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A Little Late

IloveBBQMore rain last night, cool and able to sleep well.

Everything is bright and green again and the praça smells clean.

The sun was out for most of the day with a light breeze, life is tolerable again.

I had meat in the fridge and the only sensible thing to do was have a small BBQ. Of course with BBQ, there is beer, and that’s where I stayed for the next few hours.

Now that I am capable of driving the keyboard again (read… find the keyboard) I must at least get a small post off before today becomes tomorrow.

Yesterday was Obama’s big day. His pronouncement over the NSA spying scandal. Basically he did nothing. Which I fully suspected. He scratched the fleas on the dog instead of castrating the animal. He has given the world another Whitewash House job. That guy just doesn’t have balls.

It’s been a tiring day over the grill, it’s bedtime, so the only sensible thing to do is succumb to the sandman.


How true…

“Coffee makes me invincible. But when the cup is empty, I return to mere mortal.” – Terri Guillemets

coffeeyetThis morning I couldn’t even make coffee before I had coffee.

I burnt the jug dry…

Was more successful on the second attempt.

It’s now 3pm, I haven’t had my third coffee yet, so it’s still breakfast time. Looks like lunch has become dinner.

This is my seventh blog post for the day, and I have finally caught up with my comment replies and visiting their blogs. I got so behind.

It’s now 5pm… I have managed one paragraph since 3pm. This is known as a lack of inspiration.

The Brazilian air force is going to get new toys for Christmas. Who said thee is no Santa Claus?

SAAB Grippen

SAAB Grippen

The Americans and the French lost out because their toys didn’t come with full soccer playing capabilities. Actually, it is rumoured that the Americans lost out because they were spying on the Brazilian president’s hair appointments. Oh, those nasty Americans, it turns out they have been spying on the Israelis too. Really Obama needs to castrate these spying shitheads.

Uganda has become one of the most backward countries in the world. They have passed a law enabling gays to be jailed for life.

Canada, on the other hand, has had it’s anti-prostitution laws struck down by the supreme court while the Indian supreme court has reistated the old British Colonial law that condemns homosexuals.

Honestly, if these countries forgot about homosexuals, prostitutes and the like and set about dealing with issues of importance like education, health and poverty, maybe the world would be a better place.

Other important news, the pope meet with his favourite football team and the Vatican now has a football trophy.

Well, that’s about it; the third coffee went down well.

Oh, I must thank my readers who popped across and voted for my blog Things that Fizz & Stuff, very much appreciated.



A Bacon Moment

baconloveYesterday’ lunch was a ‘bacon moment’, absolutely delicious and one that I’ll be repeating soon. *Makes note: buy more bacon*

With 11 Likes, it just goes to show that you don’t need testicles and penises in a post to get likes. You are all absolved…

I see MSM got it stuffed up again in the stories of Brazilian prostitutes being sent to Europe and Africa via human trafficking. The girls being trafficked were not prostitutes, but they were required to prostitute themselves at their destinations after being lured there by false promises. I do wish MSM could get their shit right.

Horrific news… McDonald’s is not going to use Heinz sauce any more after 60 years of doing so. The apocalypse is nigh.

A sad Merkle - image BBC

A sad Merkle – image BBC

Merkle was shocked to find that US had been spying on her phone since 2002, Obama denies everything; NSA chief says we didn’t tell him This morning it seems they spied on 60 million Spanish communications in just one month. I wonder who will be next?

Been a slow start this morning. I don’t like rushing headlong into Mondays, best to take it quietly and sneak up on them. The coffee is good. Lunch will be a pork something with the remainder of the mushrooms; maybe a curry in another slap-dash. Leftovers, bacon & asparagus for dinner. Then I must use the pork ribs tomorrow.

Windy overnight, tried to rain a bit, cool and sunny this morning. I haven’t napped yet, but Cloro is doing it now on the printer.

10:45, time fore breakfast, asparagus on toast and more coffee.


Cloro heard me type breakfast, she’s at the door with a well-what-are-you-waiting-for look on her face.


Bigger, Faster & Meaner

Bigger, meaner & faster

Bigger, meaner & faster

This is my first post today at 11:15am.

I had an early class at 8:30; the student didn’t arrive, so I needed some therapy to overcome the angst.

Yes, I went shopping!

Yes, I bought my fans. One on a column and the other table top, same brand, both 50cm. The last ones I had were 30cm & 40cm, adequate, but not hurricane-like like these ones.

Sitting here in my underpants (I know, the visual is not becoming, so don’t try) with the wind blasting my right side; and it’s only on half speed.

I fear if I put it on full, it’ll send me juddering into the kitchen. It’s going to play havoc with my coffee temperature. I’ll pour fresh coffee and before I know it, it’ll be iced coffee.

I am set for a comfortable summer.

Still headlines in the news; Prince George is going to have a private christening, how sweet? Hardly news headlines.

Now it’s Germany’s Merkle who’s got her knickers in a twist over spying on her cellphone. Both France and Germany have called for the subject to be put on the agenda for the next EU meeting. I can see the Americans getting a solid crack over the knuckles over this; and so they should.

My early evening students have just canceled, leaving one student at 7pm. It’ll be cooler then to walk to work. Now that we have entered hora da verão (daylight savings) walking to work at 5:30 is a horrid sweaty ordeal.

Oh dear, I napped under the cool breeze and forgot to post… 🙂




Whi… Kid

Absolutely wicked!

My day so far…

Worked two hours, paid the rent, shopping (unsuccessfully) for handkerchiefs, lunch 11am – 3pm, nap 3:30 – 6pm…

And here I am, still under the affluence of incohol. I didn’t mean to, I rarely do it, but it was fun.

I started lunch with beer, then the crafty waiter offered me wine. Oh, I am so weak.

When you open a bottle… it should be drunk.

I even put the cork in my pocket. My neighbour is doing a project, she gets all my corks.

The backspace key is working so hard at the moment, it has asked for time and a half, and wants a Christmas bonus.


Bonus??? This backspace wants a pension!

Bonus??? This backspace wants a pension!

I have discovered that I am a turophile. Now that’s nothing disgusting, and I am not Catholic.


It means that I like cheese; that I am a connoisseur… that I adore cheesy things. I do/am. I have never found a cheese that I didn’t like.

Let’s move on a little…


Have to be a Scot, no undies…

Four people got gored in the annual Pamploma bull run, stupid people, serves them right. Bulls 4, stupid people 0.

I cannot understand the stupidity of some people.

I clearly remember, as a child, avoiding the bull paddock; even if it meant walking miles out of our way, the bull paddock was out of bounds. Normal people just didn’t go there. Maybe this explains the bull run, only not-normal people do it.

IBM Golfball with typestyle interface

IBM Golfball with manual typestyle interface

The dastardly clever Russians have come up with an evil plan to thwart the nasty American NSA people… The Kremlin is buying typewriters!

Let’s see the Americans spy on that!

Maybe we should all do that, buy a typewriter and use the post office again.

The downside is that the forests would disappear faster.

I haven’t blogged a lot today, I suppose I should…


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