse, beer. This is a terrible imposition as it means I’ll have to put my shorts on.

housing_bubble2Remember I said a few months back that Brazil was heading for a ‘housing bubble’?

I have been vindicated, an expert in such affairs has said “…market prices and asset bubbles, pinpointed the US stock market and Brazilian property market as areas of concern.”

See, I’m not so silly after all, despite what they say in the bar.

I showed my draft grammar book one of my advanced students last night. Guess what, she wants to study from it. That’s good news.

The reports from Black Friday sales were down by $1.7bn dollars from the previous year after increases in the past seven years. So much for America’s financial recovery.

Venezuela had a power cut last night; blacked out 70% of the country including the capital, Caracas. Maduro is screaming opposition sabotage; obviously it has nothing to do with governmental mismanagement. The local polls this Sunday will be interesting. Maduro was granted martial powers last week, let’s see how/if he represses the peoples’ polling.

During the weekend the Brazilian football hooligans classed after loosing a game. This has got to stop. Football hooligaism is another blight on society. For me, if you’re carrying sticks or weapons in a clash, you’re guilty and we don’t want you in our genes pool.

My afternoon student has cancelled, just one class today.

Off to dewilt my plants.


Wrong Again

Weather forecasters must be the most consistent liars on the planet, after governments and lawyers.


Cloro’s first tree-climb

Yesterday was supposed to be wet, it wasn’t. Today was supposed to be fine, it is. There is no consistency. You simply don’t know if they’re lying or not.

Breakfast this morning was a little less debauched than yesterday’s. Two cups of coffee and a litre of freshly squeezed orange juice with sparkling mineral water, not a drop of alcohol in sight. No hangover, not even the slightest blur, which by rights should have been a doozy.

Yesterday was a big step for Cloro. She’s looked at trees in the park before, but yesterday out of the blue she shot up the one in front like a rocket! Straight up, then thought better of it and scampered down to the safety of the fork. It was a truly professional feline all-in-one fluid movement. But she needed Daddy to get her down to the first floor again.


Cloro helping with breakfast

Then it was time to help Daddy with breakfast.

She supervised the tocino (pork belly strips) while I drank some wine; a refreshing not too dry red Vale de Lobos from Portugal. Cloro drank a muddy little number from a puddle in the road.

She’s got fresh water in the kitchen, but she insists on drinking outside from puddles; must be something to do with the flavour.


I got a notable 1337 likes on They Say it’s in the Genes on Friday. I don’t know what’s so special about 1337; 1,000 I could understand, 1,500 I could understand, but 1,337, that’s weird, appreciated, but weird.

Got another surprise yesterday. A pineapple top that I had planted, then tore out and threw on the compost because I had figured it died, has produced the beginnings of a flower. It has taken root on the compost heap.


Little flower bud in the middle

I’m happy about that. I have planted pineapple tops before but this is the first that has flowered. I will be watching with interest.

I’ll finish today off with Cloro’s latest adventure.

Cloro and the Tocino

She grabbed a bit of pork belly fat that I had thrown on the ground.

That’s it, later.


Red wine that didn’t get steaked

Today yesterday was Saturday.

My next question is…

Where the hell did it go?

I woke early, I blogged and then I napped.

When I woke again it was noon+30. What a good hour to have breakfast.

So, I lit the BBQ… That thing is going to become dangerous, if it hasn’t already.

I cut the rump steak into generous pieces and salted it then splashed red wine over it, I salted the tocino (strips of pork belly) and sprinkled curry over it.

It was about then that Saturday disappeared.


Testing, testing…

Yes, this is exactly the model.

Yes, testing the new BBQ was fun. It works just fine with beef and pork, today we test it with chicken hearts (I forgot to defrost them for yesterday) and sausages. All things must be tested thoroughly and put through their paces, including a durability test to make sure it works two days in a row.

My neighbours have suggested that I should get my driver’s license renewed as this one has wheels.

Wouldn’t want to get picked up by the fuzz (Ouch!) while driving my BBQ around the praça.

No beer today, I had enough yesterday; instead I am going to increase my piceatannol levels; a substance found in red wine that reduces the formation of fat cells. You can read about that on Lords of the Drinks latest post.

To Pinot, or not to Pinot, Noir or Gris, or should I simply Shiraz… that is the question?

I read sometime back about a new grape variety for the elderly, Pinot More, apparently it prevents the night trots.

Now that I have a new BBQ, I need want one of these…

Pueblo Bar rustic styleThis is so cool.

While I dream, I’ll go and pick  some more chilies and bottle them, water the plants, by then it will be nap time and when I wake it will be BBQ.

I just love weekends.

Unfortunately, they are followed by Mondays….


The Purrfect Hunter

001084H1Last night I had an invasion.

No, not the body snatchers.

Cockroaches, three of the damned things. Haven’t seen one in months, and last night three!

Guess who had a ball?

Take a bow, if you said Cloro.

He ran around, he teased, he ricocheted off furniture, he bounced, he pawed and he dispatched those horrid things. It was almost more fun than watching the Brazil vs Portugal friendly on TV. BTW, Brazil won 3-1. So it was Cloro 3, Roaches 0.

He is the purrfect hunter, starting small, after all, he is small.

lello_tinto_ptDuring the game I enjoyed a half bottle of Lello red wine from Portugal, Me 1 Portugal 0.

I accompanied the wine with blue cheese, gouda and a bag of crisps (chips for our American cousins), so a good time was had by all, except the Portuguese and cockroaches.

I went to work as normal, my second student didn’t arrive, I waited and waited, but to no avail. When I go home there was an e-mail from my bossette, the student has quit. I was a bit miffed, because now I lose some pay.

Along with the news that my student had quit, another two student have taken a hiatus, one is going to France, the other had a big project land on his desk and can’t spare the time, both will return, so I don’t lose the pay, it is just delayed. Such are the ups and downs of being an English teacher.

Russia is taking credit for a Kerry (US) idea spoken in jest on Syria. Looks like WW III has been averted for the moment. Maybe Obama avoids more egg-on-the-face for now.

Mince on toast for breakfast, with fresh orange juice and, of course, coffee; lots of delicious coffee.

No lunch today, I am saving myself for BBQ and beer tonight.

Still, must blog along. Done my CTWW on Eco-Crap, but more to go yet.


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