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Cordon Bleurger

Cordon Bleurger

Cordon Bleurger

I cancelled the idea of lunch yesterday. Instead I made Cordon Bleurgers; a hamburger with chopped weinerschnitzel, ham and cream cheese.

What I had planned for yesterday, I had today when I felt a little more energetic.

Remember the US Ebola case I mentioned yesterday. Well, it turns out that the guy had contact with at least 100 people, who are now all under house quarantine and observation.

Now the question remains, how many people did they have contact with? Although, they have said the people are only infectious once symptoms have manifested. Is that a guarantee?

New season blossom buds have appeared on my big guava tree… looks like I will have a bumper crop. Last season was the first and had many, but sparse.

Heavy rain woke me at 5am. I tried to ignore it and rolled over. Looks like we are about to get a promised weather change later today. The clouds are rolling in, it is cooling rapidly and darkening already at 3pm.

Nice to see that the Nobel Peace Forum due to be held in South Africa next week has been cancelled there and will be held in another country. Why? SA refused the Dalai Lama a visa, obviously at the behest of China.

China is getting nervous over the protests in Hong Kong and urges the colony to take a tougher stance as numbers swell over the hoilday, and look as though they are not going to go away. Will we yet have another Tiananmen?

Grace Mugabe, wife of the imcumbent despot, enrolled in Zimbabwe University and two months later walked out with a PhD. The people are suspicious; she’s not that biliiant a scholar. Her husband is also the chancellor… Do you smell something fishy?

Another problem… Hundreds of girls and women are going missing in the west, reappearing in Iraq and Syria to bear children for the caliphate”TheGuardian. The caliphate is the supreme leader of IS.

So the world is still on course for a dismal end.

No port, no storm today. I have class at 4pm.

Before I go….


Big Bang Theory

Not this Big Bang, but almost as apocalyptic

Not this Big Bang, but almost as apocalyptic

Last up yesterday, first up today.

Although my dodgy belly was better yesterday, it still wasn’t totally right. While at the supermarket yesterday I bought that cure-all Milk of Magnesia…

The Big Bang Theory!

While the night trots returned, the cramps have gone.

As Andrew commented on yesterdays post; “If the bottom is falling out of your world, take Milk of Magnesia and let the world fall out of your bottom!”

It did!

I will spare you further details.

Cool sunny day here. Classes later in the afternoon, hopefully I can make it through them with my dignity intact.

Lunch today will be poached fish with a parsley sauce again. Sticking to relatively bland foods to allay any further complications. No beer, no wine, just iced mineral water.

Yesterday when I got back from the supermarket my pants fell down. This was a pair of shorts that when I bought them were so tight that the top button popped shot off across the room; now without a belt, they fall down. That’s a good sign.

Looks like Putin his nose in other people’s business could cost the Russians any hope in the Eurovision Song Contest. The Russian girls were booed on stage. Feel sorry for the girls, but not at all surprised. Shouldn’t go Putin your nose where it doesn’t belong.

Interesting to read that they have created a simulation of what the universe was before the Big Bang. We have been told (unless you are a creationist, in which case you don’t even count) that the universe is 13 or 14bn years old. But I say it’s older than that, because if you have a Big Bang, then there must have been something to ‘bang’. Well, they have found ‘dark matter’ which apparently is invisible. So there was something out there before the universe. And even better the dark matter formed around some sort of rays (I forget exactly) so there was something before the ‘dark matter’.

1000x1000My contention is that there was always something; there never was just nothing. And when you try to consider that, when you mull that around in your mind, you get confused because your mind can’t handle that kind of enormity; just try to imagine space with no limits, just going on forever.

Hell, my mind gets confused over a beer… Like on Thursdaze.

Looks like a sad day for South Africa, the ANC is leading in the polls. Which means they will be stuck with Zuma for another five years yet. He’ll be able to finish ‘refurbishing’ his palace Nkandla at the expense of the people.

A final blast at the system. Barclay’s is cutting 19,000 jobs. Yup, the economic recovery is certainly going well.

I feel an overwhelming urge to adopt a horizontal position until lunch time…




A Quantum Moment

A moment before a disaster

A moment before a disaster

A quantum moment is a moment of change or the moment before a disaster.

For example, this could be a quantum moment… ah, the disaster option.

An example of a change is like when I am my normal mundane self, then the cats from next door get in the yard and attack Clorinha; whereupon I become some sort of feverish demented devil who seriously wants to maim cats. Nobody, but nobody harms my baby.

I have been trying to further said kitten’s movie star career.

Last night, I tried to film said errant kitten, she simply moves too fast; no idea of poise and dignity.

The moment before she appears outside, she attacked my ankles.

