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Civet Shit Coffee

Civet Shit Coffee

Not only the prerogative of Obama.

My socks get holes, I change them.

My underpants lose their elastic, I change them.

My coffee gets too damned expensive, I change it.

I am not talking about fancy civet shit coffee, that costs oodles; I am talking about a good Brazilian coffee.



I have always preferred Pilão, but over the last four years that has slowly increased in price and arrived at R$8/500gms (US$4/1lb+ or -). That may not be expensive from your perspective, but it is here. One supermarket has it at R$10. I have taken to lesser brands, Caanan and Bom Dia, but now they too have reached the nearly R$8 mark. I wait in hope for specials on all these brands, in the meantime, I am trying Sul de Minas, which is R$6 at the normal price.

It was recommended to me, but after two days, I find it is weaker than the others; requireing 6 heaped spoons as opposed to 5, which in turn means instead of 8 servings from a packet, I get 6.8… So is it cheaper?

Life is so fraught with problems.


21 years old with 4 years big time football already

Brazil has lost an up and coming footballer to the professionalism of European soccer. Neymar has been signed up with Barcelona.

Last team Santos whose performance will suffer without him.

So Santos is Neymarless.

Neymar, abilities recognised and documented as a kid

Neymar, abilities recognised and documented as a kid

Rained most of the day, Lixo arrives to eat, sleep, then off he goes meowing for his latest flame.

Between rains, I wandered to the gate to see what was happening in the world. I watched a pigeon having an opportune drink from a puddle in the street.

It struck me how similar pigeons are to humans.

Here was this girl having a quiet drink at the pigeon bar while a healthy young male was determined to have his wicked way with her.

Isn’t that just like a human; pestering a girl alone at the bar.


While I was searching for a pigeon piccy, I found the nicest pigeon photo I have ever seen.



I am not a pigeon fancier, but I took a fancy to that photo, impressive.

That’s it, making like the pigeons and flocking off…


Stupid Little Socks

Stupid little socks

Yes, stupid. I have never seen them before I came to Brazil. Sockettes, they’re like normal socks, but only come to the ankle instead of comfortably up the leg a little. Stupid little, damned uncomfortable things.

Last time out shopping I got caught unawares, and didn’t realise until I had opened the pack that they were stupid little socks.

Caveat emptor… Let the buyer beware

I am of an age (rapidly approaching 61, 12 days to go) when I like ‘normal’. Yes, I know it’s difficult to define normal, but I mean, I like things as I have known them. I don’t like change. In this case, I like socks to be socks, not poncy little stupid socks. Am I asking too much?

All week, I have been stewing on this post. It was supposed to be Monday’s, then all of a sudden it was Tuesday. Then that disappeared, followed by Wednesday and Thursday. Yes, they just disappeared… into the abyss of time gone. Went!

Today, I have early lesson, then the dentist. After that, I should go and pay the rent, but that hasn’t been decided yet. It depends on whether I like the new geography of my buccal cavity being helped or hindered by a partial plate.

I should move along, things to do before I go. Things like put my pants on…




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