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I am at a loss

The ramifications haven’t quite sunk in yet, neither for myself or most Brazilians.

Brazil won the game yesterday over Colombia, but at a high cost.

Neymar was challenged by Napoli defender Juan Zuniga late in the game

Neymar was challenged by Napoli defender Juan Zuniga late in the game – BBC

A dirty tackle, a knee in the back sent Neymar off in agony with a fractured vertebra; a foul that was left unpunished and left Neymar out of the cup.

Which prompted the question “Was this the dirtiest game so far?”

Brazil has made to the semi-finals where they play Germany.

Undoubtedly Neymar was Brazil’s key, without the key can we unlock the door to the finals.

In the last three games, Neymar was hunted, persecuted. Had he been a European player the matter would have been pursued rigorously.

The refereeing in this cup has been deplorable, not only Brazilian games, but overall. The most noticeable was Nigeria being denied a penalty, the referee just wasn’t interested.

The integrity of all FIFA matches is in doubt with the current referees.

Septic Blathermouth needs to change the game and bring in technology oriented ‘third referee’ decisions. He says it would ruin the game, but cricket has had it for decades and the game has never been ruined.

b-murphysstout440ml4PK-2Yesterday was BBQs to the right, BBQs to the left, lots of fireworks, but no cannon. I broke out some of my treasured cans of Murphy’s Irish Stout, such was the importance of the game.

I had local brew with the earlier game.

Today, I am drinking fresh guava juice… 🙂

There’s no need to explain why.

I am late on deck today, feeling a bit demoralised and not really in the mood for blogging.

So with Brazil in the semis, I have no classes on Tuesday…

I am off to wallow in my pity.



It’s another hot day in paradise



You can sing along with Phil Collins…

Yesterday was hot, it didn’t really cool down overnight, so today had a head start.

Good thing I watered my plants last night.

Gate Crash


I forgot to mention the excitement on Sunday night. I was in bed, just on the point of oblivion when there was an almighty crash outside, so close it could have been in my yard. It nearly was… A pizza delivery motoboy had crashed into my gate when the throttle on his bike stuck open, almost tearing it off the hinges. Now I can’t close my gate properly, I have to hold it shut with a chain and padlock. One half of the gate needs to be realigned.

It’s Humpday. My student is in hospital for surgery, so no class today, no class tomorrow; in fact, no classes until Monday.

followed-blog-100-1xBullshitMy Bullshit Corner blog got 100 followers.


It was a slow start, but things are picking up over there.

I just realised it was St Patrick’s Day on Monday, because of no net and I didn’t get to post, it completely passed me by. I could have celebrated in style with my cans of Murphy’s stout. Oh, well, only 363 days to go… I doubt the stout will still be here then. In fact, I doubt the stout will be here next Monday.

The strange white bugs have almost gone. I have no idea where, but they were lavae of some sort and have probably gone to turn into beetles.

This Ukraine business is a mess. The Crimeans want to be a part of Russia, fine, let them. As all their gas comes from Russia through the Ukraine, just double the price, they’ll soon squeal. In fact, the Ukraine should just shut off all Russian gas that flows through to Europe, the financial damage to Russia would be considerable; pity about the Europeans though. I’d love to see Putin squealing…

Last week I broke a small sprig off a plant in the street. It’s a nice plant, it has dark purple under the dark green leaves. I was told that you can’t propagate the plant in this manner, that you need naturally sown seedlings. But having put the sprig in a glass of water on the window ledge, it’s sprouting little nubs of root. So I am hopeful.

Just a case of don’t believe everything you’re told, question everything.

I think the rest of the day will be devoted to lunch and beer…



My Little Pussy

Got your attention?


Last night I went along to visit Clorinha, I took the camera. Unfortunately the battery was almost flat, so I didn’t get great shots as I was more worried about getting the camera to work, than composition.

Clorinha's first public appearance

Clorinha’s first public appearance

She’s about five weeks old.

And one with Mommy…


Yesterday at the supermarket, I bought her first bag of kitty food; and this morning I prepared the kitty litter box between coffees.

Lunch today will be Shepherd’s Pie… I need to find some fresh Shepherds.

Four cans just leapt off the shelf into my shopping cart

Four cans just leapt off the shelf into my shopping cart

Had a terrible night last night, up and down for cold showers to combat the heat, and drinking cold water like a fish to combat the dry horrors from the salted BBQ meat. I drank three cans of Guinness at the BBQ.

Yes, I found Guinness in the supermarket, so I got four cans. Then a bit further along the shelf there was Murphy’s Irish Stout…

I’m beginning to believe there may be a God after all.

