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No great story…

pubsign29True, no great story started with someone eating salad.

I mean, which would enspire you to read further?

“He swallowed the last of his whisky, the ice cubes tinkling as he raised the glass brusquely…”


“He hastily wrestled in vain with his salad to get it on the fork along with the last piece of crispy tofu!”

Personally, I’d go for the first. Tofu and salad don’t instill the manly vibes necessary for a great story.

It’s going to be stifling today.

I’ve watered the plants.

I’ve done the dishes.

I’ve posted on seven blogs, this is my eighth; there’ one to go.

I’ve finally emptied my e-mails, replied and/or visited blogs.

It’s so quiet outside, deathly silent. I opened the gate to check that the world was still out there.

Today, as I mentioned is a holiday for businesses, we teachers get our holiday on Wednesday. That doesn’t mean much to me, I don’t have classes, it’s a day off anyway.

I was disturbed to read yesterday in four consecutive headlines about the deaths of Peter Falk, Lauren Bacall, Tony Curtis and Ernest Borgnine… Hell, they’re dropping off like flies. These are names that I grew up with; making it abundantly apparent that I’m in the queue.

I must learn to use my ‘Reader’. Some of the blogs that I have subscribed to, for some reason, don’t notify me by e-mail and I miss their posts. Today, I remembered to use it, and all the posts were ones that had e-mailed me… but then it’s Monday, what could you expect.

It’s also nearly lunch time. I’m off to cook the rest of the white fish left over from yesterday’s sushi. Then I will take it next door to the botequim, and snack with beer while gazing across te park in the shimmering haze.

As I lack further inspration, I can only say…


Things that go with beer

In my fridge there are some things which go with beer.

In my fridge

In my fridge

Like bacon, gherkins, olives and hotdogs.

There’s also cheese in the door, Camembert, Brie, Gouda and ordinary stuff.

And not considering, more beer.

The small piece of steak doesn’t count, that’s Princess Clorinha’s bit of steak. Only the best for my pussy.

Lunch yesterday was a salad. rolled ham, slices of corn beef and mustard, lettuce and potato salads. with tomatoes and parsley from my garden.

I felt so, so healthy.

It was great.

But then one healthy burp and a good fart later, I was hungry again.

Last night I was up at 12:30, having gone to bed at 10. Can’t remember what woke me, but I was on the PC for a couple of hours. I actually got most of my posts up in that time. Still not sleepy, I started browsing through old photos, and then disaster!

I felt like...

I felt like…

I killed a file with more than 1,000 Brazilian photos off a pendrive. Of course pendrive deletes don’t go into the Lixeira (Trash).

Now I have to figure out if I can recover them…

Back – Took a break to recover photos, some are corrupted but it looks like I saved about 70%.

Last night I had an urge. Comfort food!

I haven’t had bread ‘n butter pudding for ages and I just happened to have some leftover stalish bread. So guess what? Half an hour later I was eating freshly made hot B&B pudding with thick cream on top. It was so yummy, sultanas, raisins, jam and cinnamon! Talk about nostalgia and childhood memories.

Yesterday, I hit a new record, my post Hump Along crept up to 17 ‘Likes’, unprecedented.

I had to laugh last night reading the news. Putin giving a speech somewhere urging Europe’s leaders against aggression… unbloodybelievable! What a freakin’ hypocrite!

Missy Kirchner from Argentina is squealing, “It’s not a default, call it something else!” Then in this morning’s news, the judge has criticised her for telling ‘half truths’ about it affair to try to lessen the impact.

Ebola virus is out of control. The death toll has risen to 760+/-. WHO are now saying that the world is not prepared for this and we were too slow in acting to prevent spreading. Could this be our reckoning?

People need a reset button.


Reset button

So that when we face palm…

Face palm

Face palm

We auto-reset and the world returns to normal.

Talking about normal, I read a blog post yesterday about a woman who let her daughter have a pet cockroach, named Fluffy, no less. Today, it had escaped.

Is this a new fad?

He wants to go walkies!

He wants to go walkies!






The Silly Season is over. I have five days to prepare for the first classes… I can do it!

