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And the rain came down

Yes, it’s started to rain heavily here.

Affecting the football transmission, the picture is all snowy.

No thunder and lightning so, hopefully there will be no net interruption as I am writing this during lulls in the game.

Not a good day for Spain, the current World Cup champions, they have just been eliminated by Chile. Australia gave Holland a fright today, 2-3.

Now Brazil’s fortunes rest on the game in progress; Croatia vs Cameroon. A Croat win is an advantage to Brazil, but if Cameroon win, then Brazil has to beat them in their last game.

wastedbeerGame over, rain stopped, blogging right along…

Fukushima has hit another stumbling block. The plans to build an ice wall to contain contaminated water is failing, because they can’t get the temperature low enough. This story is over yet.

Ebola is still on the increase.

Worst news yet. Germany’s beer is under threat from fracking.

I’m a mit, but I convert to a roll.

Yes, I discovered that there are various ways to wipe your bum. I had no idea. Take a look at this, what are you?


Well, I never.

It’s bed time.




A Bacon Moment

baconloveYesterday’ lunch was a ‘bacon moment’, absolutely delicious and one that I’ll be repeating soon. *Makes note: buy more bacon*

With 11 Likes, it just goes to show that you don’t need testicles and penises in a post to get likes. You are all absolved…

I see MSM got it stuffed up again in the stories of Brazilian prostitutes being sent to Europe and Africa via human trafficking. The girls being trafficked were not prostitutes, but they were required to prostitute themselves at their destinations after being lured there by false promises. I do wish MSM could get their shit right.

Horrific news… McDonald’s is not going to use Heinz sauce any more after 60 years of doing so. The apocalypse is nigh.

A sad Merkle - image BBC

A sad Merkle – image BBC

Merkle was shocked to find that US had been spying on her phone since 2002, Obama denies everything; NSA chief says we didn’t tell him This morning it seems they spied on 60 million Spanish communications in just one month. I wonder who will be next?

Been a slow start this morning. I don’t like rushing headlong into Mondays, best to take it quietly and sneak up on them. The coffee is good. Lunch will be a pork something with the remainder of the mushrooms; maybe a curry in another slap-dash. Leftovers, bacon & asparagus for dinner. Then I must use the pork ribs tomorrow.

Windy overnight, tried to rain a bit, cool and sunny this morning. I haven’t napped yet, but Cloro is doing it now on the printer.

10:45, time fore breakfast, asparagus on toast and more coffee.


Cloro heard me type breakfast, she’s at the door with a well-what-are-you-waiting-for look on her face.


I’m a Pro…

It's Humpday, this rabbit has confused it with Monday

It’s Humpday, this rabbit has confused it with Monday


I have put off the fan idea for the day. I had a terrible night, not because of the noisy fan, that ran quietly all night, but I was up and down with thirst. I went out for BBQ dinner last night, too much salt in one sitting.

So on waking at 6am yawning, I blogged three, napped one, blogged two… OMG, sounds like I am knitting!

Between that lot, I have read the news, made coffee, answered some comments, and now I am sitting here with a lit cigarette in one hand and half a cigarette burning away in the ashtray. I really need more coffee!

I should have lots to post about this morning afternoon, because I drank quite a lot of creativity fluid (see yesterday’s post) last night. But apart from being a little miffed because Prince George’s christening has been announced as headline news, I am at a loss. Who gives a shit?

The Americans are saying that the 70 million French emails is not true, I am sure that’s a load of bollocks. The Americans have been caught with their pants down and they’re back-peddling like crazy.

The pope has suspended the ‘Bishop of Bling’ from his position while he is investigated for wasting billions of church money on his luxury home which includes a 2.9m euro private chapel.

FaceBook has reversed its position on beheading videos. Good, there are somethings we don’t need to see.

Iran has decided that there’s no need to hang a man twice. He survived the original attempt and was in hospital recuperating for a second try. Various orgs and governments decried the need for a second hanging and as Iran is trying to amend its global reputation, they decided it was in the best interests not to hang him again.

Spain is out of recession… LOL bollocks! A 0.1% growth for one quarter does not represent a recovery, it’s merely a hiccough.

Found this to make you giggle:




Monday, bah humbug!


I want a pair of these, but slightly more masculine in colour

Yes, another Monday.

They happen every week, you know?

This week is no different.

Last night was brilliant. Brazil managed to give the favourites, Spain, a sound thrashing; 3-0, and win the Confederations Cup at Maracanã, considered the home ground of Brazilian soccer.

I had a bottle of fizzy wine with me at the botequim to open for the first Brazilian goal. I was opening it within two minutes of kick off as Brazil managed their first goal.

Brazil needed this win to uplift their self-esteem which has suffered in recent years.  Brazilians needed to undent their dented egos in preparation for the World Cup next year.

Look at the colour difference

Look at the colour difference

My Saturday students came and went for their last lesson for two months. They brought me a half dozen farm fresh eggs. Now that doesn’t sound like a grand present, but it was wonderful. I had three Sunday and three today with my bacon.

The dark rich colour of the farm fresh eggs when compared to the insipid yellow of the battery raised ones. They even tasted different. I had forgotten. Today’s ‘progress’ has made us forget real food.

Time is marching on. If I don’t get this post up, you won’t get it today.

Time is short tomorrow, probably see you Wednesday.



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