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I Feel a Bit of a Dill

A dill...

A dill…

A couple of comments yesterday feel that I should do nothing more often.

I would like to. Doing nothing is so relaxing, but I feel that it could be come a permanent affliction.

While it is nice for a change, I do like to be doing something.

I did something today. So it wasn’t a nothing day. I only hope that it doesn’t impair the quality of my post.

It’s another incredibly hot dry day. Knowing that this was to be the case, I watered the plants before they had a chance to wilt.

Then I went to town.

The first thing I bought was a small rosemary seedling. So now I have parsley, sage rosemary and thyme. Love that song.

Then it was off to the ‘sushi’ shop. It’s not actually a sushi shop, but has bulk foods and healthy crap. I got some seaweed, some seasoning, white pepper, sushi rice, and I was taken with a bottle of oyster sauce. I have no idea what it is, or what it tastes like yet, but I’ll experiment. Next I found myself in the street where I was told there was a butchery that sold chorizo (black pudding), I got a kilo (couple of punds). Then I went hunting for a chopping board, I found some, boy they were expensive, R$30 odd. Gave them a miss and bought a new steall serving tray at R$13. Weighed down with my goodies, I went and paid the rent. The morning was wearing on, and at 11am I got a van home.

Unpacked and examined my purchases and had a Nap-fu practice.

Woke at the appointed hour and made lunch. Black pudding, boiled potatoes and cauliflower au gratin. Took that to the botequim to have with a beer and watch the news.

Two hours later, I needed to revisit my Nap-fu exercises, from which I have just woken.

1984Yesterday I read about dystopia. I had heard the word before, but never really knew what it meant. In particular it was in reference to George Orwell’s 1984, the book, and made the comment that such things never happen because they are implausible. How blind can a person be? We are in the middle of 1984 now! Not only that, we have gone beyond the horrors written about by Orwell, and are well on the way to a nuclear war.

I shudder to think about what will happen in the next few years in the Middle East.

Ebola, today in the news Ebola is now in Brazil. A traveller from Guinea arrived in September; 21 days later he was interned yesterday as a suspected Ebola carrier. This hasn’t been confirmed yet, but he is in isolation in Rio and tests are being done. The 78 people that he has had contact with are also under observation. While he has some of the symptoms, but not all, they’re taking no chances. It is spreading. The death rate has now passed 4,000. Britain is furthering the implementation of screening.

The government in Hong Kong called off talks due today, igniting the protests again as thousands take to the streets in peaceful action. The movement has definitely not run out of steam, and the deputy leader has no idea what sh’es doing.

Horrified to read that some schools are removing swings from children’s playgrounds because they are dangerous and can lead to insurance claims. The problem lies with children entering the arc of the swing and being knocked over. Sure there is a danger there. But parents, teachers and caregivers need ot teach the kids how to avoid injury. Hell, if we remove everything that presents a mild threat, we will have kids growing up without a sense of reality. When I was a kid, a bloody knee, a broken collarbone or a bruise was treated the Medal of Honour.

Now I must behave like a teacher.


Bigger, Faster & Meaner

Bigger, meaner & faster

Bigger, meaner & faster

This is my first post today at 11:15am.

I had an early class at 8:30; the student didn’t arrive, so I needed some therapy to overcome the angst.

Yes, I went shopping!

Yes, I bought my fans. One on a column and the other table top, same brand, both 50cm. The last ones I had were 30cm & 40cm, adequate, but not hurricane-like like these ones.

Sitting here in my underpants (I know, the visual is not becoming, so don’t try) with the wind blasting my right side; and it’s only on half speed.

I fear if I put it on full, it’ll send me juddering into the kitchen. It’s going to play havoc with my coffee temperature. I’ll pour fresh coffee and before I know it, it’ll be iced coffee.

I am set for a comfortable summer.

Still headlines in the news; Prince George is going to have a private christening, how sweet? Hardly news headlines.

Now it’s Germany’s Merkle who’s got her knickers in a twist over spying on her cellphone. Both France and Germany have called for the subject to be put on the agenda for the next EU meeting. I can see the Americans getting a solid crack over the knuckles over this; and so they should.

My early evening students have just canceled, leaving one student at 7pm. It’ll be cooler then to walk to work. Now that we have entered hora da verão (daylight savings) walking to work at 5:30 is a horrid sweaty ordeal.

