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Delerium Tremens

Or the DTs, literally means shaking frenzy, and are usually suffered by those dependent when deprived of alcohol.

Drink deprivation in my case is not the problem; I have more alcohol in the house than food. (I’ll have to figure out what that says about me…)

halfwayBut going cold turkey for two days without football, is driving me to drink. Now I’m not sure where Drink is, but according to the sign, I’m halfway there.

I’ll let you know when I arrive.

This morning at 7:15 I was seriously trying to go back to sleep after rolling over. I suddenly had a terrible urge for fried eggs. Sleep was forgotten as I bounced out of bed.

Then I discovered there was no ‘yesterday’s coffee’, which meant that I had to make fresh. As a result of being pre-Coffee, I was a little terse in my reply to a comment on yesterday’s post. Belatedly, I apologise. I have fresh coffee now and the world is looking wonderful, despite the fact that it is MONDAY!

New plants

New plants

I did do something constructive yesterday.

A new plant that I bought a couple of weeks ago was in a small pot and the size indicated that it would be getting root-bound. So I got it out, attacked it with my old kitchen knife and hacked it carefully in two.

I now have two new plants. I have no idea what it is they are, but they’re pretty. Perhaps MWPG, who knows lots about plants, will recognise it and put me out of my misery.

At least I didn’t kill it. This morning they are still standing.

Monday, sunny, sunshine reflecting on my monitor through the window, means it’s time to make my eggs. By the time I return I will be able to continue without this nasty glare.

A comment overheard in the botequim yesterday as I was having my afternoon bottle… “The Brazilian team has three problems when they play tomorrow’s game against Germany, Tiago Silva (Captain) is out with a second yellow card, Neymar is out of action, and Fred is fit to play.”

redFurther, briefly, to my comments yesterday about Krul, the Dutch goalie substituted at the last minute of extra time. “Tim Krul was playing mind games, walking up to the Costa Rica players, taking his time to get onto his line. “ – a sports commentator.

This is not gamesmanship, it’s evil and he should have been red-carded.

Just watching the news while eating my eggs, they were delicious. According to FIFA, Neymar has been the most persecuted player in this cup, suffering more fouls against him than any other player. He was hunted.

This post means that I have completed half my blogging today. I wonder what the rest of the day holds. But I’d wager that a nap and beer are involved.


Oh, just before I go… Clorinha having a Bedlam Moment during the football on Friday.



Gherkins, Gouda & Garlic

Comfort food.


Gouda cheese

I had gherkins, Gouda, Gruyère and garlic pretzels during the Holland vs Costa Rica game, along with two litres of guava juice. Funny how life can be full of alliteration.

I happened to ponder, while eating the Gouda cheese, yes that’s the one with the holes. Does the air in the holes weigh something, are we paying for air content?

I’ve been slow with comments and visiting the blogs of commenters the last couple of days, but I have been out of sorts, a bit. The good news is, that my mail box is now empty, I have caught up.


Krul, the arsehole

Krul, the arsehole

The Holland/Costa Rica game left a sour taste in my mouth. I really hope, now, that Holland get sent packing in the semis. The behaviour of the Dutch goalie Krul was reprehensible. He was put on just before the end of the extra time so that he faced the Costa Ricans, I am sure this was planned. He approached each of the Costa Rican shooters and threatened them, psyched them out and the BLOODY REF, once again, did NOTHING! He should be hung drawn and quartered.

I have never seen anything so deplorable on the football field, ever.

Another example of the abysmal standard of reffing in this World Cup. FIFA needs to be pulled up and taken to task over this bullshit.


No football until Tuesday… oh woe is me. I’ll have to find something constructive to do. The dishes are done, the plants dewiltered, played with Clorinha in the praça… now what?

Let me check my SD card and see if there’s some inspiration…

Dead cow experience on Friday afternoon.

Dead cow

Dead cow experience


Preparing the dead chicken.

Preparing the chickenless wings

Preparing the chickenless wings and thighs


A fregües (regular) at the botequim

Fregües during the afternoon game

Fregües during the afternoon game

Our big screen slung between two trees in the praça in front of the botequim.

Great view of the game

Great view of the game


And the first Brazilian goal…


Now to find something constructive to do… hmmm!



