The day started late. I slept in.

Latest photo of Cloro

Latest photo of Cloro

I needed cigarettes, so evading Cloro, I made it to the shop and back, leaving him to poop on the neighbour’s sand, that was the last I saw of him. I got home for a nap, woke, made a snack for lunch and realised it was beer o’clock, off to the botequim.

Bad news. One of the locals told me that a car had stopped, grabbed Cloro and driven off; that was about 11:30 Then came conflicting reports, he was seen as late as 2pm by Reimundo at the bar, but no further news.

bond007skyfallMorosely I went home. Tried to nap, couldn’t. Watched the James Bond movie Skyfall. Hmmmm, okay but lacked the savoir fair of Sean Connery days.I thought M was the best character.

Back to the botequim; the fregües consoling me over Cloro’s Houdini. Then suddenly one pointed out that Cloro was sitting under the table in the park eating chicken bones; which is common at BBQs.

So I was reunited at 5pm with a wary, dirty cat. He’s home now with a feed of minced meat; quite unaware of the turn he gave me; and fell asleep under the old coffee table.

Kids cause parents heartaches.

So the day has passed by me. I got some blogging done, but still more to go.

Another sweltering hot day, more than 40. But the storm clouds have cooled things off now.

Must blog along.