I drank most of the Guinness as Black ‘n Tans to make the stout go further; and then there was the bottle of Argentine white wine…

It was a great afternoon.

Today is forecast to be hotter than yesterday, so beer will be a feature of the day again. I can tolerate the heat as long as there is beer within reach.

Time for a nap I believe. Most of my blogging is done for the day.


Horrid Stuff

baden_baden_stout_dark_ale_I mentioned yesterday that I had bought two bottles of stout in the supermarket.

It featured in my post What beer be this? today.

It’s bloody horrid. Not all stout-like. It has a brown head instead of the lovely near white of Guinness.

I had it with lunch. Now I can drink most things but the last inch went down the sink along with the rest of the bottle.

Life is full of disappointments.

The other bottle has left the fridge and will remain on the shelf until I can give it away.

All this unrest in the world. If the governments were doing their jobs, there wouldn’t be unrest. The unrest is simply the people saying “we’re not freakin’ happy.” Yesterday Rio returned to violence after the rise in bus fares which caused the original unrest in October. Now there is unrest in Bosnia along with the continued problem in Ukraine.

Why are the police attacking the protesters?

Why aren’t the police attacking the government for bad policies?

The paradigm is all up the shit. The problem is not the people, the problems lie squarely at the feet of the governments.

It is my opinion that anyone who wants to be a politician should be taken out the back and shot because they are inherently evil. Politicians should be elected from those nominated by the people, not chosen by political parties. The party system is crap, and gives us shitty politicians as a result.

I went out for sushi last night after work. I love my sushi, also it’s healthy. But I had too much wasabi and spent the night trotting off to the kitchen for iced water; so a very disturbed night.

The heat continues. Although this afternoon there has been some cloud, but it hasn’t reduced the heat. Hopefully the sun will be behind a cloud when I have to walk to work.

I posted this on another blog yesterday.


Are there really people that bloody stupid?

For pities sake, Jesus wrote the Bible, and he did it in English…

Honestly, there are some people who need a brain transplant.

Must get ready to look like a teacher.

Oh, tomorrow is Saturday, so…






Brandy and Benedictine

B&BYes, my beer o’clock yesterday was interrupted as I predicted with a B&B. Oh how delicious? I gave a neighbour a taste, well several actually, but one in particular who I know likes whisky. He approved, so I made him one which was much appreciated. When he asked for another, I told him that the cocktail would cost out around R$25 a glass, he nearly choked on the spot, but I did make him another and told him “Merry Christmas, Ho Ho Ho!” Later in the evening he took my two empty beer bottles and paid for them

zebuBTW I was drinking Black ‘n Tans yesterday. I have found a local ‘stout’ that is acceptable, not brilliant, but acceptable; so it was half Zebu and half Brahma.

It was moorish, not actually moorish as moreish.

I must get some more.

Hot and sunny again. Sitting here in my underpants (WARNING: Do not attempt the visual!) sweating profusely.

48 hours and Cloro has not piddled on the sofa. This morning I caught him just h was wiggling his bum into position and plonked him in the dirt box, which he was quite happy to use.

Why he insists on the sofa I have no idea.

Today there is a BBQ at the botequim. Reimundos birthday bash with live music. I’ll toddle over later and help him celebrate. Since my Dizzy Lizzy spells, I toddle quite well. Happy to say, she has stayed away and things are back to normalish.

Cloro’s latest toy, bubblewrap. That proves he’s a boy, boys just love bubblewrap. He discovered the delight after I stripped it off the bottles I brought home on Friday.

Washing day, when I stripped the bed, I found we had been sleeping with the following, one bread bag tie, one dessicated cockroach (he did manage) one piece of cellophane, a button and a cardboard toilet roll inner. I can’t wait until next week and see what turns up. Life is so exciting with a kitten.

The sun is over the yard arm…. beer o’clock


No Crash, No Bang!

frozen-fish-2The crashing and banging has stopped, no more broken plates.

I am at present thawing out my fish for lunch… and it is nearly 3pm. Looks like I’m having fish for dinner.

I watched the Brazil vs Mexico game yesterday afternoon, my student thoughtfully cancelled, wasn’t that nice.

I figure that Brazil’s star Neymar is beginning to suffer from old age at 21. The Japanese game last week he scored the first goal at 3 minutes, it took him 9 minutes against Mexico; he’s slowing up. He’ll be on a walking stick before he’s 25 at that rate.

I drank that Stout/Porter (last post) during the game, it’s nothing to write home about, tasted a bit like a caramel popsicle. I discovered that it is a Brazilian brew. When I was at the supermarket I didn’t have my glasses, couldn’t read the fine print. It’s brewed in Teresópolis… the mountain area of Rio de Janeiro state, so instead of having a fancy imported brew, it came from just up the road… massive let down.