The world is in the grip of Cup Fever

The world is in the grip of Cup Fever

The highlight game of yesterday was Argentina and Boznia H. The star sort of glimmered until late in the game when he twinkled slighty by scoring a goal. He certainly didn’t shine.

It’s Monday once again.

I have been waiting for the plumber chappy to come and fix the drip from the roof tank, but he hasn’t appeared yet. Result, day wasted. I should have been going to town to pay my rent, in fact, I still might.

Sunny cool day, with not much happening. Germany has just run over Portugal 4 – 0.

Clorinha is trying to destroy my phone charger. So far today she has battled with a big leaf, a small leaf and a plastic bag. She’s having more fun than I am.

Paid the rent, back home.

Still nothing happening. Just found out that this week’s lessons are knackered because of the cup and Corpus Christi holiday on Thursday.

So, I have a week off.

USA vs Ghana is just about to start. So without any further interruptions, I pressing the publish button.



Whining Along

wine-timeSunday, day of relaxation until 4pm, then it’s football.

I have chosen three bottles of wine for today, they may all get opened, although I don’t plan to drink all three (don’t want to add my pickled liver to the menu).

They will be accompanied by an all-day cheese board of Camembert, Brie, local crap, Roquefort, bacon crispies, salami, olives, grapes, Carpaccio rolls filled with asparagus and cream cheese and crackers.

The crackers are whole wheat, so at least that’s healthy. That’s a bit like saying, “I’ll have a giant burger, wings, fries and a diet coke.”

The wines…  a French Blanc de Blancs, a Chilean Merlot Reserve, and a Riesling from the South of Brazil.

The debauchery will start as soon as I have finished blogging, so don’t expect too much more from me today. Although I may wend my way through comments and even answer some.

It won’t really matter what state I’m in for the football (soccer), because the game is between… I don’t know, but the important game (my team Flamengo) was yesterday, Flamengo 2 Madureira 0, which means Flamengo is at the top of the table in the Carioca Championship (Rio state). So the game today is  Fluminense vs Botafogo (I looked it up), while it is considered a classic match, is a matter of interest only.

Sochi is nearly over. I have seen some of the events, the ones that were on the news as being of interest to Brazilians. I have certainly not seen these games as Olympics because of the political implications and the Russian repression of homosexuals. I was also disgusted at the attitude of the Russian deputy prime minister in dismissing the attacks on the Pussy Riot members when they were filmed and I consider a criminal aggression on the part of Cossack security forces. The whole Russian attitude pissed me off and took away any chance of enjoyment or interest.

Mind you, the Russian attitude has been pissing me off for a while now, with their constant vetoing of UN proposals to put an end to the Syrian crisis.

It’s a shame that the games had to be blighted in this manner.

My personal opinion is that games of import (including Formula One, etc) should not be awarded to countries with unhealthy human rights activities. In this I don’t only mean Russia, but China and even the USA with its NSA spying abuses. They are all tarred with the same brush.

I have two more blogs upon which I will caste pearls before the swine, then it’s…



How true…

“Coffee makes me invincible. But when the cup is empty, I return to mere mortal.” – Terri Guillemets

coffeeyetThis morning I couldn’t even make coffee before I had coffee.

I burnt the jug dry…

Was more successful on the second attempt.

It’s now 3pm, I haven’t had my third coffee yet, so it’s still breakfast time. Looks like lunch has become dinner.

This is my seventh blog post for the day, and I have finally caught up with my comment replies and visiting their blogs. I got so behind.

It’s now 5pm… I have managed one paragraph since 3pm. This is known as a lack of inspiration.

The Brazilian air force is going to get new toys for Christmas. Who said thee is no Santa Claus?

SAAB Grippen

SAAB Grippen

The Americans and the French lost out because their toys didn’t come with full soccer playing capabilities. Actually, it is rumoured that the Americans lost out because they were spying on the Brazilian president’s hair appointments. Oh, those nasty Americans, it turns out they have been spying on the Israelis too. Really Obama needs to castrate these spying shitheads.

Uganda has become one of the most backward countries in the world. They have passed a law enabling gays to be jailed for life.