I am tottering around the house having had only one coffee, I don’t really feel like doing anything.

Yesterday belonged to the wine.

LambruscoBiancaapaltagua-gran-verano-carmenere-rosadoLambrusco Bianca, a frizzante (slightly fizzy) from Italy and some Chilean Apaltagua rosado carmenere; ideal for quaffing.

Both good wines. Went well with BBQed pork and rump steak and my famous ‘what’s-in-the-fridge’ salad.

This time it was chopped gherkins, olives, capers, crystalised fruit, cheese cubes and someMaille à l’ ancienne mustard with a little olive oil to moisten.

You can make wonderful salads this way, just whatever is on hand, chop, mix and stir.

The rest of the day was uneventful, and remained so until bedtime, although I was able to get a couple more blog posts in.

Now I have to face the dishes. The sink is full, they are on the stove, the side board. In fact, I can’t turn around in the kitchen without dishes.

I’ll have a nap, they’ll be there when I wake.



Phubbing = Phone Snubbing

Phubbing = Phone Snubbing

I just hate it!

I just learned the word today, in the last half hour in fact.

I have been the victim of phubbing, yes, I have been phubbed by my own daughter in a restaurant in fact. I pointed out the error of her ways and she sheepishly put her phone away to enjoy the meal.

The epitome of ignorance, I will not tolerate it.

Imagine this scene…

"You may now phub the bride!"

“You may now phub the bride!”

Have you ever been phubbed?

Blackcurrant Liqueur

Blackcurrant Liqueur

Yesterday was hot and sunny, wonderful day for a BBQ. Not a lot of BBQ meat, but I put out pickled beetroot and onions. Brazilians don’t know about pickled beetroot, and it proved more popular than the meat. There was also a carpaccio salad with asparagus, olives and capers oozing with extra virgin olive oil. We followed that with a liqueur tasting.

Most Brazilians don’t know about liqueurs; really in some ways Brazilians are quite unrefined. I put out Cassis (black currants), Cacão (cocoa), Frangelico and Malibu, and made a couple of simple cocktails with grated dark chocolate. They were amazed; I felt like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

So it was a fun afternoon, the sun went down, Flamengo won their game 3-0, the wind began to blow in the darkness and we all teetered off home; some wobblier than others.

If we hadn’t departed for our various abodes, it may well have become a case of “The drunker I sit here, the longer I get…”

I was in bed at 8:45… that’s why I didn’t get round to posting here yesterday. I just wanted “lights out”.

I wait forlornly for my new stove to arrive; it was suggested Monday or Tuesday, I fear Tuesday will be closer to the mark. Which is going to interfere with my payday arrangements, something always goes awry.

Today is cooler, overcast, a little drizzle, but just looking out the window there are darker, more ominous clouds in the distance. As long as they stay in the distance until after 4pm when I will be safely in class.

That’s it.

This is not the 9 o’clock news…


Eating Healthy

How Lixo keeps cool on a hot day

How Lixo keeps cool on a hot day, he doesn’t like salads

It’s not something that I do often. My tastes in food border on the capricious; I like something, I eat it.

But today I decided on a salad, which was a good idea on a hot day. It would have been nice to have decent ham off the bone, but I sufficed with slices rolled together with provolone cheese; that with lettuce, tomato, onion and boiled eggs.

The thing with salads is they’re filling as you eat them, but half an hour later, one good fart and you’re hungry again.

Yes, it's one of those that require a lot of space behind it

Yes, it’s one of those that require a lot of space behind it, space that I haven’t got

This morning I managed to get the PC across to the kids, set it up for them, got my 29″ TV in return and came home.

I wasn’t sure if the TV even worked, or why the ex was giving it to me. But once I got it home and plugged in, it worked a treat. Now I have to rearrange the living room to accommodate the leviathan. Good excuse for a spring-clean.

Now I have to buy a remote for it. Maybe tomorrow when I go to pay the rent. I’m not giving up my old TV just yet, it has a remote. So the spring-clean will be tomorrow at the earliest.

Students have canceled.

Whoopie! Beer o’clock!


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