Oh dear, I napped under the cool breeze and forgot to post… 🙂




Good Friday = Two Naps

bartjesusYes, for me a good Friday is one when I can justify and squeeze in not one, but two naps.

At 10am I was showered and smelled good. I had decided to go out.

I got to the other side of the park and had a quick chat with a neighbour and it began to rain.

Trip cancelled, home to bed for a nap.

I had planned to go to the plant shop, then the supermarket and the fish market, by the time all that was done there would have been a strong possibility I would have caved into the whim and gone to Brazeiro (BBQ restaurant for lunch).

Now that would have made it a great Friday.

But instead, I had to settle for a good Friday and the last two bread rolls with garlic butter (last Sunday’s leftovers) for breakfast.

Woke, read the news, none of it any good. Posted, read my emails, visited some blogs, then it began to rain… second nap while frozen lump of pork was boiling for lunch.

5pm, pork has boiled, I still haven’t had lunch… However, I am giving the idea a lot of thought. So is my belly.


I don’t do Mornings

dr_alarmEspecially Monday mornings.

Actually, I do do mornings, it’s just that Monday mornings have this reputation that must be upheld.

Yesterday I made an amazing discovery.

One that I am sure will go down in the Annals of Improbable Research. Who knows, I mat even be in line for and Ignoble Award.

It came to me as I was pondering over Mercury thiocyanate, now most of my readers and visitors don’t ponder over such mundane matters, but I thought it of interest and duly posted on my Tomus Arcanum blog.

While embroiled in my research pondering, Lixo was sound asleep on the bed. I crept out of the bedroom to the bathroom, and time the interval between audibly lowering the toilet seat until Lixo arrived rubbing himself against my legs for a scratch as he is want to do. An incredible 12 seconds elapsed. To wake and wander the length of the house for a scratch… incredible; 12 seconds.

So you can see why I should be in line for an appearance at the annual Annals of Improbable Research Ignoble prize awards.

An example of the type of research that qualified for these awards.

Scary coffee headline of the week: Two cups to incontinence

This new article adds fuel of some sort to the ever-brewing debates as to whether coffee has tremendously good effects on people, or tremendously bad effects, or tremendously few effects, or all of the aforementioned, or none:

Talking my fish for a walk… I love this photo

I had pan-fried fish for lunch yesterday, and will have poached fish for lunch today and deep-fried tomorrow.

I defrosted the fridge on Saturday night for something of interest to do during the TV ad breaks, as a result the fish thawed out. Now I have to use it. I am hoping that will be the last fridge defrost I have to do.

Now the plan to get the new fridge is tomorrow, couldn’t do it over the weekend because fridge owner went to São Paulo for the weekend.

Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria after the fire

Yesterday, Brazil suffered it’s worst nightclub fire tragedy, In the Rio Grande do Sul city of Santa Maria, after a band decided to have a pyrotechnic display on stage indoors, the soundproofing material above caught alight and engulfed the club with fire and toxic smoke; 233 people, mainly students from the local university, died.

Since, I started writing, the death toll has risen to 245.

Regulations for public venues in Brazil exist, but there are little or no inspections. In this case, there were no fire escape doors, only the entrance and it has been reported that this was locked to prevent people entering without paying.

Well, I was supposed to be going to the dentist with ex and then shopping for school material for Emmylee, but it is now 9:30am and no sign of them. I have most of my blogging up to date to accommodate my absence, and now there’s nothing to do.

I suppose I could should wash the dishes.

Twice in two days, the kitchen would die of shock.


Some days…

…it just isn’t worth getting out of bed.

failed_stampDuring the weekend, I had a shit connection which lasted until Monday night. Yesterday, what I saw of it over the keyboard, the connection was okay. Yesterday was my pay and shopping day. I lost $100! Two R$50 notes in my top pocket disappeared, grrrrrrrr!

Today, I just tried posting a video clip on my Things that Fizz & Stuff blog, but the WordPress blog options didn’t give that blog as an option…. Oh cool, so I posted a bogus post here and thought Okay, copy paste into the correct blog. Wrong! So I had to make a link here and leave the bogus post.

That explains the XXX post.

Cool today, a little sun, but mainly cloud cover.

Connection is good.

The coffee is good.

