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bellosToscanaYesterday morning’s breakfast at the botequim

Cold roast pork sandwiches, washed down with the remains of the bottle of Italian Bellosguardo Rosso Toscana while nibbling on offered BBQ’d pieces and chicken wings from the BBQ that was in progress.

Does that sound debauched?

I don’t care really about your opinion, it was a rhetorical question after all. My opinion… was yummy!

What a wonderful way to begin a sunny Sunday when there was not a lot else going on.

The fregües (regulars) at the botequim are often bemused by my antics, none the less yesterday. Noises like, “O AV sabe como vivir” (AV knows how to live) and “Ele  não beba vinhos ruins” (He doesn’t drink plonk” were amongst those to be heard.

Of course, I offered them to share my wine, but Brazilians don’t generally drink dry wines, and this was a tart cab sav.


Looks so damned innocent, just bit the hand that feeds me…

Lixo bit me. Yes, the first time he has drawn blood. Sitting in the praça on Saturday night, he jumped up on to the bench for a pet, as he is want to do then he lay down and sunk his teeth into my left wrist.

Once I managed to wrest my wrist from the fangs of the demon feline monster, I became the loving devoted father when faced with an errant son and gave him a sound cuff under the ear and went home nursing my ego as much as my bleeding wrist.

After breakfast yesterday, I found an amazing creature. I found a caterpillar. Now normally caterpillars are cutesy things and don’t usually warrant much attention, but this one did. I stood transfixed as this beast gnawed his way through the leaves on my goiaba branca (white guava) tree like a combine harvester.

Mean green leaf eating machine

Apparently he is the caterpillar of one of the many hawk moth species; a fact that google assures me is a high probability.

An amazing 4+inches of green destruction. Big enough that he could have gone on the BBQ grill as a green sausage.

He’s still there this morning gnawing away happily when I put trimmings out on the compost.

I am leaving him to wend his trail of destruction because I am curious, I hope to catch him during his metamorphosis from the Hulk to elegance.

I am also hoping to capture the process on film… Now there’s a point, in the past you ‘captured something on film’ but today there is no film. The last roll of Kodak has come and gone; should we not change that ‘to capture him on a chip’? Do we now ‘SD’ something rather than ‘film’ it?

You see the problem with the language now? The problems that I face being grammar police’? Is ‘capturing something on film’ going to remain with us as one of those linguistic dinosaurs?



Problems beset us daily, riddles, enigmas and conundra. Things that cause us to stop and think or worry about. Many of them seem inconsequential, but they all are a part of us, our lives.

Take my comment above, for example. ‘The caterpillar was happily gnawing…’ Do caterpillars really feel ‘happy’ when they are wreaking such havoc? Do caterpillars have emotions? Does he ask stupid questions like man, ‘why am I here?’ There is just so much that you won’t find on Wikipedia.

If we stop thinking we are screwed. If we think about them too much, we are screwed.

It’s Monday, whatever we do today, at some stage we will be screwed.

So much screwing going on, I think it It is time for more coffee.


A Symbiotic Relationship


He even gets to pee on something new

Is one where both parties benefit in some way from each other.

Take my relationship with Lixo, for example.

I need nothing.

Lixo wants food, comfort and a medical plan (not Obamacare).

We both get what we need.

Today has just frittered away, it’s already 1:30, lunch is still in the oven, a pork roast.

I have had one of those days consulting the great god google. I put a phrase in the search and see what comes up. I have been looking for repurposing and recycling thisngs like computers, pianos and other junk. It’s surprising what comes up. It’s also a great way to waste a day.

I have discovered that now I need a new stove. This is the second time I have cooked a roast and noticed the smell of gas. Not enough to explode, but sufficient for a headache. I have opened all the windows to air the house, but a woozy head is not a nice sensation.

reverseI often have weird thoughts.

Like the one I had when I saw this meme thingy.

What would happen if animals treated us humans as we treat them?

The leopard has every right to her thong.

We don’t have a very good track record when it comes to such things.

Imagine a rhinoceros wanting human noses, or elephants wanting to rip out our teeth to make ornaments, song birds wanting to keep us in cages for amusement… the list goes on.

*Involuntary shudder*


This is what my roast pork looked like an hour and a half ago. The garlic is already done and the kitchen smells divine. The meat should be ready about now, so…


Want one


Yes, want one!