I have come to the conclusion that Brazil doesn’t have a decent beer, it’s either lager or sweet black shit. Brazilians get most upset when I tell them their beer is for ladies and gaily overt homosexuals.

Late class tonight, that’s why I get a chance to write something ridiculous for you to read. Hating these split days, I seem to be perpetually tired. Tomorrow my morning student has cancelled, and no evening classes… Hey, I just realised I have a three-day weekend.

My friend Grace is opening her barzinho/restaurant thingy tomorrow. I’m going round to have lunch, taking a bottle of Italian fizzy Rosé with me to wet the baby’s head. Grace complained when I told her of my plan, can’t go drinking at work. I just told her start as you mean to carry on…. she just smiled. I’ll take the camera with me, so there may be a photo of the enterprise.

Now with apologies to the late Freddy Mercury…

Then, I saw this…



Crash, Bang!

Irish coffee with chocolate

Irish coffee with chocolate

That was it, crash – bang!

5:30am, and the neighbour’s cat had knocked one of my heavy ceramic dinner plates to meet its demise off the prep-table to shatter the edge on the slate floor.

This is NOT a good way to wake up, it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the day. It takes more than coffee to repair the damage.

A strong Irish coffee with chocolate could have gone part way to repairing the damage, but I was so furious that I couldn’t make it.

Quote –

My Monday moaning could well be about the fact that I didn’t get to moan on Monday.

I am suffering a terrible affliction at the moment, it’s called work. Not just work, but it’s worse than split ends, it’s split days. Split days do not bode well with my post load.

It’s now Tuesday late p.m.

That was my opener on Eco-Crap a half hour ago, it applies here too, to explain my absence yesterday, and on other days when I don’t get here.

Looked so good, just fell into the shopping cart

Looked so good, just fell into the shopping cart

A trip for therapy helped me after class, yes, I went to the supermarket; the one that has a whole aisle of drinky-poos.

I got three bottles of wine, a bottle of Cointreau, and a bottle that looks like a Champagne bottle but with Stout Porter in it. I have absolutely no idea what Stout Porter is, except that I like stout.

I bought some food too, but I won’t bore you with those mundane details.

Except the cheese, got some stinky fancy cheeses.

Oh, I got two new knives as well. A carving knife and a bread knife, they are matching and looked so nice, that they fell into the shopping cart too.

Talk about impulse buying, but that is the best part of the therapy.

Should I mention that I bought some dirt? Maybe not, you may think I am silly. Yes, I bought some potting mix, okay?

That’s a rhetorical question, there’s no need to answer.

By the time I got home, put my treasures away, ate the puff pastry cheesy thingies and read the news, it was time for a nap; so here I am late on a Tuesday catching up.

I am not a ‘blogger’, I have discovered. Bloggers are common, I am…

wait for it…

*raises nose 30° to the horizontal*

I am an “artisanel publisher”, there, doesn’t that sound nifty, even a little snobbish? Not part of the hoi polloi anymore; I am separate from the masses.

Thunder pot

Thunder pot

My discovery of the day; chamber piece.

I always thought a chamber piece was a potty, or as some would call it a ‘thunder pot’.

Apparently not.

It’s do do with music in a restricted place…

that takes all the fun out of it.

That means that chamber music isn’t what you’re listening to when you do your business.

Just before I rush off into the wild blue…

Another quote, not mine –

“I have never had a prouder moment as a mother. This is by far your most ridiculous post.” – Dawn’s mother commenting on Fit to Teach


The Sun is Out

For three days I have been trying to think of a provocative and illuminating title for this post and all I could come up with is the sun is out.

While it’s true, it’s hardly provocative nor illuminating.

As a responsible blogger one tends to look for the best, but it doesn’t always happen.

The sun is out, it’s still cloudy, but the day looks promising after five days of solid cloud, rain and cold nights. The rain we have had has threatened the hill country of the state and there have been landslides, houses destroyed and people evacuated in the same areas that had over 900 deaths a year ago.

Old Marmite Jar

Yesterday I had a visitor, he’s a chemistry teacher who has taught himself English over the course of 20 years; he’s pretty good actually, but because of a lack of opportunity to speak, he is not fluent. The subject turned to things like peanut butter, black sludge and then Marmite (another form of black sludge).

I have talked about Marmite before, about a month ago in a post Black Sludge on Toast, but the matter in hand was that Marmite is not, to my knowledge, available in Brazil.

