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Intelligent… you’re kidding!

shock-me-say-something-intelligent-499x330You’ve read my blog.

You know that would be difficult.

Really, expecting a blogger to say something intelligent.

Mind you, the blogs I read are  cut above Twitter, FaceBook, etc in the intelligent stakes.

*Thinks* Say something intelligent…

I know! Bruschetta. Does that sound intelligent enough? Today at the supermarket I bought a jar of asparagus bruschetta. Imported, therefore correspondingly expensive. Even the girl at the checkout did a double take at the R$14.95 price; then asked me what it was… Fortunately, I was able to display my intelligence and told her.

So tonight, I am looking forward to Provolone cheese, Camembert with bruschetta on toast for supper while I muse at the rights wrongs of the world on the news and drown myself in Sauvignon Blanc.

Life is a bitch!

twitterlogoAnother example of my ‘intelligence’. I twittered a tweet yesterday like a real twit. I made a spelling mistake, actually it was an honest typo and I didn’t proof before posting. It was in relation to my dishes ‘seering’ (sic) at me. Now here’s the rub, it has turned out to be my most retweeted tweet. All the world now knows I am a twit and fully qualify to have a Twitter account.

The most expensive set of teeth in history. Not even your Harley Street dentist would be so brazen to charge this much. Suarez, the biter of Italian football player fame, has been sold to Braca for  a whopping £75m; that’s an expensive set of teeth. Liverpool wanted shot of him for obvious reasons. It’s believed that a season’s supply of muzzles were included in the deal as well as team-sized rabies shots to protect the Barca players in the event he takes a liking for Rioja with his players.

The concession stands in the Brazilian stadiums have apologised for over-pricing the popcorn putting it out of reach of Suarez’ pocket, causing him to snack on Italians.

Remember yesterday, I was lamenting the ability for proper rain… Well, I walked to class and stayed dry. During class it rained so hard, I was expecting to see cats and dogs floating in the gutters. Rua Olinda Ellis (the main drag hereabouts) was a river on the drive home. Had I not had a corona (lift) home, I would have been looking for a canoe.

My trip to the supermarket wasn’t without problems. Clorinha decided to follow me out and to the corner where I wait for a van. It began to rain, I had one wet pussy meowing at me; too stupid to go back home in the dry.

Nap time…



We Joked about it

My Mother - Happy Birthday

My Mother – Happy Birthday

Yes, my Mother and I joked on the phone about about her getting to 90, like her two sisters,  two days after her 89th birthday, 24 hours later she collapsed on the bathroom floor, her innings was over.

Then I got that dreaded phone call from my brother.

Had she not, today she would have been 90.

I never knew her as she looked in this photo. I hadn’t seen her for 17 years, the last time I was in NZ. I remember her as a younger person, a vital person.

So today is not an easy day for me. I had a restless night, I was up several times, most of my day’s blogging was done about 3am.

With my blogging completed, my day is already different. I was out watering my plants early before the sun had risen too high. I had to, because of the earlier than usual class yesterday, they didn’t get their evening watering.

Yesterday was hot as I said yesterday, today the forecast is for even hotter, so I may look for an air conditioned restaurant and while away the day in the company of a bottle of chilled sauvignon blanc, it’s the only sensible thing to do. Not to get drunk and forget about the significance of the day, I don’t do that; but a bottle of chilled wine merely goes wonderfully with a meal on a hot day.



I have a cunning plan

humor162But before we go in to that, I need a coffee refill.


Back with the aforementioned coffee. Now where was I? Ah yes, the cunning plan. It’s a plan so cunning…

Do you remember, or know of Blackadder?

Sir Edmund Blackadder is perfect British humour. I loved the series as it tracked the Blackadders through history.

Here’s a clip about a cunning plan.

Now that you understand a cunning plan. I’ll tell you mine.

Brazeiro, Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro

Brazeiro, Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro

I am going to escape the drudgery of staying at home on a Sunday and blogging. I am going out for lunch. As today is my last day of my ‘beef’ week, I am going out for a rodizio BBQ at Brazeiro, my favourite restaurant at the end of the known world situated on Esquena da pecado (Sin Corner).

It is the perfect ‘dead cow’ experience, although it also serves dead pig, dead chicken and dead sauasages.

Lunch will include a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, or tankards of beer; I haven’t decided yet. I am expecting a fellow teacher colleague, friend to be in attendance as well, although she hasn’t confirmed yet.

Lixo - Baby photo

Lixo – Baby photo

Most of you know that I have a big ginger tomcat named Lixo (Rubbish) named so because of the circumstances in which I found him. The young lady, of Friday’s acquaintance, in formed me on hearing the tale that I should have named him Reciclagem (Recycle) because he was Lixo, but I recycled him to pet status, but Reciclagem doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as Lixo, so he stays my little ‘rubbish’.

The photo is of when he was a little rubbish, he’s a big boy now. Quite a respectable Tomcat, and heavy.

Must away, desmellify, and make myself presentable.



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