Canada, on the other hand, has had it’s anti-prostitution laws struck down by the supreme court while the Indian supreme court has reistated the old British Colonial law that condemns homosexuals.

Honestly, if these countries forgot about homosexuals, prostitutes and the like and set about dealing with issues of importance like education, health and poverty, maybe the world would be a better place.

Other important news, the pope meet with his favourite football team and the Vatican now has a football trophy.

Well, that’s about it; the third coffee went down well.

Oh, I must thank my readers who popped across and voted for my blog Things that Fizz & Stuff, very much appreciated.



Dereliction of Duty

Yesterday, I was derelict.

I had too many other things to do.


Oh the world of sap green, burnt umber and yellow ochre…

I went shopping, oh the therapy. I bought some oils, brushes and a couple of canvases. I also went to the supermarket in the evening after class, so by the time I got home I was exhausted.

So posting took a back seat.

Today I am going to inaugurate my new BBQ. I have 2kgs (4+lbs) of rump steak that should give me about six 5cm (2″) steaks, a large slab of pork leg, some liver, some chicken hearts and some bread rolls for garlic bread. Oh I plan to have a good day.

I read some disturbing news yesterday. In England there is a movement to erect a statue of a ‘rapper’; some chap named Wiley, which is not even his real name. Now for me a ‘(w)rapper’ is something you find around sweets (candies for our American cousins, who insist on changing our beautiful language), chocolate and the like.

Wiley, the world does not need this; the world isn't ready for this

Wiley, the world does not need this; the world isn’t ready for this

I shudder to think what the world is becoming when we want statues of people like rappers. Rap is NOT music, rap was invented for those who have absolutely no talent and can’t sing. Rap is merely the caterwauling angst of demented wannabes.

Statues of Beethoven, Brahms, etc okay; I would even go as far as a statue of Madonna, despite the fact that I can’t stand her, but a rapper, no for all the sanity in the world, NO!

It’s not because he is of a darker hue, my thoughts were generated before I even saw a picture of him.

Besides, I love black; it’s the most solid colour on the palette. My own daughter is half black – made in Brazil with NZ components… So no one, but no one can accuse me of being racist. In fact, I am the opposite, in my later years of life, I have found white to be an insipid colour. I look at my own skin and wonder why I couldn’t have had wonderful golden or tawny tones.

But, oh no, not a rapper. There is no merit in a rapper that deserves a statue.

roast-pumpkin-seedsI should blog along, before I become derelict again. I have to stuff some olives with cream cheese, prepare a carpaccio salad and roast some pumpkin seeds (experimental). Then there’s wine to think about… the list is endless when it comes to BBQ.

And I have to change the kitty litter and watch the friendly soccer between Brazil and South Korea, it is already 2-0 into the second half.


Stating the Obvious


The obvious

I could state the obvious and say it’s Sunday, but I will refrain from boring you.

I could also tell you that I am enjoying my umpteeth cup of wonderful Brazilian coffee, but once again that would be stating the obvious. Could you really imagine me at the keyboard without coffee? <——– Rhetorical question.

I could also tell you that Cloro is playing around in an empty box, but that would again be stating the obvious, that’s what cats do. BTW, it’s his first box.

I could also tell you that Brazil won yesterday’s football (soccer) match against Australia, 6-0, but that would yet again be stating the obvious…

Quite frankly, I have no idea why I am sitting here; everything I choose to write about is obvious.

WTF, they won?

WTF, they won?

I see Tokyo won the bid to host the Olympics in 2020. Nice, go watch the Olympics come home with your thyroid rotting from radiation. Japan is dead as far as I am concerned. You couldn’t drag me there with mules!

TEPCO, the lying bastards are still bloody lying two years after the event. The Japanese government finally figured that out (oh how these politicians think on their feet) and have stepped in, two years too late.


This week the sea is boiling around Fukushima

This week the sea is boiling around Fukushima

Tokyo is 240km (150 miles for those who can’t speak kilometerese). When it comes to radiation, that is nextdoor. I fully suspect that the northern part of Honshu (Tokyo is on the island of Honshu) will be another sad Chernobyl. By 2020 there won’t be a Tokyo.

The situation is so bad that nobody has the guts to tell the truth; not Tepco, not the Japanese government, not the USA about the dangers on the west coast.

