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The Fatted Calf

Well, not actually, rather a fatted me. But the title just seemed to fit after yesterday’s.

Some of the goodies on offer

The music started and I fled in a taxi.

It’s only a five minute trip and my table was being prepared as the waiters saw me walk hobble in the door.  My table is about half way down the restaurant, I always sit at the same if it is free. By the time I got there, doffing my hat on the spare chair whilst the other was held ready for me, my beer arrived. Chilled handle, sem colarinho (no head), placed exactly where I like it. Apart from greeting the waiters as I entered, I hadn’t ordered my beer; it just arrives and is often on the table before I get there, if one of the waiters has spied my arrival outside.

The restaurant is probably the classiest in my wild west part of Rio, it’s also the most expensive. The price of the evening rodizio is R$34 (about USD18) plus drinks; beer at R$6.90 a handle. Now that may not seem expensive by 1st world standards, but here it is. So I expect the service, I am also one of their more regular diners; three or four times a month, so they tend to look after me. Especially after an affair a couple of years ago when a request was refused and I boycotted the place for 14 months. Eventually the maitre (the one who had refused my request) found me in another restaurant and apologised, inviting me back for a free meal.

I did go back and I learned he got shit from the owner over the affair, considering the restaurant lost about R$1,500 over the period due to my boycott.

I get treated ever so well.

I got home just in time to see the music pack up and the van drive off, perfect… but not quite. There was a guy there with a mini disco system and they played on until 1am, needless to say I was sleepless until then.

Words will be spoken. Loud music until 1am across the road from my gate is just pure ignorance.


Shock you all!

My mind is blank.

So blank that I left a Post-it note to remind me.

Today, it was work at 7am. Home at 10:30am (work done for the day)

Turn on PC, read e-mails, put all in the ‘pending tray’, check stats.

Indispensable nap.

Woke at 12:00.

It is now 2pm, I am coffeeless, bleary eyed and disorientated. I have a vague recollection that it’s Wednesday and that something always happens on Wednesdays…

Need coffee!


Rectified coffeelessness…

I have a problem…. I can’t lick my wenis! Want to see why? Check here.

Yes, I know this may come as a shock to you all, I mean, it is most inconsiderate that I post two days in a row. It’s just not fair.

Meat sliced straight from the skewer to the plate

Just thought I would dash off a quick note before I go out for dinner. BBQ! All I can eat. Before I begin my regime (diet) tomorrow.

Who else does that? Go out and abuse themselves before going on a diet. I am not actually going to diet, but as a part of my efforts to comply with #CTWW this week I am making some modifications.

Such debauchery!


My World is Stabilising

I have freshly made coffee.

Deodoro is remembered on the current 25 centavo coin

Today is a great day for blogging. I’m pretty sure that’s not what Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca had in mind when he declared Brazil to be a republic on this day 122 years ago. But in doing so he created another public holiday for Brazilians and a great day for blogging for ex-pats.

Yesterday I played:

Wot’s in the Fridge?

I had forgotten to go shopping.

This is what I found…

Left over cooked pasta shells, scrag end of bacon, piece of cheese, two eggs, remains of an open packet of mayonnaise and half a jar of homemade pickled beetroot..

This is what I had for lunch/dinner…

Bacon & garlic pasta salad! Served with two boiled eggs and pickled beetroot.

Aren’t leftovers wonderful?

Little Chef

I mentioned in yesterday’s No Post Today that I wasn’t posting because Rattaouille (the film) was on TV and that it was one of my favourite films. It’s not the all time favourite, but it is a great story about cheffery and after all, I am a chef and like Little Chef, we don’t have recipes we cook by instinct.

So there is more than an element of kinship there.

My previous calamity was resolved. The one where two of my six blogs disappeared at the whim of WordPress. After a heartfelt plea as to why, I got a brief apology from them saying the system shouldn’t have done that and the blogs were restored in all their brilliant glory.

Saturday I was due to have lunch with my ex and a friend of hers. It wasn’t my greatest desire, but I ceded and then found her friend didn’t come, but half the family. Emerson, 17 (healthy boy eats like a horse), Ellen Suelen, 12 complete with broken arm which nobody had told me about, and Emmylee, 5, my Xodó (darling). We went and had Churrasco Rodízio (all-you-can-eat BBQ). Even without dessert and the R$76 bottle of wine were offered that came to a whopping R$215 (USD130 approx) that’s expensive for here. But a good time was had by all. It was Emmylee’s first time in a ‘posh’ restaurant, Emerson ate like the aforementioned horse and Ellen was glad she didn’t have to do the dishes.

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