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Stop it!

I was hopeful this would happen when installing XP yesterday... but it didn't

I was hopeful this would happen when installing XP yesterday… but it didn’t

Stop it now! I had hoped that once the Sochi Olympics were over, that the noise would die down.

But Sochi is over, Pussy Riot is in jail again, Russia is back to normal.

I surprised myself. I had lunch at lunch time. I have to stop doing these strange things it will upset my equilibrium. I don’t want to stay on the straight and narrow, it’s boring… it’s normal.

Can you guarantee they're safe?

Can you guarantee they’re safe?

A spectre rising again from the horsemeat scandal a few months back, has reported that an Irish company was not only putting horsemeat but using putrid green meat in it’s hamburger patties.

Now I know why I don’t buy hamburger patties, but make them from freshly minced beef from the supermarket; I watch then mince it.

I just read that Disney’s Magic Kingdom raised the price to $99 a day. Now I understand why I have never been there. I wouldn’t pay $5.

Must have a nap before work.


Whining Along

wine-timeSunday, day of relaxation until 4pm, then it’s football.

I have chosen three bottles of wine for today, they may all get opened, although I don’t plan to drink all three (don’t want to add my pickled liver to the menu).

They will be accompanied by an all-day cheese board of Camembert, Brie, local crap, Roquefort, bacon crispies, salami, olives, grapes, Carpaccio rolls filled with asparagus and cream cheese and crackers.

The crackers are whole wheat, so at least that’s healthy. That’s a bit like saying, “I’ll have a giant burger, wings, fries and a diet coke.”

The wines…  a French Blanc de Blancs, a Chilean Merlot Reserve, and a Riesling from the South of Brazil.

The debauchery will start as soon as I have finished blogging, so don’t expect too much more from me today. Although I may wend my way through comments and even answer some.

It won’t really matter what state I’m in for the football (soccer), because the game is between… I don’t know, but the important game (my team Flamengo) was yesterday, Flamengo 2 Madureira 0, which means Flamengo is at the top of the table in the Carioca Championship (Rio state). So the game today is  Fluminense vs Botafogo (I looked it up), while it is considered a classic match, is a matter of interest only.

Sochi is nearly over. I have seen some of the events, the ones that were on the news as being of interest to Brazilians. I have certainly not seen these games as Olympics because of the political implications and the Russian repression of homosexuals. I was also disgusted at the attitude of the Russian deputy prime minister in dismissing the attacks on the Pussy Riot members when they were filmed and I consider a criminal aggression on the part of Cossack security forces. The whole Russian attitude pissed me off and took away any chance of enjoyment or interest.

Mind you, the Russian attitude has been pissing me off for a while now, with their constant vetoing of UN proposals to put an end to the Syrian crisis.

It’s a shame that the games had to be blighted in this manner.

My personal opinion is that games of import (including Formula One, etc) should not be awarded to countries with unhealthy human rights activities. In this I don’t only mean Russia, but China and even the USA with its NSA spying abuses. They are all tarred with the same brush.

I have two more blogs upon which I will caste pearls before the swine, then it’s…



I did get here

powercutI really did, but before I could type a title for the post, the power went down; and stayed down until it was time to leave for work.

Not only was it our neighbourhood, but all the south and west of Brazil, three million people were without power for over an hour, for the rest it was restored quickly.

When I got home, turned on PC, and it looks as though my backup HD has burnt out – AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!

I spent about two hours trying to coax some life into the beast. I will try again later, because there are one or two tricks left to try.

Yesterday’s intended post was an important one, because yesterday was marking one year since my Mother’s passing. But all hopes of that went out the window.

So, it is today that I reprint my eulogy for my Mother’s funeral. It’s still as pertinent today as it was a year ago. Please bear with me.

It’s a hard thing to say good bye to a mother, it’s also a hard thing to say good bye to your best friend. So imagine how hard it is for me to say good bye to both at the same time. For no doubt Mum was not only my mother, she was also my best friend.

I am present today, although geographically removed. Mum and I had agreed sometime ago that if I was to come back or visit New Zealand, that I should do it before anything untoward happened, not after. So my physical absence is not disrespect; My brother and sister understand that.
Mum was always there when we needed her, she supported us all through thick and thin. I find it incredibly hard to imagine that now she is not and what the future will hold.

I spoke with her on our usual Saturday telephone rendezvous, last week and she was on top of the world, I told her so and she agreed. Our telephone calls were often about trivial matters, my new fridge, the adventures of Lixo (my cat) and my brother’s or sister’s cats, her perambulations around the countryside with her friends and her impending journey with brother and family to Kerikeri, she was quite excited and bubbly about that and I shared my enthusiasm because I knew it was good for her to get out and about.

Although Mum’s health had had it’s problems, she was luckier than most, she had her independence, she could still drive, and this gave her a vitality that many would envy. Okay, she had wobbly knees, but she didn’t let that stop her, she had a zest for life and I think that is what I will most remember.

