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Counter Fitter

Based on the old threepence

Based on the old threepence

No, I’m not fitting counters this side of next birthday.

Although I have had two coffees this morning and already made a thermos full for the remainder, I still feel pre-Coffee, which explains why I have a ciggy in one ashtray, and have just lit another…

The Bank of England has called for designs for a new pound coin to be minted to foil counterfeiters. Apparently it’s cheaper than having their own designer paid for by the public coffers. In calling for submissions, they want something that typically identifies England.

The new design is based on the old 12-sided threepence, which people are already refering to a ‘thrupny’ bit.

Typically English… what could be more typical than a pint?

Here’s my idea.

A pint in colour, that'll fool the counterfeiters

A pint in colour, that’ll fool the counterfeiters

So far this morning, I haven’t trusted myself to post on any of my blogs. I have busied myself in emptying my mail box and checking out new posts on those I follow. Having said that, my Thunderbird has just gone beep beep bop, telling me that my efforts have been in vain, and there is now more mail… the wheel turns.

While waiting for inspirration to strike, I have just realised it’s MONDAY!

Something has to happen

Something has to happen

Now as well as waiting for inspiration, I have the added worry of what can go wrong today… Which in turn reminded that the rent is due today. Now that in itself is not a problem, I have the rent, but I have to get into town to pay it; that requires motivation.

Now, I am waiting for inspiration AND motivation.

I think I need more coffee.



Oh, that’s wonderful!

The dams are dry, sorry too late

The dams are dry, sorry too late

In recent months Brazil has undergone a severe water shortage, particularly in the state of São Paulo. A report in the news this morning is rather disturbing. It appears that deforestation of the Amazon basin has reached a threshhold The vegetation of the Amazon basin let moisture rise and so produce the clouds that moved across the country and fell as rain. Apparently, there is not enough vegetation left to make suffcient moisture to form the necessary clouds. Brazil’s inaction, or insufficient action, has caused their own demise. Had the country been more prudent earlier, we wouldn’t have these drought problems. Another example of man’s inability to husband the planet effectively.

I should move along, blogs are calling, posts are begging to be written and Thunderbird is telling me there is more mail.



Counter Fitter


The world is in the grip of Cup Fever

The world is in the grip of Cup Fever

The highlight game of yesterday was Argentina and Boznia H. The star sort of glimmered until late in the game when he twinkled slighty by scoring a goal. He certainly didn’t shine.

It’s Monday once again.

I have been waiting for the plumber chappy to come and fix the drip from the roof tank, but he hasn’t appeared yet. Result, day wasted. I should have been going to town to pay my rent, in fact, I still might.

Sunny cool day, with not much happening. Germany has just run over Portugal 4 – 0.

Clorinha is trying to destroy my phone charger. So far today she has battled with a big leaf, a small leaf and a plastic bag. She’s having more fun than I am.

Paid the rent, back home.

Still nothing happening. Just found out that this week’s lessons are knackered because of the cup and Corpus Christi holiday on Thursday.

So, I have a week off.

USA vs Ghana is just about to start. So without any further interruptions, I pressing the publish button.



To Sir With Love

Yes, I had my 'To Sir with Love' moment

Yes, I had my ‘To Sir with Love’ moment

I am irked by a news item this morning. Calling teachers Sir and Miss ‘depressing and sexist’ on BBC News.

What a load of bullshit!

Admittedly, Sir and Miss are not equivalents, but would you rather have your students calling you ‘Madam’? The correct equivalent of Miss is Master, which is no longer used, it died a natural death about 50 years ago.

In NZ schools, we referred to our teachers as Mr X, Mrs X or Miss X. So the Sir/Miss issue seems to be more English.

Giving your teacher a title is a sign of respect, there is nothing depressing or sexist about it.

When I taught in a Peruvian Catholic college in Cuzco, I had a title, one that I was duly proud of.

Teacher in Spanish is Profesor, with the stress on the last syllable, so you got profeSOR. But I was never called Profesor, I was called Proffy. Profesor was used respectfully for most teachers, particularly the nuns, whereas Proffy was used for liked teachers. Yes, even Grade 3B (the worst behaved class in the school) called me Proffy.


Grade 3B parading ready for sports day

When I left the school, due to a change in policy which ousted non-accredited teachers, these ‘bad’ girls lined the path to the school gates as a guard of honour and cried as I left that last day.

I don’t care if they called me Proffy, Sir or even Miss, I was proud of those girls; none of the other teachers in the college could say that, they were ‘bad!’ I still get teary-eyed when I remember this.

‘degrading and sexist’ what a load of bullshit! Another example of PC (political correctness) gone mad. Things like this get right up my nose!