Coffee is always good, but it’s getting expensive. In the last six years the price has more than doubled; and the politicians still insist that we don’t have inflation.

I don’t have classes today, which is a good reason to consider it beer o’clock.


Put a cork in it!

CorkNo post today.

Trumpet is broken…

Off to Barra, my monthly trek to get some money and pay the bills. Then enjoy a sushi lunch.

Looks like being a hot day, so I will get the air-conditioned bus and ride in comfort.

Maybe go for some therapy shopping.

Something to think about:

Mother: Get up, you have to go to school!

Son: Don’t want to. The kids hate me, the teachers hate me, give me one good reason!

Mother: You’re the headmaster!

In Dire Need of Therapy

Mondays are always the same. Yesterday was no different. I didn’t post, except on Bullshit Corner, and that was a good one.

Between waiting for my daughter at the bus station for more than an hour so I could take her to the dentist to have a tooth restored, only to find out that she had an exam at school and couldn’t come, and internet interruptions of service, and a change of my daily routine; it was a normal screwed up Monday.

So, after finding out that my daughter wouldn’t arrive, I decided that I needed therapy. The best therapy in the world is shopping! Every woman knows this. I went and brought a new pair of shorts, which I badly needed. On the way to get the Kombi home, I passed an electrical store. Better check that out. You see I have promised myself a new camera. I had seen one advertised for R$299 with internal rechargeable battery. This store had nothing under R$399, which was more than my ceiling price,

My little ‘puppy’

As I walked out the door into Passeio Mall, I saw a small photographic place across the way. I was drawn as though by a magnet to their modest display of  digital cameras… and there was my dream. A little Vivitar, just begging like an eager  little puppy pawing at the window in a pet shop to be taken home; and the price… R$199. Ten minutes later I was walking home with my little ‘puppy’ feeling quite happy with myself, that I had saved R$100 on the one I was thinking about. Forgotten was the morose feelings of not seeing my daughter and my annoyance at having gotten up early for naught.

Therapy is a wonderful thing.

Here is my first photo, a long awaited update of my Lixo…

Wot iz dat fing?


Update… reminder, must set the date/time correctly

Brass knockers, not exactly as I visualised the search

I was searching Google for Brass Knockers. I was hopeful of find a hand that I used some years back for a welcome to my blog Tomus Arcanum, but it was to no avail. I was presented with this as an option, they are indeed brass knockers.

This week has not been kind to me. Two visits to the dentist; I have decided to get a partial plate made to fill in some gaps in my lower jaw and to stabilise a front tooth that has become wiggly. It should become unwiggly next Friday.

Thursday was a disaster. 5:30am I discovered my net connection was down. Okay, that happens, I waited (because nothing happens before 8am). Finally at 11:30 I rang my provider; Okay, we have a look. 3:30pm I rang them back; Okay, he’s working on it. Friday… I finally went round to the LAN house with a ‘WTF is going on?’ attitude. I mean, I was a tad more then miffed at 30+ hours and no net.  The guy gave me another link, I went home and the net was back on… until 5:30 and it went down again. Stormed (as much as one can storm on a walking stick, it was more of an irate hobble) back to the LAN house; ‘WTF is going on?’ Turns out it wasn’t their fault this time, their provider was off the air. The LAN house was full of noisy annoyed kids who couldn’t play their games, which verified his excuse.

The connection resumed later in the evening.

I got several posts done for Saturday, then I decided to go shopping. Regulars to this blog will understand that I like shopping, it’s therapy. Got a shock when I found out the price of a new element for my shower head, R$12, it was almost half the price of a new one. I got a new mouse to replace the new mouse that I got three weeks ago. Then, I went to Leader; I had to get some socks, a couple of T-shirts for work and a cover for my mattress. Now, on the surface, that seems simple enough. An hour browsing around the store and waiting in line to get served, only to discover that the shops system was down and I couldn’t pay by bankcard.

Isn’t technology a wonderful thing? <—— rhetorical question, it doesn’t need a reply.

So, I went to the competition and made my purchases there; their system was working.

Then to top it all off, I was having a delicious caldo verde (green soup) from the kiosque in front of the botequim last night and a sizable piece of tooth broke away……….. Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh! More expense.

I am firmly of the opinion that last week should have been canceled.

