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Nap Master, I am


Even a powerful Jedi Master requires naps.

Yes, I have been proclaimed a Nap-Master.

Comment from yesterday:

You wrote that you can “feel a nap coming on” . . . as Yoda would say, “Skilled in Nap-Fu must you be to sense for you a nap lurking.” You are no padawan, are you? Perhaps a Nap Master?

So, I have been promoted, I am no longer a mere mortal.

In fact, I won’t even be that if I don’t get something to eat soon. It’s after three and I haven’t even considered breakfast. Lunch should be forthcoming. A Gordon Blue rump steak, stuffed with smelly blue cheese and bacon with mashed parsley potatoes; washed down with the remains of the Chardonnay.

My DHL package arrived. My doubts as to whether they knew where Rio was were justified; it took 25 hours to get from Ṣo Paul РRio, a distance of 450kms.

I was able to follow it all around the world, each step of the way.


Isn’t technology wonderful?

A David Cameron quote: “We are open, tolerant and compassionate.” He was talking about immigrants. This is the same man whose government were expelling a Nigerian mother and her two daughters back to Nigeria, where the girls faced certain prospect of FGM.

The expelling was actually delayed, in the end, and there has been no further news.

Now, about that steak…




Pause for a moment

Reflect on this…


Now, isn’t that the truth?

I have survived, biting, scratching, posting on eight blogs and three coffees; and it isn’t even 9am.

Celery - Promotes the flow of your water

Celery – Promotes the flow of your water

My water is all bunged up. Now I don’t usually go talking to all and sundry about my water, but today, I’ll make an exception.

Unfortunately, celery is not the answer.

The roof tank is bunged up. Water flowing into the kitchen and bathroom is a mere trickle, not even enough to trigger the element in the shower head.

So, I am waiting for the guy to come along with his ladder and crawl into the roof space and see what’s holding up my water.

Clorinha has decided that the window is a good mean of egress. Remember she fell yesterday? Well twice now, I have found her outside, and that window was the only way out. So she seems to have lost her fear of heights.

Yellow ochre

Yellow ochre

My artwork is progressing. The background has its first undercoat; Titanium White.

What will go on top of that has yet to be decided, but it will probably involve Yellow Ochre, because that’s pretty close to the colour of the circuit board and it contrasts with the dark green of the other piece.

Needs more thought.

Another bright sunny day out there. Clorinha is exploring; maybe I should have called her Dora.

Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer

A change is forecast for tomorrow, cold front creeping up from the south. Dora the Explorer is now investigating the coffee table.

Plans – None

Although I now have a student come at 4pm for a two-hour lesson. And the neighbours have planned another BBQ for today. If it happens, I am invited.

The power situation is slowly resolving itself. The past bills have been paid and the account can now be opened on Monday. But I got a scare last evening, at the close of play a ‘Light’ van came into the street. Drove straight past my house to Lot 18 in the next block. My house is also Lot 18 in our block, I seriously wondered if they were actually looking for my house to cut the power… I didn’t have the receipts to prove that the power was paid, bossette had them across town. However, they eventually drove off, much to my relief. I didn’t fancy a weekend without power.

Once I get my water back, I may/may not consider the dishes.

Lunch is merely a far off thought at the moment, but it could involved steak with blue cheese sauce and wine.

Having been up since before six, I feel a nap is about to happen…

Remember that pop-up from yesterday? I clicked ‘Remind me next year’ 🙂



Beef, Beer & Bunny Food

Even work doesn't interfere with Hump Day

Even work doesn’t interfere with Hump Day

Hump Day, what better way to get over the hump than with a big juicy steak, grilled mushrooms, salad and beer for lunch?

Unless you are an elephant, of course, there are better ways.

This morning while making coffee, I filled the sugar jar, then I filled the salt jar… guess what I put in my first coffee of the day?

A nasty shock for Hump Day.

The rest of the week is downhill, weekend starts on Friday at 10am for me. No complaints here.

A Church warden

A Church warden

Something that I have failed to mention about me here. I smoke a pipe from time to time. A frequent commenter on one of my blogs mentioned smoking a pipe as a relaxation and I admitted that I had neglected to mention my pipe-smoking habit which is one I started at the age of seventeen when I was the proud possessor of a Churchwarden pipe. The pipe I use today is much more conventional and less ostentatious. But to sit at the botequim with a beer, charging my pipe and chug away while watching the world go by on a Sunday afternoon is just so relaxing.

My student just rang, he wants to swap hours with the next student so he gets to watch the Brazil vs Uruguay game in the semi-final. I plan to see most of the game at a bar near the course. I’ll miss the last 15 minutes and extra time and/or penalties if there is a draw. Of course it would have been nice if he cancelled… then I would have seen the whole game, like last week.

This game won’t be an easy one, Uruguay has a strong attack, but Brazil could be compensated in that they have a weak defense. I am picking 2-1 to Brazil.

Sunny day here, not hot, pleasant after a string of cool days, but I fear the sour weather that is in São Paulo will arrive here overnight and make a wet day tomorrow.

Must go and give bones to the neighbour’s dog, and blog right along.



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