Would you go to Japan?


Home grown

The last of my tomatoes is now in the vege bin. There are still a few small ones to ripen. It will be a few weeks before the next lot are ready, and then a few weeks after them, another lot.

The local price has dropped from the R$10/kg to R$3 or 4, but I am not being held to ransom.

There’s only one way to beat inflation, that’s grow as much as you can.

This one-way trip to Mars, what do you think about it?

The Red Planet

The Red Planet

I have been thinking about it.

200,000 applied, do they know or suspect something that the rest of us do not?

Is it possible that the Martian travellers will breed? Will they be allowed to breed?

Are they to be the first colonists?

Are they the lucky ones to have escaped from this dying mud ball?

Are the rest of us doomed to die along with the planet Earth?

So many questions, so few answers.

This is the first post of the day, must blog along.


Monday, bah humbug!


I want a pair of these, but slightly more masculine in colour

Yes, another Monday.

They happen every week, you know?

This week is no different.

Last night was brilliant. Brazil managed to give the favourites, Spain, a sound thrashing; 3-0, and win the Confederations Cup at Maracanã, considered the home ground of Brazilian soccer.

I had a bottle of fizzy wine with me at the botequim to open for the first Brazilian goal. I was opening it within two minutes of kick off as Brazil managed their first goal.

Brazil needed this win to uplift their self-esteem which has suffered in recent years.  Brazilians needed to undent their dented egos in preparation for the World Cup next year.

Look at the colour difference

Look at the colour difference

My Saturday students came and went for their last lesson for two months. They brought me a half dozen farm fresh eggs. Now that doesn’t sound like a grand present, but it was wonderful. I had three Sunday and three today with my bacon.

The dark rich colour of the farm fresh eggs when compared to the insipid yellow of the battery raised ones. They even tasted different. I had forgotten. Today’s ‘progress’ has made us forget real food.

Time is marching on. If I don’t get this post up, you won’t get it today.

Time is short tomorrow, probably see you Wednesday.



The Best of Intentions

beermat…were overtaken by beer o’clock  yesterday, then I decided it was time for pizza, by the time I got home all I wanted was alka-seltzer. Blogging wouldn’t cut it.

I was just returning from the bathroom and tried to turn off the kitchen light… at 9:30am, then I realised I was trying to switch off the sun…

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Rio, wish you were here, bring beer.

I read a blog post yesterday by a young teen author bemoaning the fact that adult books (NO! Not Penthouse!) didn’t have pictures. Adult books don’t need pictures, they have words. The authors of adult books know how to use words to make pictures. Judging by the standard of English on the net, adult books will soon need pictures… *sigh* Young people just don’t get it.

I took a neat photo of a spider on Sunday, it didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked, but I’ll share it with you.

Colourful 'bicho' in the park

Colourful ‘bicho‘ in the park

He’s (or she) the black and yellow out-of-focus thingy just right of centre clinging to his little web in the bush.

For photos like that, I yearn to have my faithful old Nikon M, put the 35-70 zoom on and take a guaranteed serious photo. My old truck Nikon was stolen in a careless moment on a bus trip in Peru. The fateful trip had a stop in Chincha, after which the town was destroyed by an earthquake, the same one that got Pisco, where I was heading.

So far the day has been fabulous, I’ve even been moved to do half the dishes, I wonder if I’ll be moved again?

I started blogging at 4am, went back to bed at 6 and up again about 8, so the day has been productive, I have only one more blog to post on. I began this morning with my fridge habits, now doesn’t that sound exciting?

betterdaysToday is hump day, over the hump and it’s downhill all the way to Friday.

Then of course it’s the weekend.

So far I have planned a leisurely lunch at Brazeiro with a fellowess teacher. It’s a ‘beef week’ for me, next week is beefless. So I’m making hay while the sunshines.

Saturday, I have planned nothing, and fully expect to achieve that.

Should I need help, I’ll let you know.

Need more whistles

Need more whistles

I have been thinking about these whistleblowers. You know, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, the American government has labelled them as traitors, but traitors betray the country, not the government, and I don’t see how these guys have betrayed the country, they should be lauded as heroes for showing the people of America what their government is doing so secretly, and so often against the wishes of the people, not to mention against the people.