Saw this while I was browsing yesterday. Although grill plates on left would probably be replaced by pizza oven…

Who needs a garage anyway? I don’t have a car, it only serves to dry my washing on the line when it rains like yesterday.

Actually, it could be built and not encroach on the car parking space. Have to think more about that.

Fourteen bloggers ‘Liked’ my post HungWon-on yesterday, now I’m not complaining, I liked getting so many ‘Likes’ a good half dozen more than my posts normally attract. It has, however, left me grappling with the horns with a dilemma; did they like in sympathy, or were they chortling about an old fool. The latter was reinforced in a letter I got from my younger brother (I am 60+, he is 60-, will be 60 this year) when he referred to “my dotage”.

FalseTeethMy dotage… I was always under the impression that one was in their dotage as they became a little dependent, a little wobbly on their pins, forgetful where they put their beer, unable to spell certain words (I just had 3 attempts to get ‘forgetful’ right, but that was a typo – OKAY?) and mumbling when they speak because they forgot their false teeth.

Couldn’t resist that image… LOL

And, and… use a walking stick. Okay, so I use a walking stick, that’s only 20% of the way to dotage. I’m not there yet!

banhaMoving right along. I almost committed a heinous crime. This is my second ‘beefless‘ week of the month in my resolve to limit the amount of beef I am responsible for. I planned lunch, a lovely pork roast that would warm the cockles of my heart today being coolish, cold sliced pork to go with a salad on a day not cool like today and at least two days of pork sandwiches for nibbles. Then I realised I was going to use beef dripping to cook it in the roasting dish. See how easy it is to fall into little traps. Yes, I buy my dripping, because I don’t roast enough to collect the real McCoy. I used to buy pork lard, but I just recently discovered that the green pack was beef dripping, much preferred because of the flavour. So in the spirit of the ‘beefless‘ week, I will dry roast it and save the lard produced.

stopbelievinginsantaMonday, so far it has been an unMondayish Monday, but there’s plenty of time yet for it to be a Mondaylike Monday.

I’ll leave you with a thought for the week.

Ever wonder why you get socks and underwear for Christmas as an adult?

It’s because you grew up and  adults lack imagination.

It’s 2pm, and I have made only two posts today, both basically images. I haven’t even replied to comments yet.

What do you mean “He gets comments?” Of course I get comments… sometimes, and sometimes they’re from people other than my mother.

The cheek of it… “Do I get comments?”

Which brings me to the point, if you didn’t think I got comments, then it’s about time you did something about it!

Actually, you don’t need to comment, but clicking the ‘Like’ button is a great substitute, it’s not like the real McCoy, but it indicates some effort on your part.

I always usually visit the blog of anybody who comments or likes and I always usually comment or like back, if I like it.

I mean, let’s face it, not all posts/blogs are not everybody’s cup of tea.

This barn is out of kilter, got the idea?

My delay today, was not caused by procrastination; normally it is, but to day not. I had an early class. A 7am start can throw you right out of kilter. I am old, not getting any younger, I deserve a little better than 7am; 10am would be nice, 2pm, even better.

So I am out of kilter.

It’s a thing that can only be corrected overnight. Which means that once you are out of kilter, you remain out of kilter for the rest of the day. Coffee, doesn’t help regardless of how much, it just sloshes to one side or other of the stomach. A nap, doesn’t help either (tried that) you just wake up wondering where you are and what freakin’ day it is; and am I on the right planet?

Which is the reason I put a roast on for lunch at 1:30pm.

I have already reconciled the fact that it will indeed not be lunch, dinner, maybe, but not lunch.

Oh, what am I having? Roast pork leg chop, (you know one of those huge inch+ thick things near the hip) roast potatoes and roast pumpkin, all that with a delicious gravy and subtly minted peas and perversely buttered carrots. Hungry yet? Damn, I am.

So while I am here blogging, my left eye is trolling the kitchen checking on the roast.

I have five blog posts to make yet today, and sitting here entertaining you lot isn’t going to get it done. I had a good day for visitors yesterday, 600+ collectively on all blogs; and, just between you and me, the counter tells me we could do it again today. My new blog Bullshit Corner is beginning to pick up, it was very slow to start, sometimes went days without so much as a hit; so if you feel sorry for me, have an ounce of pity, or simply want to be nosy, hop on over. Who knows, you might like something.

And… I’ll be eternally grateful, especially if you happen to log a new flag, you see I am a flag tramp.

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