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OMG, I’m speaking American!

This is a cooker, actually it is a pressure cooker

This is a cooker, actually it is a pressure cooker

Shocking revelation!

I just replied to a comment on my previous post, Atlas, and my reply followed suit. I spoke American. I called my lovely new kitchen stove a cooker…

A kitchen stove is quite another matter.


There, I am back, I have just washed my mouth out with soap.

I should be rattling my dags, because today is payday, and I have to make my monthly trek to Barra. Dags explained here.

My new stove makes great coffee. This morning I found myself wondering just  how a new stove could possibly alter the taste of coffee, what magical feature had they bestowed upon the beast to make coffee taste better? How could this be?

Then I realised that I had loaded the coffee canister yesterday with Pimpinela coffee, the best brand… instead of my cheapie standby.

Having solved that mystery, I will be off and leave you with this link: The Care and Management of Your Pet Sphinx for a good laugh.



Atlas 1Yay for Atlas!

I have an Atlas in my kitchen!

Ahem, minus the penis… One of those in the house is enough.

It arrived a half hour ago.

Old stoves now in the yard. new stove installed, already made coffee with it.

What did you expect? Of course I made coffee with it, I had to make sure it knew how to make coffee!

The water boiled so quickly, it was incredible; and to think I suffered five years with the old ones.

I have to arrange a power point for the  auto starter and oven light, but that’s not a priority at the moment. I can continue to use my recycled cigarette lighters as I have always done. Maybe one day…

I can go to work today with an easy mind, and pay my bills on time tomorrow.

I read in the news today that another teenage girl in Britain has killed herself with this cyber bullying on FaceBook. Extremely sad to see young people using the net so cruelly. Parents need to educate their kids, at the slightest sign of bullying, close your account, don’t be pressured into suffering. Having a FB account is not obligatory, if you close it, it’s not the end of the world.

On Sunday my blog was visited again with 1630+ hits. I caught it this time and watched the live Feedjit link as the hits were coming every few seconds. It has to be a ‘bot’. And there’s no way I can block it having a free WordPress account. If I had a paid account, I could install plugins that would deals with it. But WP is so bloody primitive and backward that a free account doesn’t have these options. That’s the main reason why Blogspot will always win hands down, but then because of the caustic nature of some of my blogs, they can’t be trusted.

The cool didn’t last long, it was just a one day cool; back to being hot and sunny again with a slight breeze to make it tolerable.

I have just watched Marmite’s new ad. I think it’s brilliant, it brought tears to my eyes (being a Marmite lover).

I can’t get over the fact that 250+ thinned-skinned idiots have nothing better to do than complain about it.

Unloved and forgotten, thousands of Marmite jars across the UK are being neglected. This year alone, over 1 in 10 Brits admit they haven’t opened their jar in over three months. Through this latest Marmite advert, we’ve launched an urgent appeal to prevent cruelty, alleviate suffering and promote kindness to all Marmite jars. Get involved now http://www.endmarmiteneglect.comYouTube blurb

Some people really need to get a life.

Time for a nap before work.Later.


Phubbing = Phone Snubbing

Phubbing = Phone Snubbing

I just hate it!

I just learned the word today, in the last half hour in fact.

I have been the victim of phubbing, yes, I have been phubbed by my own daughter in a restaurant in fact. I pointed out the error of her ways and she sheepishly put her phone away to enjoy the meal.

The epitome of ignorance, I will not tolerate it.

Imagine this scene…

"You may now phub the bride!"

“You may now phub the bride!”

Have you ever been phubbed?

Blackcurrant Liqueur

Blackcurrant Liqueur

Yesterday was hot and sunny, wonderful day for a BBQ. Not a lot of BBQ meat, but I put out pickled beetroot and onions. Brazilians don’t know about pickled beetroot, and it proved more popular than the meat. There was also a carpaccio salad with asparagus, olives and capers oozing with extra virgin olive oil. We followed that with a liqueur tasting.