Now back to today.

I have to pay the rent today. I will probably time it so that I have lunch in town.

Remember my problem yesterday (well, most days actually) with the dishes? I did them, all. And this morning the kitchen sink looks as though I had never been near it. Dishes are the bane of mankind.

All that pondering yesterday, I ended up with crumbed sole fillets pan fried. They were a delicious!

I belong here, I'm an English text book

I belong here, I’m an English text book

Last night Clorinha wasn’t well. I went to bed early and nature called equally early, 1am. Clorinha had been a little sick on the kitchen floor, I cleaned it up. Then, I discovered the main act on the carpet in the living room, I cleaned that up. She was definitely out of sorts, because she accepted hugs and pets without biting, she even purred. Finally sleeping on my our her bed because it had the warm.

I stayed up and posted on some blogs. Later she mewed plaintively from the living room, I got her to the dirt box in time for another little chuck chunder. After that she was asleep on the bed again. 3:30am I finally went back to bed, and she was so lovey dovey and finally bit me… she was coming right.

My little girl becomes a football (soccer) star:

Watch out Cristiano Ronaldo!

Taken in the carport yesterday morning.

While talking about football, only 30 days left to the opening game of the World Cup.

And they discover…


I should blog along.



OMG, I didn’t get here yesterday!

Horrible day.

First up, my student rang to move the lesson to tomorrow. Now that didn’t irk me too much, because I had things to do.

On my way to work the other night, I went to the Lotérica (betting shop) to pay my internet bill; after more than half an hour in line, I was informed that because it was past the due date I had to make the payment at the bank.

So, freed from obligations for the morning, I put on my big-boy jeans and went to the bank, another hour in the queue.

My old shorts, threatening to fall off me

My old shorts, threatening to fall off me

On the way back, I found some shorts. I needed to buy shorts. I bought some last week, but they were a bit skimpy, more like beach trunks. These were much more suitable; and reduced in price which was an added incentive. I really need shorts, because my old pair were about to fall off me.

Encumbered by my purchase, I headed off to pay the rent. New girl alone in the office couldn’t find anything. Finally paid the rent.

It was about then my tummy rumbled. A look at my cellphone told me it was lunchtime.

Off for lunch and a beer, satisfied and R$32 poorer, I headed home.


Classes at 5:30.

Today, my student came and went, nap.

Not very appetising when frozen

Not very appetising when frozen

I woke at two, and went fishing in my freezer. Caught some sole fillets, am now waiting for them to thaw. I have sprinkled freshly ground black pepper on them.

The intention is to serve them pan-fried with a white wine & parsley sauce and asparagus accompanied by the rest of the white wine.

Oh, I do live well when I have the incentive.

By then it should be beer o’clock. I have no other classes today, so I’ll put on my new shorts and head off to pay homage to master brewer of tasteless beer AMBEV the makers of Brahma.

Oh, remember those strange white bugs, the infestation has spread, there are now millions of them in the park and surrounding trees.

Later, off to make a sauce…

Back to Normal

normalLOL, define ‘normal’

What I mean is that it is about that time when I would normally offer you some of the juicy tidbits of the day here in Brazil.

Please don’t infer by the title that I am in any way ‘normal’, I will hotly refute it. I tried it once, it was boring, so I became a blogger.

After my early, bloody early start for the day, I did eventually enter ‘sleep mode’ again, only to be woken at 4am by my neighbour retrieving his car from my garage. Back to sleep mode.

A paella should look like this, mine didn't

A paella should look like this, mine didn’t

I woke later than normal.

Blogged a little.

Decided that I should try again to pay the rent.

Went to a restaurant for lunch and had a wonderful paella; and beer. Mine didn’t look exactly like that, the mussels were out of the shell, as were the shrimps, and it was more soupish; but drain off the excess juice and it was okay over rice.

The cool has gone, the hot is back. Not quite as hot as the past weeks, yet. But we have been promised increasing temps until Sunday.

whats-appI see Google has bought WhatsApp. I have no idea of WhatsApp is, but apparently it is the world’s most popular app.

How on earth did I ever get by without it?

One of the attractions of WhatsApp is that it doesn’t have advertising… didn’t have advertising.

That’ll change.

Not everybody appreciates art.

Hot in the news is the cleaner at an exhibition in southern Italy, cleaned. As a result, part of the exhibition that was made of cardboard and on the floored got ‘cleaned’ and ended up being taken away by the local rubbish truck.

The Ukraine president has realised he’s in a no-win situation and has made an agreement with the protesters to hold elections this year.  I now wonder if/when Venezuela’s ‘president’ (in quotes because he was never legally elected) will come to the same conclusion, or is he still delusional?

