list1Yes, all things being as they should have been, I had planned a late afternoon/evening post.

But that was overtaken by the need to pay a bill, which I had planned to pay in the morning but nobody was in the office and necessitated a return in the afternoon.

I arrived home and the botequim was open. It was a stinking hot day, so there was only once course of action to be taken.

So the post was delayed by beer. Then there was more beer, as I watched the sky cloud over. The subject turned to rain, would it. or wouldn’t it? Recent days have seen the sky cloud over and produce nary a drop of rain.

Then there was Brazil vs Turkey, nice result 4-0 to us.

However, yesterday it did rain. Not an awful lot, but more than the miserable efforts of last week

The intended post was then delayed by the local news, the dishes and then further delayed by the national news. The end of the news, and I was beset by a severe bout of the yawns and drooping eyelids; I hadn’t had my customery Nap-fu practice. The TV was turned off, couldn’t even stay awake for the football.

Today, I must get onto some posting; and this is the first.

I mentioned doing the dishes, which leaves me wondering why I still have a sink full of them…

This morning, first coffee, second coffee, watered the plants just to be sure, third coffee… and here I am.

It’s cool out there at the moment, but the sky is cloudless, and the prospect of a return to hot, hot is high on the cards.

Nothing planned for today, except classes in the evening.

Exciting news, one of my plants has flowered. I didn’t even know this plant had flowers, so I am quite excited.

Not a fancy orchid-like flower, but a flower never-the-less

Not a fancy orchid-like flower, but a flower never-the-less

That was taken a couple of days ago, a single yellow petal with the sexy bits rising from it. Now there are little buds growing at the bases the fluffy bits. I assume they are seeds. I love watching the natural aspects of life. It takes ones mind off the rigours of the day. This is something that many people have forgotten how to do… relax.

Silly Box: Japan is going to restart at least one of their nuclear reactors, another chance for another Fukushima; just in case the world didn’t get totally destroyed by the first. If you’re going to do a job, don’t be half-assed about it.

Kirchner from Argentina was reported to be in a stable condition in hospital. That would be a first; she’s never been stable.

The Qatar bid for the 2022 World Cup report is due today, and expected to say no skullduggery was found. That’s bullshit. It has to be a white wash. Every aspect of their bid as reported in the news showed kickbacks, payments for changing votes, expensive presents. Makes me wonder how much the author of the report was paid/given… sucks.

The outgoing president of Uruguay has been offered $1m for his old VW Beetle by an Arab sheik. Honestly some people have more money than brains. What the hell would make a VW Beetle worth that much? But true to form, the world’s poorest president plans to donate the money to a charity that he supports. Which is where most of his salary goes.

Okay, fourth coffee coming up, and I continue to play the waiting game.


HAHA Update!

What did I say above?

The investigator of the FIFA bidding process has said that the report released by FIFA is WRONG. “contains numerous materially incomplete and erroneous representations of the facts and conclusions”. -BBCNews

Laughing all the way, I knew it, I just knew it.