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Still Looks Like a Frog

All poped out.

royal baby frogRoyal baby, Prince William is proud that his jewels are in fine working order, he finally has a playmate to run nude with around the castle.

The baby looks like any baby, they look like a frog. Trouble is this one will grow up to be a prince without the traditional kiss.

Today is raining… lots. Will be for the rest of the popes visit. Now if that isn’t an omen…

Last lesson over for the day, ate a dead shark for lunch; the live ones are tricky, they tend to bite back. Next five days… blogging.


I may update later, right now, it’s nap time.


Yes, I’m going batty!


Yesterday was Monday. I should have known better to do anything on a Monday. It just begs for something to go wrong.

atorreWhat began as a simple purchase… took all day to resolve.; Brazilian bureaucracy.

Anyway, I succeeded and it will be delivered Friday.

I saw this three weeks ago, and just knew it would fit nicely in a particular corner. I don’t by big things like this very often, but I liked it. It is the second major furniture purchase that I have made since moving here. So I am quite pleased. Shopping is such good therapy.

So, while I was absent here, it was for a good cause.

I have had a good surprise today, Tomus Arcanum has had an extraordinary number of visits. Well over 100, which is great. I wish I knew what prompted the rush. Most of the visits have been to the link above relating to Sydney’s Floating Forest. There are some external forces at work.

I see the most important news of the day is Angela Jolie losing her tits. Wow, that is so important… Quite frankly, who gives a shit? Why don’t people pay the same attention to the world’s governments, the environment,things that matter? I find this whole thing of idolising stars pathetic, it’s a sickness.

Much more interesting is that astronaut Chris Hadfield has conquered space. Now he’s conquering the Internet, too.

International Space Station Commander, Chris Hadfield, performs a revised version of David Bowies Space Oddity. Seen in this video is the Larrivée Parlor guitar that has found it’s home on the ISS for the last decade. Chris has used this Parlor, the first acoustic guitar in space, to write and record the first musical recordings in space. Here at Larrivée we refer to Chris as “The Space Cowboy”.

Bought another shark yesterday, cut the fillets and fried it off tonight. Lixo was in heaven, all these little scraps of fish…



Dental Uranus


Strange use of the language

Yes, it exists. Dental Uranus is a dental clinic in Shopping Downtown (Downtown Mall) in Rio de Janeiro.

I wasn’t aware that Uranus had teeth, let alone mine…

I have much to do today and the chances are that it could culminate in a late lunch with wine.

1. Pay the rent. Last time I went to pay the rent I discovered that they had extended their lunch hour by an hour and therefore closed for two hours.

2. Get passport photo taken. I have no idea where yet, need to search.

3. Buy Enos.

4. Buy another shark. (see previous posts) and probably some linguado (sole fillets – halibut). It’s a beefless week, need fish to live on.

5. See if I can make it to lunch before the legs give out on me.

I used to have one of these… Never considered it as a car worth customising.

DeSoto56 modified

1956 De Soto


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