I have no idea of her whereabouts, she could be in the paper bag in the middle of the living room floor, she could be behind my painting project hiding from the neighbour’s cat; I just had a quantum moment…

Found her! Asleep behind my pillow.

After two BBQ days in a row, the air was somewhat fartiferious in my office/bedroom. Clorinha wisely chose to sleep on the sofa.

Here in Brazil, Volkswagon has too models (well, they have more, but for this story) the Fox and the Gol… A quiet moment in the botequim yesterday, a lull in the conversation, and one of the fregües (regulars) commented that a dog with some German shepherd features that had wandered across the veranda looked like a fox… I replied, “Nah,” and everyone present expected one of my matter-of-fact answers, “It’s not a Fox, it’s a Gol.” There was a moments silence as it sunk in before beer was being spilled.

I have these moments; quantum moments.

I am miffed. The Guardian newspaper has changed the look/style of their page, before it was an easy to read three column, down one, up the other and back down again. Now the articles are bigger and spread across the whole screen; absolutely horrid. Before a simple flick of the wheel, and you had several new articles to read, whereas now, you are back-peddling like a madman simply to read the next article. Not at all happy.

Fancy bottles too

Fancy bottles too

Brahma, my beer, has been advertising Brahma Selecão Especial beer produced for the World Cup on TV, but nobody knows where to buy it. They’ve also brought out another fancy bottle that looks like an aluminium can, but at R$45 for five bottles they can keep it.

I’ll be doing a post about that on Fizz on Friday for ‘What beer be this?’


Nkandla, a national shame

South Africa are going to the polls next week, I think it is.

There is a big hue and cry over the incumbent Zuma spending millions of public money renovating his private residence.

I sincerely hope that any new government seize the residence and use it as the official residence for all future presidents, thereby justifying some of the money spent. It is really a bone of contention as people without water and power live just a stone’s throw beyond the security fence.

That’s about it for today, I will return to the tedium… and have a nap.





A Strange Day

First, I didn’t get round to posting yesterday. Oh, I am so easily sidetracked.

Today was almost destined to be the same. A number of things were planned.

Firstly, lunch. I decided to go out for lunch. After the rude shock I got from my favourite restaurant yesterday when I saw the bill, they’d raised the price of the rodizo and the beer. I informed the owner that he had reached the limit of consumer tolerance, and not to expect me back any time soon.

From the first floor, pretty swank

From the first floor, pretty swank

A new mall has opened near home, ten minutes away by taxi, so I thought it was a good chance to explore. I am not really a ‘mall’ person, but I heard that that have a good food court. Proved correct, I found a place that does a mixture of Chinese and simple sushi.

I arrived home in time to see the Brazil vs South Africa game. The last of the ‘friendlies’ involving Brazil, the result 5-0 to Brazil.

Following that, there was the televised results from the Special Group from the carnaval parades. That’s another couple of hours wasted. The result was no great surprise, as we had all assumed that it would be between two schools; and indeed, it was – one decimal point separated the first and second place getters.

That was the day gone.

Then the local kids got all excited in the praça, so I wandered over to have a look. They’d found an infestation of strange white bugs on some of the benches, ground and on a big tree.

So, I had to do, what ones has to do… I went home and got the camera.

Strange white bugs on parade. Now I have never seen anything like this, if you have, or if you know please leave a comment.

Andrew, I know you’ll find this, and I know they’re not birds; but you seem to know people who can identify things…

That’s my offering for this evening. I have just missed the news. Time to switch the TV off.


Now I Know

45thermometerIt was reported last night that in our part of town it reached 47°C with a wind chill factor of 50°C.

Now, even you people in the US (who haven’t learned to read the temperature like the rest of the world) can see that is HOT! Very, very hot.

But it did change, as I predicted, with the cold front that reached São Paulo yesterday. 4pm began the clouds, rain spots at 7pm, high winds at 8pm and torrential rain at 8.30.

This morning I was due to go for a training session on the text books we use in my English course. I had been planning for this all week.

I put my jeans on…

WTF is my wallet?

It never leaves my back pocket.

I searched frantically, no sign of it.

Last place seen was the supermarket, Taxi to supermarket. Wallet had been handed in to the SAC (Clientele service). I had left it on the checkout. 62 years and I have never lost my wallet. Check off one more item on my bucketlist.

I didn’t get to the training session. Damn, missed out on free lunch.

Dessert last night was wonderful; Tia Maria and icecream, with a chilled cacão (chocolate) liqueur milkshake. What a wonderful way to pass a storm.

Nelson Mandela has left us. I truly think he is the first politician to be missed. He leaves a great hole in South African politics, one that has sadly shifted from his dreams to the corruption of the incumbent.

I feel a nap coming on…




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