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Asi es la vida


This is the life, no?

Asi es la vida, no? This is the life, no?

In the south of Bolivia, near Uyuni, there is a cemetery.

No one is buried there, but rusting dead trains sit on kilometres of disused rail tracks and lay sprawled across the sands.

Several have suffered graffiti but one in particular tells it like it is.

I used to travel through here on a monthly basis when I was a tour guide in the mid-90s and always marvelled at this train.

flaxflulogoI saw this photo today, and it reminded me. This is the life… Saturday BBQ and beer in the sun and today in the evening classic Brazilian football (soccer) arch rivals Flamengo and Fluminense (FlaFlu battling it out for over 100 years) at 7:30 this evening, and of course, more beer.

There is a high chance that there could be some beer in the afternoon as well to accompany another sunny day.

On the not-so-good front, it appears that the US spying scandal is threatening the internet. With Brazil and Germany (and Europe) so far making plans to divide the net into regional entities.

zzYou're_screwedBasically, the US has screwed the net. This could mean the end of cloud computing, I saw yesterday an estimate of American cloud based companies losing $35bn by 2016.

Already there are pop-up warnings on some sites like, “This message may be subject to American espionage!”

The last few posts we have talked about penises, testicles, boobs and a happy pussy.

Happy Pussy

Happy Pussy

This has given me a great insight as to my readers’ preferences by measuring the ‘Likes’. Posts without the unmentionables score low, boobs and a happy pussy come next, then testicles and top ‘Likes’ go to penis posts.

This is not a trend, it doesn’t foretell the future content of my posts, but it is interesting.

Meanwhile, I must blog along

They say one must make hay while the sun shines. I have no intention of making hay, but lunch and beer are high on the list of priorities.

Ah, this is the life, no?



bellosToscanaYesterday morning’s breakfast at the botequim

Cold roast pork sandwiches, washed down with the remains of the bottle of Italian Bellosguardo Rosso Toscana while nibbling on offered BBQ’d pieces and chicken wings from the BBQ that was in progress.

Does that sound debauched?

I don’t care really about your opinion, it was a rhetorical question after all. My opinion… was yummy!

What a wonderful way to begin a sunny Sunday when there was not a lot else going on.

The fregües (regulars) at the botequim are often bemused by my antics, none the less yesterday. Noises like, “O AV sabe como vivir” (AV knows how to live) and “Ele  não beba vinhos ruins” (He doesn’t drink plonk” were amongst those to be heard.

Of course, I offered them to share my wine, but Brazilians don’t generally drink dry wines, and this was a tart cab sav.


Looks so damned innocent, just bit the hand that feeds me…

Lixo bit me. Yes, the first time he has drawn blood. Sitting in the praça on Saturday night, he jumped up on to the bench for a pet, as he is want to do then he lay down and sunk his teeth into my left wrist.

Once I managed to wrest my wrist from the fangs of the demon feline monster, I became the loving devoted father when faced with an errant son and gave him a sound cuff under the ear and went home nursing my ego as much as my bleeding wrist.

After breakfast yesterday, I found an amazing creature. I found a caterpillar. Now normally caterpillars are cutesy things and don’t usually warrant much attention, but this one did. I stood transfixed as this beast gnawed his way through the leaves on my goiaba branca (white guava) tree like a combine harvester.

Mean green leaf eating machine

Apparently he is the caterpillar of one of the many hawk moth species; a fact that google assures me is a high probability.

An amazing 4+inches of green destruction. Big enough that he could have gone on the BBQ grill as a green sausage.

He’s still there this morning gnawing away happily when I put trimmings out on the compost.

I am leaving him to wend his trail of destruction because I am curious, I hope to catch him during his metamorphosis from the Hulk to elegance.

I am also hoping to capture the process on film… Now there’s a point, in the past you ‘captured something on film’ but today there is no film. The last roll of Kodak has come and gone; should we not change that ‘to capture him on a chip’? Do we now ‘SD’ something rather than ‘film’ it?

You see the problem with the language now? The problems that I face being grammar police’? Is ‘capturing something on film’ going to remain with us as one of those linguistic dinosaurs?



Problems beset us daily, riddles, enigmas and conundra. Things that cause us to stop and think or worry about. Many of them seem inconsequential, but they all are a part of us, our lives.

Take my comment above, for example. ‘The caterpillar was happily gnawing…’ Do caterpillars really feel ‘happy’ when they are wreaking such havoc? Do caterpillars have emotions? Does he ask stupid questions like man, ‘why am I here?’ There is just so much that you won’t find on Wikipedia.

If we stop thinking we are screwed. If we think about them too much, we are screwed.

It’s Monday, whatever we do today, at some stage we will be screwed.

So much screwing going on, I think it It is time for more coffee.


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