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Belly Aching

I feel like a sick pumpkin at Halloween

I feel like a sick pumpkin at Halloween

It’s nearly 11:30pm, I’ve had crook guts for 24 hours now. I disagreed with something that ate me. Tasted good at the time…

But you’re not going to get much of a post, this is just to explain my absence.

I haven’t yodeled yet, but the toilet has put in for overtime; it’s Sunday and it wants double time!

Hopefully it will be all over after a good sleep and I’ll see you all tomorrow.


Damn, here we go again…

Yup, the week always starts on Monday.

And this is how I feel.

I felt a lot worse, yesterday was canceled. I was sick again, no, not the ‘flu again, but I was a wreck. No energy, vomiting, diarrhea, sore joints;you name it and it didn’t want to function. I finally came right at 4am this morning and was able to down my first coffee and keep it down. 24 hours on black unsweetened tea is boring.

I didn’t do much in the way of blogging yesterday, anything further than the toilet was further from my mind. I caught up a little today and with this post I have completed my obligations.

Rather pleased to note that my Bullshit Corner blog is doing well today, most hits for a single day so far. After a very slow start it is picking up, which encourages me to find more bullshit.

I had one lesson planned for the day at 5:30pm. I was seriously considering to cancel it and give the body a chance to strengthen, when my student rang and solved the problem for me. No classes, R & R.

There’s not a lot to report; so I’ll have a nap.


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