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I did a terrible thing

icecreamLast time at the supermarket, I bought some icecream.

I haven’t done that in more than 20 years.

I’m eating some now… lovely, wondrous chocolate chip icecream.

I feel so wicked.

It wasn’t just an icecream cone, it was a whole kilo pack (2.204lbs).

I have been in a bind about my future here in Brazil, so today I bit the bullet. It turns out that no-one’s really interested and it can wait until next week.

My passport arrived, right in the middle of my first beer of the day, They’ve changed, they’re prettier now. Considering that it is 20 years since my last was issued. But the trick is they’re only valid for five years now and the cost has doubled; that’s a 400% increase. Being a Kiwi is expensive business.

I haven’t had a Nap-fu practice today, and it is telling on me.

We got rain this afternoon. I had just closed the padlock on the gate, and it began, but the time I got to the botequim for shelter, I was soaked. Remember that’s a whole 11 metres (yards, near enough), so it gives you an idea of how much rain.

Tandoori lamb chop

Tandoori lamb chop

Silly Box: A lamb chop has been sent into space. I didn’t read the article, it seemed too puerile, so I don’t know by whom, nor from where.

My question is, why?

Yes, this qualifies for the silly box.

I mean I can understand the necessity for an espresso coffee machine on the space station, but a sodding lamb chop….

That’s it, too tired.


Out of a Pickle

The world continues to turn and revolve around the sun. Things are normal, although I am still a little woozy from yesterday’s eradication attempt.

He's growing up

Lixo P. Cat (middle name Pussy) is stretched out blithely taking in the morning sun in the yard his kingdom; the dishes need to be done and the onions still need to be pickled, but I have my coffee. The day promises to be hot, like yesterday, and the day before that, and the rest of the previous ten days.

Ah ha, Fluffy Nuts (Lixo’s nickname) has deigned to grace me with his presence. BRB.

Cat stroking completed.

I canceled today’s classes yesterday, so it will be a recovery day, then of course the weekend.

I am going to take things slowly, because that chemical they used really did knock for a six (Americans, if you don’t understand cricket, that means ‘a long way’) Cricket, a wonderful game, the British invented it and even they don’t understand it. I haven’t seen a cricket match for 14 years, it is one of the things I miss about being in a civilised world. One watches football (soccer for you Americans) for a full 90 minutes, but the luxury of watching a test match in cricket over three days cannot be beaten. One day games are okay, but they are a bit like a quick fix, one really needs the full dosage.

I asked myself a question yesterday. Yes, I know that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness… But I subscribed to that realisation a long time ago. Now, back to the question:

Has there ever been nothing?

Space is big, really really big!

The answer is cosmic in proportion. Rather humbling when you are considering the matter in the confines of ones kitchen.

Recent discloures via the Hubble telescope indicate that we can see light that emanated 13 billion light years away, and that there are more than a few stars in between.

Can you imagine the vastness of 13 billion light years?

I can’t. My mind goes all fuzzy. You see our language does not give us the power to imagine such astronomical distances. To quote Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy on the size of Space. “Its big, really really big.” I mean, you could say enormous, but that doesn’t cover it, you could use gigantic, but neither does that; how about leviathan, nah, that’s just a little bigger than a sailing ship even though it scared the willies out of sailors at the time. We don’t have a word that represents the extents and boundaries of Space. Does Space actually have boundaries? See, the problem just gets worse. The human mind can only comprehend set limits.

We are very limited creatures. No imagination at all for the colossal distances of Space, we just cannot comprehend it.

I have to think further on this question.

The ramifications are many and troubling….

It will become a post one day. I will gel my thoughts and hopefully come up with more than a blancmange.

My head hurts.

It does that when I think too much.

Later, I need more coffee.

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