Most Brazilians don’t know about liqueurs; really in some ways Brazilians are quite unrefined. I put out Cassis (black currants), Cacão (cocoa), Frangelico and Malibu, and made a couple of simple cocktails with grated dark chocolate. They were amazed; I felt like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

So it was a fun afternoon, the sun went down, Flamengo won their game 3-0, the wind began to blow in the darkness and we all teetered off home; some wobblier than others.

If we hadn’t departed for our various abodes, it may well have become a case of “The drunker I sit here, the longer I get…”

I was in bed at 8:45… that’s why I didn’t get round to posting here yesterday. I just wanted “lights out”.

I wait forlornly for my new stove to arrive; it was suggested Monday or Tuesday, I fear Tuesday will be closer to the mark. Which is going to interfere with my payday arrangements, something always goes awry.

Today is cooler, overcast, a little drizzle, but just looking out the window there are darker, more ominous clouds in the distance. As long as they stay in the distance until after 4pm when I will be safely in class.

That’s it.

This is not the 9 o’clock news…


Stoned Goats

Of course not, they were coffee berries

Of course not, they were coffee berries

Yes, we owe it all to stoned goats.

I can just imagine you all thinking, “WTF is he rambling on about today?”

I love being enigmatic.

If it wasn’t for an Ethiopian farmer  way back in the 9th Century noticing that his goats got stoned after eating a certain berry, we may never had had coffee.

Imagine that, a world without coffee? Que horror!

The origins of coffee are actually a little mixed, some say Ethiopia, some say Kenya, and some Sudan, but it is known that the coffee we drink today is genetically the same as that found in Ethiopia. The Arabs of Yemen got hold of it and it was called qahhwat al-bun (wine of the bean); how appropriate?

Who said that a meal without ‘wine’ is called breakfast? Just goes to show, that he knew bugger all about coffee.

Wikipedia has several accounts as to the origins of coffee, but this was the first one I knew, so I stick to it.

Having tickled your collective fancy with more useless trivia… I’ll move right along.

Stainless steel beauty, but mine has a window in the door

Stainless steel beauty, but mine has a window in the door

I bought my stove.

The model I originally went to look at wasn’t available in the shop, only on the internet, so I went to another shop.

It will be delivered Monday or Tuesday.

I got a few other things while I was in town. It doesn’t seem like true therapy if one returns home with just a receipt. I had to make it seem like real therapy.

I got some woolly type tracksuit pants for this cold weather, and I got a T-shirt from my football (soccer) team Flamengo. I have been in Brazil and thereabouts for 21 years, and I finally got round to buying a T-shirt… Talk about procrastination.

Today was actually hot and sunny. I went to the supermarket for some more therapy. Amongst my prizes was a bottle of Frangelico liqueur. I love liqueurs.

Tomorrow is also forecast to be hot and sunny. I may just have to resort to a BBQ in the shade of the trees in front of the house.

I’ll not dally any longer, or this will become tomorrow’s post.

Later… ah tomorrow.


I Felt Like a Randy Lover

If you talk in Spoonerisms as I am apt to do on occasions, then you’ll understand that I am referring to feeling like a Land Rover, not a Casanova.

The days when men were men, and Land Rovers got dirty

The days when men were men, and Land Rovers got dirty

Do you remember these?

Wonderful toys, every farmer had one.

They also had a ‘cold start’ button instead of a ‘choke’.

This morning I needed to use my ‘cold start’ button.

It was difficult to get up and get going. Which has upset my whole day.

One of the few days in which I actually plan something, and everything goes wrong.

It’s 9:30am already, and I am only on my second coffee. I had planned to be out and about town at nine.

It's going to be something like this with 5 burners

It’s going to be something like this with 5 burners

Today I am going to buy a new stove. I’m so excited, there are tingles all up my spine and goose bumps along my arms.

For the last five plus years I have had two stoves in the kitchen, both had only one burner that worked and the oven only worked in one of them. Both were well past their ‘use by’ date.

Cooking stuff on one burner is a bit of a juggle and has lead to some decidedly not healthy dishes. I mean, everything has to be either fried or boiled, or cooked in relays.

So today is the BIG day.

So now that my second coffee is finished, I’m off into the wild blue yonder!


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