BTW, if you remember the old jars like the one pictured here, you are older than me. I had one, it was raided from my mother’s ‘jar cupboard’ in the laundry to use in my lab in the garage. You see at age 13 and all through high school I was a chemistry buff. My jar held the residue of an experiment, arsenic nitrate. I had many little jars with arsenic compunds. My father had a large can of arsenic trioxide, he used it in the garden, and of course what budding chemist could resist the temptation to experiment?

While I am writing this I am scouring blogs and sites that might tell me that Marmite is indeed available in Brazil. I found this description “it’s like a dark brown, salty honey” on Eat Rio. Well, no luck on the buying, but I have discovered that one can ‘make’ Marmite. It’s a longish process, taking ten days according to The English Can Cook, and one needs to be located near a brewery. Marmite is based on beer scum, or the top fermentation of brewer’s yeast.

The above blog is also cited by The Press, a Christchurch newspaper, so it must be on the right track, DIY Marmite only for the Brave. New Zealand is suffering because of a Marmite-famine caused by a fire at the only factory that makes the stuff.

So much for that black sludge. I had a can of the other black sludge (Murphy’s Irish Stout) yesterday in the presence of an AMBev rep, and inquired of him when his company would be supplying this heaven-sent nectar. He was, ahhh, non-commital.

I think that about does it for now. Maybe a Travel post later, haven’t a clue at the moment what it will be.


I’m Going Ga Ga!

Stupid Tart

Lady bloody Gaga on the news, Lady bloody Gaga on the chat shows, tha manager of the hotel where she is staying got interviewed. I saw an interview with her a few days ago, what a snotty-nosed stuck up spoiled brat! And to top it all off, she had nothing to say.

Show tonight, off to São Paulo tomorrow, so the news will have a field day again, then the following week she is off to Porto Alegre, more bloody Gaga.

Well, our American friends got another four years. Good, or bad? This election wasn’t about who would be good for America, rather who was the lesser evil. The lesser evil won.

This is an ass

Romney never smiled, he can’t. The closest he can come is a grimace, or at best a smirk.

Obviously the majority of Americans decided that a grimace or a smirk equals lies, of which Romney’s campaign had plenty.

He spent most of the campaign back peddling so hard and fast that I’m surprised he didn’t disappear right up his own arse (ass, for our American cousins who can’t tell the difference between a donkey and a rear end).

This is an arse, and a very pretty one

Must away, five hours of class ahead, more beer money. Hey, who knows, I might be able to afford another can of my black sludge.

Love my black sludge.


Logic dictates that once you have slipped your left foot comfortably into one flip-flop, the right should also easily slip into the one next to it.

Which left me wondering why it didn’t… I couldn’t find my other flip-flop. I knew it was there, because I left it there when I slipped into bed last night.

At 3am in the morning logic doesn’t necessarily work; your mind is fuzzy, it is dark.

You are so frustrated, cursing about the location of the other flip-flop, and it is several moments before you realise that you have put your left foot in the right flip-flop.

Simple things can send you insane and leave you muttering like a demented fool as you finally rearrange yourself.

Brazil is all-a-dither.

Lady Gaga is here in Rio de Janeiro for a one-night-stand. If you misconstrued that, then you are probably also right given that she appears to have the morals of an alley cat.

Personally, I wouldn’t cross the street to see her because I consider her to be one of the poorest examples of humanity that exists, to say nothing of the fools that think the sun shins from her nether regions. She’s enough to make you gag gag.

Have you ever wondered why the aliens have never stopped by. In all probability that would have captured the radio/TV transmissions of Lady Gaga or other of her ilk and assumed that there was no intelligent life here.

Music, is it? Art, freedom of expression… More like crap. No wonder the world is totally screwed up.

A comment about my recent prolonged absences by Small Footprints in which she suggested ‘burn-out’ as the culprit, may well be right. I have been teaching split days for some six months now, last week I had the luxury of one shift a day for the week and it so uplifted me from my mental fug. That I have asked to relieved of the morning classes and this ends tomorrow. So I am hopeful that this change will bring me back from the land of the intermittent posting.

I treated myself to another R$18 can of black sludge (Murphy’s Stout) yesterday afternoon. It’s so expensive and so good for the soul, bad for the pocket, but good for the soul.

I didn’t post yesterday, not a word; so I must make up for it today. Even Change the World Wednesday on Eco-Crap will be on Thursday this week, and I have a lovely post to repost on Things that Fizz & Stuff all about the fried egg.

I finally got a new mouse (another new mouse) the last one was driving me batty with doubling the clicks.

So I’m off to the kitchen at 12:05 to make more coffee for breakfast…


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