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I know it’s time…

food-forkandknifeYes, I’m not stupid. I know it’s time to do the dishes when I run out of knives and forks. I only have three knives and four forks, so I often get to do the dishes. I must buy more, that way I can put off the inevitable.

I haven’t blogged much today, yet.

This is only the fourth blog I’ve posted on. This just goes to show that I don’t always leave you to the last minute before I panic out the door to go to class.

The order in which I post on my blogs is fairly random; a lot depends on inspiration and images that give me ideas that I have saved recently.

For example, yesterday I saw this wonderful image. Some Oscars and a Pictus Catfish. It behooved me to post it, because I had both these fish in one of my many aquariums many years ago.


There, aren’t they beauties?

I love fish, to sit and watch them is so relaxing.

In fact, today’s lunch is fish. Peppered Sole (Halibut) fillets in a macaroni & parsley white white sauce casserole. It was going to be a lasagna, but I didn’t have any. Have to make do with what’s on hand.

Remember a week ago I made a Shepherd’s Pie…


I did take a photo of it before I ate. Look at that lovely cheese crunch on top. That served me four meals.

Overcast today, no rain, but cool. I needed a cover over me last night, mainly to avoid the mosquitoes, but it was very cool overnight.

No classes today, so after lunch it will be beer o’clock.

I just went out to check the mail, the botequim is closed… So I have substituted beer for wine… Sip Happens!

CandelaLegendExtThe wine that found its way into the freezer before lunch is a Candela Legend Sauvignon Blanc/Semillion 2003.

The legend – “The legend speaks of a shadow of light, dancing through the vineyards in the heart of the night. Everyone knew her name and many were captivated by her splendor. Candela, a magical enigma, igniting passion and inspiration with the light of her dance”.

There is very little on the net about Candela Legend wines from Argentina, some info about reds, but no whites.

Produced by Bodegas Escrihuela Gasgcón, which returns no results, although I have managed to track the bodega to the Cuyo area of Mendoza.

This wine will feature on my new Wednesday Whine feature tomorrow.

Well, lunch is in the oven, This post was written between the keyboard and the kitchen.


After lunch, disappointed with the wine, wouldn’t make that casserole again.

Time to renap, I’ve already had one today; it’s great being old…



My Little Pussy

Got your attention?


Last night I went along to visit Clorinha, I took the camera. Unfortunately the battery was almost flat, so I didn’t get great shots as I was more worried about getting the camera to work, than composition.

Clorinha's first public appearance

Clorinha’s first public appearance

She’s about five weeks old.

And one with Mommy…


Yesterday at the supermarket, I bought her first bag of kitty food; and this morning I prepared the kitty litter box between coffees.

Lunch today will be Shepherd’s Pie… I need to find some fresh Shepherds.

Four cans just leapt off the shelf into my shopping cart

Four cans just leapt off the shelf into my shopping cart

Had a terrible night last night, up and down for cold showers to combat the heat, and drinking cold water like a fish to combat the dry horrors from the salted BBQ meat. I drank three cans of Guinness at the BBQ.

Yes, I found Guinness in the supermarket, so I got four cans. Then a bit further along the shelf there was Murphy’s Irish Stout…

I’m beginning to believe there may be a God after all.

I drank most of the Guinness as Black ‘n Tans to make the stout go further; and then there was the bottle of Argentine white wine…

It was a great afternoon.

Today is forecast to be hotter than yesterday, so beer will be a feature of the day again. I can tolerate the heat as long as there is beer within reach.

Time for a nap I believe. Most of my blogging is done for the day.


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