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Tulibu dibi douchoo

Yesterday, after I left you here, I went to explore the world beyond my gate. Predictably, I got eleven metres and was inexplicably drawn to the botequim… 🙂

As I got a beer from the fridge and setteled down with a chilled glass to pour my beer Mariah Carey’s ‘Without you’ was playing on the radio, when it came to the chorus, I was singing “Ken lee, tulibu dibi douchoo”… weird? I had forgotten the real lyrics in favour of this.

For those of you who are wise in the workings of the net, you’ve probably seen the video clip of the Bulgarian girl in a song contest and understand what I’m talking about. For those of you not so afflicted, I give you the video clip, so that you too can sing like a Bulgarian…

That is just so hilarious.

There having got that out of my system, let’s move right along.

Remember the weather two days ago? Yesterday’s post Like a Politician, well, we got it yesterday.

Thunder and lightning for a couple of hours, then at 4:15pm and the heavens opened. In the next 45 minutes we got nearly 15mm of rain. A square 4gal paint can in my yard had 6″ of water in it. The street drains blocked up with leaves and rubbish and I was out in shorts trying to clear the three around the botequim so the water could escape The river that flows beside the bar, normally a polluted little trickle, became a raging torrent with huge waves; it would have been too dangerous to use it for white water rafting.

After the deluge, I was exhausted. In the morning I had also stretched my reserves and pulled the roadside weeds out. Adding the excesses of the storm…

I have a question. Why do we elect unemployed, unqualified people into the government? They then become ministers in charge of departments that they know nothing about. The only answer that I can logically come up with is that we are fools.

It rained on and off over night and is cool, I have done nothing but concentrate on caffeine levels.

Finally someone else has the balls to challenge Sepp Blathermouth as president of FIFA. Maybe we’ll get some football news now. Sepp Blathermouth is like an old box of milk that is past it’s consumption date, sour and lumpy, chuck it out. That means there are two candidates challenging the incumbent.

That’s about it for today, it’s too early for anything to have actually happened. And remember, Ken lee, tulibu dibi douchoo… 🙂


Chatter, chatter, chatter

Never mind, it will soon be over.

A typical Sunday morning, the laundry lady and banal chatter descend and wreck the normally tranquil setting of what I call home.

I’ll need to make more coffee to overcome the trauma.

Lovely day yesterday, until it started to rain. Lots and lots of rain, it ws a real storm. Only lasted about two hours, then rained normally all night. My passion fruit vines had lots of flowers, ten in fact, but because of the rain there were no bees. But I did get a small video of one in the initial stages of opening.

Not very exciting, hardly an action movie. I would have filmed more, but my arms got tired…

However, here’s a shot of the half open flower next to it.

Half open

Half open

And the next flower…

Fully open

Fully open

Fatal error at the botequim. The beer delivery was a day late and he ran out of cold beer… So the bar wasn’t its usually busy self. I ended up relaying bottles to my freezer, so I had beer. My freezer takes a bout a half hour to chill two bottles, whereas the big coolers in the bar require more than eight hours to chill a fridge full.

The pope has disappointed me. He refused to meet the Dalai Lama because of sensibilities with China. Kow towing to China is only giving the bastards strength. He rally missed a chance to show them that they can’t rule the world.

Silly Box: The Canadian Navy has banned booze from their ships.

Very cool day today, totally overcast. I have posted on all but one blog so the morning has been productive. Once I tune out the banal banter, I can get things done.

The rest of the day is another do-nothing day, at least the beer will be cold.

Oh, the sun is trying to burst through the clouds…


BANG! And that was it!

Just to let you know that we got our storm last night.

And a resulting power surge and cut.

Which melted equipment at my ISP and I am off the air.

Until they get replacement equipment, I have no net.

I have managed to log-in at work, just to let you know that nothing dastardly has happened.

Later, back to teaching…


Well, we asked for it, and we got it.

At the end of yesterday’s post I mentioned that the sun had gone, well, it had and outside was cooler than inside, so I did the only sensible thing and went to the botequim.