I mentioned sockpuppets the other day. Andrew commented how bad Shari Lewis was, and I realised that I have spent a lifetime pushing this memory to the back of my mind, only to find I have failed.

So I am going to ruin the day for those of you who have similarly spent a lifetime trying to forget…

Actually, it’s quite funny until the singing.


Not a Damned Thing!

nobrainI have not done a thing today.

Well that’s not true, I have, but not here!

I started late… nothing unusual in that, I often do when I have been up in the middle of the night.

But I had things to do like going to pay the rent which was eight days late through no fault of mine, my pay was equally late.

PC played up at a critical moment. One of my hard drives disappeared, and it took several attempts to reappear it.


Badly in need of repair

I had to take photos of the terrible state of the concrete in my laundry area, because I needed to negotiate putting in a new floor at the expense of the landlord.

The photos were effective, and the agency agreed that I needed a new floor.

So with all that my normal two-minutes-in-and-out of the rent agency took longer. By then it was lunchtime… and my favourite restaurant, Brazeiro, is just around he corner, literally. So it was a no-brainer what my next decision would be – BBQ lunch.

Home for a nap, and here I am at 3pm having done nothing; this is my first post of the day.

PC played up again. Firefox disappeared. I reappeared it to find that ask.com malware thingy had invaded, so I had to reset Firefox to get rid of it.


Likez mi tayel?

Here’s my Cloro at the bar on the weekend.

He just sits around like all the other regulars, except he doesn’t drink beer, he just licks his nuts which the rest of us can’t do.

I said to him, “Yup, lick ’em while you can,” which made the guys laugh because they know I have plans for those little pussy nuts.

Must blog along.


Hold my Pussy!

failed_stampEver had one of those days?

Well, I’ve just had two of them, one after the other.

Yesterday, I managed to get most of my blogging done, except the my main post for Wednesday on Eco-Crap, which itself indicates some sort of disaster has fallen.

Not a disaster as in The Philippines with their typhoon, that was a disaster of epic proportions. My disaster was spending the day from 11:30am in therapy, yes, I went shopping.

On Tuesday I wrote that I planned to pay my rent and get my ink cartridge refilled, well it was 11:15 before I remembered it.

Fifteen minutes later I was out of the house. You see that’s the wonderful part of being a man; I can go from a standing start to being out of the house in 15 minutes. A women can’t do this.

Of course, the exit wasn’t as simple as one might imagine. Cloro wanted to come too. I got to the gate, through the gate, locked the gate, and Cloro wriggled under the gate, she sat there with a “where are we going?” look.

There was only one solution as I wasn’t going to escape that easy. I walked the eleven metres to the botequim, Cloro followed. One of the fregües was there having a quiet beer. “Gilsen, hold my pussy until I get to the corner!”

Gilsen grabbed an unsuspecting Cloro, and I hobbled off at a great rate of hobs, made it to the corner and effected my escape. Remember this was all in the fifteen minutes.

Got to town, got my ink cartridge filled, then the rent place had closed for lunch. Okay, in the event of this happening, I have a cunning plan… I went for lunch too. Braseiro is just around the corner. The next two hours was spent at lunch; you see at 60+ years old I adhere strictly to gentleman’s hours.

Time was marching on.

caipirinha_024I had a good lunch, five pints of beer and a caipirinha to finish. I was a bad boy, but I still had a trick up my sleeve. During lunch I was served a cutlet of lamb. They used to have a nice jelly mint sauce, it was horrendously expensive, so they cut it out and yesterday presented me with a lime-green caseiro (homemade) version. It was as horrendous tasting as the old offering was horrendously priced. A discussion ensued, in which I lambasted their efforts and told them how to make a real traditional NZ mint sauce, promising to return and give them a sample as I had a spare jar in the fridge.

Time was indeed marching on.

I paid my bill, went and paid my rent.

Now the second thing I had planned (lunch wasn’t in my original plans, that’s what I love about plans, that element of flexibility was to buy a set of saucepans (pots of for our American cousins).

This is the part where I entered therapy. To get to the pots and pans section, I had to walk through the clothes section. I’m sure this is a deliberate plot. I happened to spot a pair of dress trousers, and there glaring at me was my size, 52cm. Draped them over my arm. Then I saw a nice casual but dressy T-shirt, once again, my size was glaring at me, GG (big-big); it joined the trousers draped over my arm.

I finally got to the pots and pans place. The moment I saw this box open on display with it’s dark red-finished non-stick pots, I knew that I had to have it and nothing else would do. The girl took them to the checkout for me, and I had to pass the wine-glasses. I saw a blog post the other day that suggested we need glasses as we get older and had a picture of wine glasses. So true, I thought to myself, so true; and the take 8 – pay for 6 tag was irresistible. New tea towels joined the trousers and T-shirt on my arms as I made my way to the checkout.

