It really is pathetic.

Have you ever done that? Opened the fridge and stood there wondering, now “What did I come here for?”

I do it lots. My mind slips a cog now and then. I mean, I’m only sixty years young, it’s not like I’m in my dotage. It’s not like I have Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, although I would prefer the former; I’d rather spill some of my beer than forget where I put it. Talk about disastrous.

I had plans today. Class at 7am, supermarket, then home; nap; blog a lot, lunch, nap and then class again at 5pm.

The day was pretty well planned, right?

Waiting for my lift to work at the appointed time and place, my student didn’t arrive. Just on the verge of going home 45 minutes later when one arrived. Class started late.

Guess what I’m having on my crackers tonight?

Supermarket: No sliced bread, no soya sauce, no frankfurters, no luncheon meat (bologna for Americans), no Sadia ham (just a shitty tasteless crap), but I did find some Brie cheese, which they don’t normally have; horrendously expensive. I have no idea how it finished up in my shopping cart…

I love cheese, all sorts of cheese, Roquefort, Brie, Camembert, Stilton, Cheddar (not the stuff the Brazilians call cheddar, that looks more like orange cow diarrhea, it really is disgusting), Edam, Feta…. oh, I could rattle on for ages. I got a scrag end of provolone too. And, guess what, there just happens to be a bottle of red wine in the fridge.

Nap time, phone woke me up. Work; my student this afternoon has a headache, no class.

Still thinking about lunch (3:10pm).

Spaghetti bolognese, should be ready by 4pm, If I stop rabbiting on here.

Oh, I did get my posting done on all blogs between everything else, so check my blog links below (left footer), if I have disappointed you here.