Everything I read tells me that America could do with more whistles.

Manning and Snowden should be put on pedestals, not in the dock. They should be awarded the “People’s” Medal of Honor, because Congress certainly won’t give them theirs.

CBF (Brazilian Football Body)and FIFA are getting the stick over the World Cup in 2014. Football (soccer) is a game for everybody, not just the elites. There are millions of Brazilians who love football and want to attend World Cup matches, but can’t afford it.  There are also additional charges that corruption is rife in the CBF.

This should be a ‘Happy Happy Joy Joy’ time for Brazil, but the HHJJ has been taken out of the equation.

I see Argentina is wielding a big stick to combat football violence. They have banned away fans from attending games. Pity the rest of the world didn’t take similar steps; something positive. Brazil needs to do this, I believe it has the worst figures for deaths as a result of football violence in the world.

Once again, I leave you with a world that is not the happy place it should be.


Been a bit slack

A keyboard alone does not a post write

Yes, I have. Thursday I had an excuse for not posting because it was pay day, but yesterday was more a case of procrastination. I had all good intentions, but good intentions do not a post write. At least not without some help from the keyboard and fingers to push the buttons.

I love that Steampunk keyboard.

Actually, I wasted a lot of time yesterday. I found a great site to explore, and explore I did; all bloody afternoon. Seems like a waste of time, but not. Sometimes you find a site/blog that just begs you to be there, stay, devour everything. Actually, it was a site a bit like my blog Bullshit Corner. I hope you’ve already been there, but if you haven’t you are derelict in your duty.

A cat conversation…

Yesterday afternoon, when I wasn’t exploring this great site, I was napping; and upon waking decided I should get desmellified. Lixo watched me undress and as I headed for the bedroom door, he stopped in mid-stride in the doorway. Hence, unwittingly he got a swift kick in his fluffy nuts, I couldn’t help it, I was in mid-stride, I was committed to completing the movement or end up in a pile on the floor.

Without taking umbrage, he headed for the front door and looked askance as I headed in the other direction.

“Stupid cat,” I found myself saying, “I can’t go outside, I haven’t got any fur on!”

Then, I thought to myself, what did I just say? If my readers knew that I talked to my cat about not having my fur on, they would be in no doubt as to my sanity.

Now, one thing in my life, I have never professed to be sane, not even normal. I tried being normal once; it was so boring that I became myself again.

Yesterday (7th) was Brazilian Independence Day. Which meant it was beer o’clock all day. I didn’t, I never do, although I did have a bottle during the second half of the Brazil vs South Africa game which ended up satisfactorily after a non-event first half, 1-0.

The best thing about Independence Day was Dilma Rousseff’s televised speech the night before that the domestic tariff for electricity would be reduced 16.2% from January. That means I will have a whopping R$9 cut from my average power bill. The blonde bimbo that calls herself president really hasn’t got two brain cells to rub together, but to giver her her dues,  she has managed to crack down on some of the government corruption that is holding the country steady in it’s Third World status. But she made the mistake in her speech by reiterating that Brazil was immune from the coming world financial collapse (proof of her blond bimbo status). I think she watches Fox News.

Carmen Lucia abandoning her stepdaughter at the rubbish dump

By the end of the day, I was so tired that I went to bed early, 8:45. I didn’t even watch Avenida Brasíl, a novela (soap opera) about the evil Carmen Lucia (left played by Adriana Esteves) who dumped her stepdaughter in the Gramacho rubbish tip after the death of her husband. Rita, the stepdaughter (r) grew up and now in her early twenties is reeking havoc in the household, that the cuckoo Carmen Lucia insinuated herself like a leech, in her blind obsession for revenge. A very convoluted story, although in someways predictable.

Last night was also, the last episode of the 6pm novela, Amor, Eterno, Amor (Love, Eternal, Love) which is the other novela I follow. The one that starts on Monday also looks like a good one; a period piece from the days when slavery ended in Brazil.

So, I spent Independence Day here at the keyboard and talking to my cat.

Today, I am doing much the same. Now I must get something out of the freezer for lunch, that will avoid the necessity of putting on my pants and going to the supermarket.


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