My therapy was a success, but by the time I got home the last thing I wanted to do was give an English class ;(my second student had already cancelled, but I still had Marcello at 5:30.

I didn’t actually get home, the taxi stopped in front of the botequim and I recognised a major ‘Fail’ about to happen. I got a bottle of beer and Cloro found me at the bar, “What’s this?” she asked pawing her way into the big bag. I took the wine glasses out in case they fell out. Cloro went to sleep in the bag and I rang my student.

My story was that I had just got home from town and my legs didn’t want to behave like legs, I was exhausted; if you want an English lesson, you’ll have to come to the botequim. Knowing that Marcelo liked his beer, the idea appealed immediately, in fact I could see his eyes light up at the idea; he was still at work, 20kms away.

Another beer, I was now officially waiting for my student. He arrived after the second beer, late as usual. More beer, and then football was on TV, which meant more beer. I finally got home at 9pm.

Today, wasn’t really any different, although I didn’t have lunch, but I did deliver samples of my mint sauce to the restaurant.

There you have it, two consecutive ‘Fail’ days.

Meanwhile, check out this logic…







bottle-yaziYazi is the name on the bottom of my coffee mug.

Led me to explore, it has connections with calligraphy, it’s a game, it’s a Canadian art gallery and it’s a ginger flavoured vodka.

For me it holds bliss in the morning.

Hot, damned hot today, cracking 38°C (100°F) for the first time since winter.

Went into town and paid the rent, and I was soon looking for a cool place. Air conditioned, ice cold beer and BBQ, just what the doctor ordered.

I got home just before 2pm, then my student rang… “Where are you?” I had forgotten completely. A quick hobble was in order getting to the course in record time sweating profusely.

Managed to give a successful lesson.

Back home for a nap.

In the last minutes of sun, I took Cloro to the botequim (pub) for the first time. He nervously explored everything, skittish when cars went past, but he generally made himself at home.

Every time I upload a video with Cloro’s name, stupid YouTube wants me to add the tag +Chlorine; Cloro is chlorine in English, my kitty is not a chemical element.


Banana Smoothie & Stuff

Missed again...

Missed again…

Damn, missed again!

Oh I hate these split days.

Yesterday, I had to pay the rent and I had to go to the supermarket.


Tribe of Gremlins

The contents of my fridge had been reduced to a bottle of sparkling mineral water, lard, ketchup, capers and the remains of last weeks cheese, which had begun to grow a rather nauseous green furry habitat capable of supporting a small tribe of possibly hostile gremlins.

Even a chef would have found it difficult to produce something edible from that lot.


A whole litre of this

By the time I had done all that, there was no time for lunch, so I had to choose something quick ‘n easy. Two bread rolls with cheese (ah, fresh stuff) and a banana smoothie, a whole litre of it.

Today, is a full plate again, although I managed to get rid of the mid-afternoon class, I discovered it was with a student that I have taught and already refused to teach again in the past; a most disagreeable person.

So with the extra time lunch was a tad more nutritious, pork schnitzel, mashed potato (that new potato masher is getting a good workout) and savoury cabbage and mushrooms.

Not this messy!

Not this messy!

Despite having done the dishes during the lunch preparations, the kitchen looks as though it hasn’t been touched for days. It seems that I am doomed to have an unkempt kitchen.

That’s why chefs have staff.

There’s a pot of pork bones on the stove to make stock for tomorrow’s lunch, which will be diced pork something, refried leftover mashed potatoes and something else. Doesn’t that sound exciting? <——– Rhetorical question.

So far today, I haven’t blogged. I have been to class, napped and lunched.

So blogging right along…


Dental Uranus


Strange use of the language

Yes, it exists. Dental Uranus is a dental clinic in Shopping Downtown (Downtown Mall) in Rio de Janeiro.

I wasn’t aware that Uranus had teeth, let alone mine…

I have much to do today and the chances are that it could culminate in a late lunch with wine.

1. Pay the rent. Last time I went to pay the rent I discovered that they had extended their lunch hour by an hour and therefore closed for two hours.

2. Get passport photo taken. I have no idea where yet, need to search.

3. Buy Enos.

4. Buy another shark. (see previous posts) and probably some linguado (sole fillets – halibut). It’s a beefless week, need fish to live on.

5. See if I can make it to lunch before the legs give out on me.

I used to have one of these… Never considered it as a car worth customising.

DeSoto56 modified

1956 De Soto


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