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Something Wonky

Not sage advice... just sage

Not sage advice… just sage

Yes, there is something wonky. Gravatars are not showing up today, not on my blogs or any others. Annoying.

Another day off, another ‘do nothing’ day. Cloudy and windy with the prospect of rain. There is also the prospect of another BBQ; plenty left over from yesterday.

My sage plant is growing fast, it’s actually twice the height as in the photo.

On reflection, there is nothing actually to write about. Not even a Silly Box today.

America’s shame. It does look like the report on the CIA has stirred up a can of worms. There are calls from many quarters demanding prosecutions. Could be a shake up like America has never seen before. Meanwhile Obama is saying “let’s move on,” as though to sweep the dirt under the proverbial carpet.

BP has lost its latest appeal over Gulf costs. Go on, pay up you capitalist bastards, pay until it hurts!

Greenpeace activits have been naughty. The Peruvian government is not at all happy with their lates protest and are threatening to sue the organisation.

Protesters have left a message on the famed Nazca lines - Image BBC

Protesters have left a message on the famed Nazca lines – Image BBC

Source: BBCNews

Must trot along and see if the beer is cold.


The weather took a turn

It was forecast, but yesterday as I left for work, the heavens opened. I got halfway there and got soaked, so I came back home and rang my student, moved the lesson to Friday.

Rained all night.

Today, I have been curled up in bed between posts. Huddled under a blanket in my woolly sweat pants and two t-shirts.

My Nap-fu practice, is normally flop on the bed in my underpants, quite inelegant, which is why I have never taken a selfie. But today there was no ‘flopping’ rather a slow crawling lethargic roll to get under the blanket.

I cleaned it

I cleaned it

Yesterday, Posted a picture of my bule (coffeepot).

I was quite shamed by its state, so ashamed in fact that last night I spent 20 minutes scrubbing it.

Today it sits there almost gleaming.

I have been reading some posts recently about tea drinking and the associated benefits, also some of the comments received have alluded to the tea drinking habits of the British.

Since yesterday, I have been drinking tea; black tea without suger, which is how I prefer it.

Sorry, doesn’t cut the mustard.

This afternoon I am back on coffee; that mug of liquid sanity.

The latest member of my entourage.

skinnytortoiseshellA scrawny tortoiseshell.

She’s from the same household as Kitty. I have no idea what her name is, but she has taken a liking to me. Or is it the cat food she has taken a liking to?

She’s more friendly than Kitty and jumps up willingly on the sofa for a petting.

She’s got a long skinny rats tail, but I like my cats with big fluffy tails, like Cloro and Clorinha.

My yesterday’ post about the chages to WP posting page got misunderstood. I like the changes, but being faced with them at 1:30am without coffee was rather daunting. For those of you reading, if you have had problems with the post preview, it’s probably because you have pop-ups blocked; like me. The preview now comes as a pop-up page. I don’t know why they fixed it, the new tab was working fine. My philosophy is if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. I still want to know what a ‘slug’ is (found under advanced setting).

They say the internet is full. There is a likelyhood of it shutting down.

Is the internet ‘full’ and are we in for a rocky ride over the next few weeks? Photograph: Alamy Click the image if you want the BBCNews about this

That’s a worry, if the internet shuts down, I’ll have to do other things, like the dishes…

ISPs with old equipment are already being affected. Hence the FB outage a week or so ago.

Mind you, FB wouldn’t be a great loss.

But the mind boggles at the thought of a blogless world.

Here in Brazil, we received a shock yesterday. Eduardo Campos, one of the presidential hopefuls for this year’s elections in October, was killed in a plane crash. There are six serious candidates, Campos and Aércio Neves were the two choices in my mind. The other four, include a slovenly disinterested cuss, a slime ball, an ex-evangelical preacher who is crawling up the collective religious asshole and the blonde bimbo incumbent; who was top of the pops. I am hopeful that Campos’ followers will migrate to Neves and knock the blonde bimbo off her perch.

The whole dynamic of October has been thrown into disarray.

I must get organised. Fifteen minutes before I am due to leave for class. At least it isn’t raining so I should get there dry and cold.


To Scale a Mountain

No, not Mt Everest

No, not Mt Everest

Yes, I have to scale a mountain.

No, it’s not a Mt Everest type mountain, I am referring to the pile of dishes that is htaunting me from the kitchen sink.

Had BBQ, was delicious.

I am going to delicious again today with the leftovers. But I have to conquer Mt Dishes first.

I was going to take a photo, but I decided I was too ashamed to let you see the devastation.

A comment yesterday, gave me something to think about. Sean expressed a level of envy at my lifestyle. I had never thought about that before. I had always considered that my lifestyle was rather mundane, soaked in wine, but ordinary. That someone could be jealous, never occurred to me. Perhaps, my eleven years travelling around South America and having all sorts of adventures, could make some jealous. But the tedium of beer, BBQ and dishes… nah!

It’s going to be another tedious day.

Cloudy, but not the rainy sort of cloudy, just the type of cloudy that takes the heat out of the sun type cloudy.

I am behind in replying to comments, again. I’ll have to get on with them after this post. It beats doing the dishes for another 10 minutes.

I saw this the other day…


Then I saw this…


Really makes me wonder what is happening on this planet.

And then some idiot did this…


And now we have…


Well, I hope you had a laugh, it’s good for body and soul.



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