50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey

The sky was various shades of grey, probably not fifty, but lots; the wind was moving the trees, the temperature had plummeted. I announced that I had come to view the spectacle and was greeted with derision, that it wouldn’t rain. A mere ten minutes into my first beer and the drops began to spot on the cars. The fregües still weren’t convinced despite the lightning and peals of thunder.

Cloro came in from the praça and settled under a chair. I had my beer, an an icecream and the spots continued; indeed, they got heavier.

At 6:30 I went home to watch my early novela (soap). The wind was beginning to pick up; Cloro followed hastily trying to dodge the raindrops.

7pm, the heavens opened.

For an hour we were treated with rain so heavy that I couldn’t see beyond the fence. Lightning flashes were continuous and the thunder boomed close at hand. Ten minutes saw my yard flooded, the power dipped with a particularly close lightning strike but recovered

We got our rain, oh did we get our rain?

It was lovely and the storm just seemed to heighten our pleasure.

8pm and it was all over, drizzle and the occasional flash of lightning.

The sun came out briefly today while I was at the supermarket and everything was fresh and green again. Now the sky has some clouds, and I heard a distant peal of thunder, we may be in for a repeat performance.

I should go to the botequim. It’s the only sensible thing to do.

Obey the directions

Obey the directions


Scary Moments

The day started late. I slept in.

Latest photo of Cloro

Latest photo of Cloro

I needed cigarettes, so evading Cloro, I made it to the shop and back, leaving him to poop on the neighbour’s sand, that was the last I saw of him. I got home for a nap, woke, made a snack for lunch and realised it was beer o’clock, off to the botequim.

Bad news. One of the locals told me that a car had stopped, grabbed Cloro and driven off; that was about 11:30 Then came conflicting reports, he was seen as late as 2pm by Reimundo at the bar, but no further news.

bond007skyfallMorosely I went home. Tried to nap, couldn’t. Watched the James Bond movie Skyfall. Hmmmm, okay but lacked the savoir fair of Sean Connery days.I thought M was the best character.

Back to the botequim; the fregües consoling me over Cloro’s Houdini. Then suddenly one pointed out that Cloro was sitting under the table in the park eating chicken bones; which is common at BBQs.

So I was reunited at 5pm with a wary, dirty cat. He’s home now with a feed of minced meat; quite unaware of the turn he gave me; and fell asleep under the old coffee table.

Kids cause parents heartaches.

So the day has passed by me. I got some blogging done, but still more to go.

Another sweltering hot day, more than 40. But the storm clouds have cooled things off now.

Must blog along.



Boom, crash, bang!

Many parts of the city were flooded

Many parts of the city were flooded

When I posted yesterday’s no-post, I hadn’t seen the news. I had badly underestimated Tuesday’s downpour. I knew it was a lot of water and there ws plenty of thunder and lightning. It wasn’t until I saw a tree down in the park, then the news over my sushi lunch.

The rainfall was 70% of the statistically expected for March that fell in an hour, four people died, one washed away, one crushed by a tree and two electrocuted. More than a hundred trees fell throughout the city, damaging power lines and destroying cars and buildings; and the power was cut in many parts of the city. The new Maracanã stadium being reformed for the World & Federations Cups was flooded as well.

Decrepit old men

Decrepit old men well past their validity date

I was watching the news last night, an item about the cardinals going into conclave to vote for a new pope. What a bunch of doddery old men? Surely these men are so old they must be out of touch with reality, with what’s happening in the real world. It amazes me how such a group of old men can elect one of their own to lead the world’s largest church. No wonder the Catholic church lives in the stoneage. The new pope should be about 30 years old, then the church might see some progress and renew it’s lost flock.

It’s lunch time.

I am going to beat three pieces of picanha, just to make sure it’s dead, into weinerschnitzelable thickness and proceed with the crumbing, frying to a delicate golden brown and eating.

So, nom noms, later.

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