I have plans later today to add a ‘button’ with link here, so that those of you with half a mind to do so, can grab the html and add my button to your blog. I try to add buttons when I find them on followers and commenter’s blogs, or at least add their link; so I would appreciate the effort.

I’m off to blog, today is Sunday Travel Tales day, so I will post that later. I have no idea what I will choose, so you’ll have to come back and see.



This was my first waking thought after my afternoon nap: Bubbles!

It has me worried.

Particularly because it wasn’t these bubbles that I was thinking of. Yesterday at the supermarket I found another bottle of Gatão vinho verde, it appeared to be the only one, so it ended up in my shopping basket. Oh, I am such a weak willed person, talk about impulse buying, but that’s the therapy of shopping.

I needed the bubbles. The bottle has been in my fridge since yesterday, it is suitably chilled and will accompany me to the botequim shortly when I determine that it’s beer o’clock. This fictional hour of the day is not a determined time, nor in fact any time, but can be any time and not necessarily limited to beer.

Gatão is a Portuguese wine coming from a village of the same name, it’s a crackling wine that has a slight citrusy tang.

Yesterday, upon returning from the supermarket, I lit my BBQ, marinated the rump steak and thickly cut liver with rock salt, and repaired to the botequim, selected my traditional bottle of Bohemia and joined a group of friends in the shade of the trees in the park in front of the bar.

Tending the BBQ between snippets of conversation, I eventually returned with a tray of petiscos (snack sized bites) from the BBQ. My next trip was to reveal a bottle of French Baron de Arignac Moelleux and four wine glasses which added a flair of sophistication to the table because the botequim does not have them.

We watched bemused as Lixo battled with Gustavo’s rooster over a morsel of meat; the rooster won on both counts as Lixo now has a healthy respect for the big bird.

It was so that we continued the conversation well into the evening; only realising that time had indeed worn its weary way on when the light began to fade and the park lights flickered into their incandescent life. Under the orangey glow we decided it was time to abandon our little impromptu picnic/party and wend our ways to our particular abodes.

That was lunch; 4pm until 9pm.

Today, not much has happened. I haven’t as yet been out of the front door to check on the world. For all I know, the planet may well have stopped and all abandoned her. But the noise from the botequim tells me that this is a remote possibility.

I should go and check.


Not Lixo - representative orange tabby

They are, some things are very difficult. Like having a small orange tabby kitten gnawing on your big toe while you are trying to escape the heat of the day by having a nap. Gnawing big toes and napping are not conducive.

Yes, the temperature today is easily 39ºC (about 101ºF). The humidity is also very low and there is not a breath of wind, not even the merest zephyr.

It’s close to beer o’clock, so I won’t be dallying here too long.

This morning I was out and about early; well, early for me. I went for some therapy; yes, you guessed it, I went shopping. Window shopping mostly, but I did make some purchases. My biggest triumph was a new fan. One of those free standing thingies. I saw it in a stall in the bus station, R$120; too expensive, I told the kid minding the stand. He explained he could arrange a discount, now that would have amounted to R$10 off the price. I pulled a R$100 note from my back pocket, “A hundred and I take it now,” he thought for a minute and after demanding to see that it worked, which it did. I walked off with my prize and got a taxi home.

I also bought a battery charger, let’s see if this one works; then I’ll be able to take some photos of said orange tabby. Got some new headphones and a pendrive.

Can you believe it, I couldn’t find any shoe laces. None of the shoe shops I visited sold shoe laces. No, you have to buy new shoes. Bugger that! I bought a ball of thick string that’ll make 50 shoes laces for what I would have expected to pay for a pair of shoe laces. Call me a scrooge, I don’t care.

Not the real me

Oh yes, I had my hair and beard cut. No. 1 all over. Now I’m right for the next four months. I had a lovely game with a young girl in the supermarket the other night. She was about four and ecstatic that she should have found Papai Noel (Father Christmas) doing his shopping. I explained to her that I wasn’t Papai Noel, just his older brother, but that didn’t matter. She was over the moon and full of questions, like why was I in the supermarket, can I speak Portuguese, was I on holiday from the North Pole, where were my reindeer, why wasn’t I wearing my red pyjamas…

After two months growth, I get a lot of that.

I got home okay after my shopping expedition, dumped everything in the living room and off to the botequim for a beer; and as soon as I finish this post, I will be repeating that part of the day. Ice cold Bohemia beer.

With that though in mind…



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