I am sure Mum dropped by Brazil to say good bye. On Saturday night for me (because of the time zones) the lights in my house flickered three times, the last strong flicker burning out a light bulb and reset my PC. Now here that’s not unusual, but when I went to the shop they hadn’t had a power problem, the bar next door didn’t either, nor my other neighbour. It was just my house.

It was a half hour later that my brother rang. I had had a similar experience when Aunt, my Godmother, went. Coincidence? Or had Mum dropped by on her way? I would like to think so.

Good bye Mum, rest in peace. I am sure that somewhere, somewhen our paths will cross again.

Yes, that’s still how I feel today.

45thermometerThe heat yesterday was preposterous. Here in the west of the city we got 45ºC (that’s lotsºF – about 112).

The humidity was extremely low, so a lot of drinking of water was done.

The forecast has just informed us that the west of the city has 41ºC at the moment.

The bad news it that this current hot spell is due to stay until the 15th with no sign of rain. So we have another ten days. Whoopi!

The Winter Olympics begin in Sochi in two days. I pay little attention to them. I watch the Olympics a little but have no interest in the Winter ones.

It’s time for a nap to avoid the heat.



nopostsTomorrow and Thursday are doomed to be postless.

In financial desperation I accepted a new student a long way from home; Copacabana. Which means I leave home at 8am and get back around 2:30pm, all for a 1½ hour class. I would normally have refused because of the time spent travelling, but they doubled my pay rate for this job, which almost makes it worth it, and I am desperate. Januaries are normally a bad month for English teachers, but I have never had such a dearth of students in January before. Desperate measures makes desperate English teachers.

I don’t really want to do this, I’d much rather be sitting in the comfort of my own underpants with plenty of coffee to ease the pain.

I saw this wonderful tweet yesterday, can’t remember the tweeter, “Don’t go outside, there are people out there!”

grouchymanSometimes, I think that is true. While I am not entirely a hermit, I do spend a lot of time at the keyboard and sometimes don’t venture past the gate. Hell, sometimes I don’t even venture past the front door.

5pm is usually my first outdoor experience of the day, and that is to go to class on class days, or the botequim on classless days.

The mayor of Sochi (Winter Olympics venue) is an idiot! I hardly need to say that because all politicians are. He is quoted as saying, “There are no homosexuals in Sochi!” Talk about having your head in the sand. The city even has two gay nightclubs.

I am a genius! I read a post about the traits of geniuses, it listed 23, I qualify for 18. Okay, so I am not a complete genius, there are some parts missing.

A big kerfuffle in Malaysia at the moment a judge has ruled that Christians can’t use the word Allah when referring to God. In some of the local languages, the word is the same, and the saying that “Jesus is the son of Allah” has appeared. Now how is that possible, Jesus lived some 700 years before Allah was invented. Personally it doesn’t bother me, it’s all invented.

See you all Wednesday.

*Now what happened to lunch?*

All Fizzed Out

My liver would look as though it had been pan fried

My liver would look as though it had been pan fried

After writing about my lack of fizz yesterday, it’s Thursday and I have just put the last bottle of sparkling mineral water in the fridge, which means I have drunk nine litres since Monday.

I’m so glad it’s not alcoholic, because I’d be giving my liver a real bashing.

About the photo two posts back of me doing ‘Santa’ in front of the BBQ, I don’t ‘do’ Santa, the ‘Ho ho hos’ are beer induced.


OMG, now what?

The one time in my life that I played Santa was at my son’s kindergarten. One of the kids toward the end of the ordeal looked me straight in the eye and “You’re Brett’s dad!”.

Never again.

The floods I mentioned yesterday, have been catastrophic.


Image – ArarunaOnline

My ex rang me earlier to tell me that the street she lived in in Austin (a sub-suburb of Rio interior) has been badly flooded and many houses destroyed  or badly flooded destroying everything.

Neighbours that I knew in the area are homeless.

This photo gives you an idea of the severity of the floods in the region.

Uruguay has legalised marijuana. The first country in the world to show some sense. The war against drugs is not winnable, other methods need to be looked at for a solution. My opinion is that drug addiction should be treated like alcoholism, it’s a sickness, you shouldn’t be jailed for being sick.

Britain is looking at changing their law to make it easier to criminilise ‘Legal Highs’, synthetic drugs. Stupid bastards, legal highs only exist because you’ve made everything else illegal. Once you make these illegal, they will make more synthetic drugs that’ll kill even more people. Wake up and smell the coffee, you’re all arse-about-face.

likeable-blog-1000-2xI got a badge from WordPress, 1,ooo Likes on my Things that Fizz & Stuff blog, cool.

I have just discovered via The Guardian, that the Russian Winter Olympics being held in Sochi are being questioned. Sochi is sub-tropical.

I thought they were ‘Winter Games’…

Yet, here you see a lovely beach scene on the Black Sea.


Doesn’t look very much like Winter Olympic weather to me.

Just enough time to squeeze in a nap before class.


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